Dil Se Dil Tak 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Parth cuts himself with Teni

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Parth thinks he understands it’s difficult for Shorvari to handle Indu’s anger and everyone care for Teni. He can’t let Shorvari feel lonely in the house. He turns to leave. Shorvari tells Parth to clarify to Teni what’s her place in the house, they did a deal with her and she must remember this. Parth was shocked. Shorvari asks if he is still concerned about her, what she will feel and think. What about her feelings? Parth agrees and comes downstairs.
Dadi and Indu were preparing Teni’s plate. Indu tells him to take Teni’s food upstairs, she hasn’t eaten anything since morning. Teni thinks Dadi must have forgotten about her wish for ice cream. Dadi tells him Teni wished to eat ice cream, he should take her out somewhere. Parth asks them to take her outside for ice cream, as he has some important work to do. Teni heard this from upstairs, and goes inside annoyed. Parth stops by Shorvari.
It was night, Rishab was working when Sejal brings sweets for him. Sejal says she is really happy for him and Jagruti, she couldn’t wish him well at home. She asks about his parents, Rishab says they are out for some important task. Rishab goes to take juice for her. Sejal says until he returns everything must be changed, she will go to any extent to get him as his love has become her craze now. Rishab brings the juice for Sejal but feels dizzy. She thinks medicine has started to work. Rishab held his head as he feels dizzy. Sejal helps him towards the bed. Rishab holds her hand saying she looks so beautiful. His phone bell rings, Sejal watches it was Jagruti. She turns the call on then says no one is allowed to come between them. She goes to other side of bed. Jagruti hears Rishab say yes no one is allowed between them, Sejal loudly tells him leave her. Jagruti was upset.
Parth comes to Teni’s room. Teni asks why he came now, he didn’t listen to her in the morning and even won’t take her for ice cream. Parth tells her to eat first. She is angry at him but must not pour the anger over their baby, at least she can do this for the baby. Teni says she understands he is father to the baby but firstly he is her friend. When he doesn’t speak to her she can’t handle it. She agrees to eat but then he will share with her about the problem and feed her with his own hands. Parth silently sits to give bites in Teni’s mouth. Shorvari stood outside. Teni notices he was still angry and didn’t say anything. She bits his finger and laughs about it, she asks him to cheer up as well. His smile makes her and her baby feel good. Parth doesn’t respond. Teni now holds his hand and asks if he won’t eat by himself, he also leaves eating when he is upset. Parth tells her not to worry about him, and puts the bite in her mouth. Teni wonders what has happened to him. After the meal is finished, Parth turns to leave. Teni stops him and says she agreed to him, now he must tell her why he isn’t speaking to her. Parth gulps hard, then turns towards Teni and asks what’s the relation between them that he must speak to her? Teni was taken aback and asks if he is joking. Why they don’t have a relation, they have a relation from heart to heart; his baby would keep him connected to her. She won’t be a mother, but he would always be a father to the child she bears. She holds his hand, Parth withdraws it. He clarifies him and Shorvari are parents to this child, they have already paid for her womb. She gets a lot of love from family, she must have forgotten she is only a surrogate. They signed a deal that she will give them a child and get 10 lacs for that, later she will have no relation with them nor their child. Teni was in a disbelief and asks if they really don’t share a relation? Parth turns around and asks if their relation has a name? No. She must not try and find relations or love in their deal. Teni comes to him and says she knows he can’t think like this, he is angry for something else. Parth asks Teni what she would do. She must understand he doesn’t want to speak to her if he isn’t replying, she disturbed him all day long. She must understand his child must not be effected by any of her stubbornness or tantrums, she must do her job and leave; and try not to cross her limit. Teni cries broken, she asks if he really doesn’t care for her, holding his face. He jerks her hands away and says everyone at the family take care of her, what else does she needs. She is here for a few months now, she will be free once the baby is born and she gets her money. Parth cries as he turns around and leave the room. Teni was shattered.
In the room, Parth also cries about his behavior.

PRECAP: Shorvari comes to sleep with Teni. She watches Teni touching Parth’s photo and asks why she is doing this. Teni says when one is upset he goes to God, for her Parth is God.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. What is wrong with you teni and parth? I feel bad for shovari ..

  2. Parth is crazy how can he shout at teni . does he forget that he is the one who is guilty of everything that happens why he is being rude . sor only thinks himself he is jealous blind to teni and does crazy things and terefore parth hurts the heart of teni . he is the same as a very disgusting garbage
    . fu**k sorvori she is very selfish very Loll

    1. Teni the homebreaking

      So oly teni has the right to think of herself and not shorvari? Who the hell is teni to parth? That lady has already destroyed shorvari’s life for good and u blame shorvari here? Her own hubby isn’t understanding her anymore..and is acting as a puppet to tat witch’s request..and she wants parth to be around her 24*7 leaving his wife? Hope u dont land up in shorvari’s situation ever..sick people supporting adultery and illicit relationship at the cost of the wife’s happiness…

    2. Shit se Shit Tak

      Yeah selfish as eff to not let a husband have an inappropriate touches with a bar ho.

  3. I hate parth today for his stupid attitude torwards teni .sor is not a wife but a crazy woman who only and only thinks of herself . she only think of her own survival whitout thinking from other side . and what is wrong teni isnt parth come with its own desire ..

