Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 15th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Happy seeks Kumar’s help

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The Episode starts with Rocky saying you won’t be in my life now, not even your memories and sorrow. He leaves. Happy cries. Principal scolds Happy and says we got to know your truth, you would have ruined the school reputation. He fires her from the job. Meenu looks on and gets happy. Rocky shakes hand with the principal. Happy sees this and thinks Rocky told the principal about me. Rocky stops Honey and asks him not to go to Khushi. Meenu thinks its amazing, Rocky got Happy rusticated. Happy meets Kumar and says Rocky hates me, he doesn’t want to listen to me, his son’s life is in danger. Kumar says I will talk to Rocky about this. She says he can stay angry on me, Honey shouldn’t get punished, I just worry for Honey, I went to Rocky to tell about Meenu but he didn’t take my talk seriously, what will I do if anything happens to Honey.

Kumar says don’t worry, nothing will happen to Honey, my officers are keeping an eye on Meenu, you can trust me. She says sure, if Rocky can trust you, I will trust you. He says I promise I will never give up. She thanks him and goes. He says sorry Happy, I will never give up until my mission succeeds. Honey and Sweety are in the class. Meenu watches them. She sees them gone and looks for them. She sees Honey gone and thinks if Charlie knows this, he will kill us.

Happy gets Sandhya treated. Doctor asks was Sandhya attacked, she is getting nightmares, its normal, she will be fine. Happy thanks the doctor. Happy thinks of the time when Sandhya got too scared. Rocky scolds principal that Honey and Sweety got missing. Meenu says I was in the class, they wanted to meet Khushi. Rocky comes to Happy’s house and looks for Honey and Sweety. He asks them to come out.

Rocky asks her if she is not tired of it. She asks how is Honey. He says you aren’t his mum to ask this. Madhu and Harleen are also worried. Sweety’s mum is also with them. Harleen says Honey is so troubling me, where is Honey. Madhu asks did Rocky call. Happy calls for taking help. She says Grover said you will help me, you have to find Honey and Sweety. She gets a call and asks Honey where are you, tell me where are you, I m coming to you. She asks Sandhya to take rest. Sandhya worries. Happy asks her to come along. They go to find the kids. Happy meets Honey and Sweety. They hug.

Honey says we missed you and came here, we lost the way. Happy says we were so scared. Honey says sorry. He hugs Sandhya. Happy thanks the man for taking care of kids. The man says Honey is naughty, take care of your son. Rocky asks inspector to file the missing report. Inspector says we have to act according to law. Happy gets the kids to Rocky. Rocky sees them and gets angry on Honey. He asks why did you go to meet Khushi. He sees Sandhya. Honey asks why did you complain to principal about Khushi, I love her a lot, I won’t go to school without her. Sweety says please get Khushi back to school. Rocky shouts and asks the man to take the kids home. Happy tells inspector that the shopkeeper called her to inform about kids.

Rocky says no more stories, sorry inspector for the trouble. Inspector goes. Rocky scolds Happy. He sees Sandhya and talks in low tone. He says I have left trusting, don’t be around Honey, get away. He gives the restraining orders. Happy says stop it, even I have tolerated everything alone, how will I explain you, try to listen to me, what do you want to do, you are making Honey away from me, you know I care for Honey so much, keep the restraining orders, your hatred is enough for me to go away from you, I request you to think of Honey.

She sees Sandhya gone. She goes. Kabir says we got saved, we have to stay alert. Sandhya sees Kabir and gets scared. Happy comes there and sees Sandhya. Sandhya says he will kill me. Happy gets shocked seeing Kabir and Meenu. She takes Sandhya and they hide. Kabir looks around. Happy says Honey has a threat because of them. Meenu says our mission will get completed today. Happy says what mission, are they going to do something with Honey.

Happy says I m sure that Honey’s life is in danger. Jyoti says we should tell Rocky about it. Kumar says we have to handle this. Jyoti tells Happy that kids aren’t safe. Happy says why is Kumar risking Honey’s life.

Update Credit to: Amena

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