  4. Hate both Parth and esp. Teni, that girl has zero manners and is highly selfish. What message given by the CVs do not opt for surrogacy as the surrogate will break marriage, try to take wife’s place and husbands will only think about her and not his wife. For all the people who love Teni, keep urself in wife’s shoes and think, maybe then you will understand why people hate her, falling TRPs itself indicate it

    1. Teni the homebreaking

      Word! The trps are falling and its a clear indication that people arent liking teni’s glorification and parth teni scenes..last week was filled with parth pinching teni..part doing yoga with teni..parth feeling happy for teni and the whole family members praising teni..and the wife..she is completely ignored..now that it failed..they are gonna make shorvari look like a b*t*h to gain stmpathy for teni and parth..parth still hasnt realised that he was wrong and he has hurt shorvari..if he is in love with teni..he shud let go of shorvari..by keeping her as a responsibility he is insulting shorvari…parth and teni are the worse leads in the recent times…one a*sh*le who jumped to another woman once he came to know his wife cant conceive abd another a b*t*h who doesnt care of anyone excelt herself and is hoping yo land up with a married man by hook or crook with a bahana of being a cheap f**king surrogate…shorvari should leave these two to live happily ever after..

  5. Anouska mishra

    I want to kill shorvari selfish ghatia aurat infertile mother. remember one thing shorvari this child is only parth and teni u r just a maid fr them u r a roadside and sarakchap woman u r a bith .That is why your saas behaves wth u like this

    1. Teni the homebreaking

      acc to u a woman who cant give birth has no rights to live? Shorvari was not infertile who cunt…she did get pregnant before and got injured..and that baby isnt tat teni’s from any angle..

    2. Shit se Shit Tak

      Yeah guess if you can’t bear a child IRL you are a sadakchap. Which place are you from? Guess from Mars! Do you even know what surrogacy is? It has husband and wife’s DNA for godsake. And it’s your shitty who is sadakchap and literally came from streets.

    3. Feeling bad for shorvori …. guys think for a while she is a women who cant become mother but still she gave permisson to take teni as her chids sarogate but now what is happening to her is rediculs??? i am not blaming teni but what parth did with his wife was not good at all??

    4. dear anushka u seems so illetrate being a woman u r a curse on womanhood

  6. TRP is falling who says that? The maker of this serial should be much more concern TRP than viewers bcz, their profit is related with it, it will directly effect them not viewers.
    And everybody who are saying teni wants to break shorvori and parth’s relation, want to were shorvori’s shoe as wife, pl…….s now watch what Sejal is doing, that is call intentionally breaking someone relation, i agree teni wants to be the 3rd person in their relationship, but never snatch or try to snatch shorvori’s place, what she is thinking is highly impractical, bad for their relation, nevr possible, but she is not a bad person, otherwise, like sejal teni could try to break their relation, that she never does, she wants to be 3rd person in their relatn, which is absurd i agree, & hurting, shocking for shorvori, i agree, but anybody can tell when teni try to break their relation or try to take shorvori’s place?
    Teni is impractical, over emotional, over imaginative, i agree, but she never think for only her benifit, she think for every body, thays why she knows & understands parth , his family more & better than shorvori.
    & i bet all of u teni haters, u watch if she knows what shorvori is feeling, & her problem, she will leave parth , distance from him or may be even will go away from their lives for ever.
    I think teni is better person and has better qualities than shorvori.

    1. Teni the homebreaking

      R u trying yo say teni never tried to take her place? Remember she asked parth if not fr shorvari he wud have accepted her? Wat was that? And she did not unite parth and shorvari out of selflessness..she did it for her own self..she is too used to the luxuries offered to her in the bhanusali house…do i need to remind u of teni mastani fantasies? If madam is so selfless why on earth does she want parth’s attention 24*7…she doesnt see anyone’s feeling except her own..does shr realise wat shorvari feels when she hugs parth and does yoga and feeds him and asks him to pinch him in front of shorvari? No..so stop telling teni is selfless..and shorvari is worser then teni? Really? Just coz she doesnt use some cheap street tactics fr issues she is worse? It takes a bih heart to accept a unknown girl as ur sister and let her inside her home and trust her..but teni is doing so many things behind her..she askes parth not to tell things to shorvari and continues to do so many things behind her with her pati..tats all called good? Shorvari shouting and feeling insecure in the fear of losing her hubby makes her a worser person then teni who in the name of pregnancy and the baby is trying to get intimate with a married man…wah

    2. I already told teni want to be 3rd person, but teni nevr told parth to leave shorvori, and r u the spoke person of shorvori? U r trying to prove every who r commenting against shorvori wrong. It is their opinion. Leave it. It is just only a serial. Just chill.
      And if u try hard to convince me, i will not be conivinced bcz teni never does anything behind shorvori’s back, everything took place in the same house under the same roof. Even she does the mastani drama to say shorvori that she wants to be the 3rd person in their relation. Teni could not understand shorvori’s feelings, or the thing she wants is bad and impossible, shorvori will be hurt, as shorvori never understant her own husband, his family’s feelings, we are seeing the serial, for so many days we are seeing this parth & teni relation, and shorvori living in the same house, could not see this, what she is doing? She herself took the responsiblity to see teni 24×7, but when teni is upset, or hungry or anything, parth is there by her side, where is shorvori, what she is doing? Parth want to wake her up, she is sleeping, she should be more concern more dutifull na? It is her own child. And she has none other work to do, then? If she is much more carefull about her surrogate condition, then this thing never happen. Teni not become soft for parth, she feel connected to both of them.If u consider this as shovori’s mere innocence, trust, what ever, then to me teni is also innocent to understand what shorvori feels, what teni thinking is bad immpossible, if she realise this once, she never does this thing again, and do anything to make shorvori happy, she is not like shorvori.

    3. Shit se Shit Tak

      Yeah if your Teni has better qualities than Shorvori point it out. All I see is she doesn’t give a damn about baby’s health and life. To get attention from parth she intentionally slipped in front of him. Doesn’t she have hands? Why should an another woman’s husband feed her? Why can’t Shorvori feed her if she wants to be spoilt like a bratty kid? Any answers for that? Does your Teni ho have a thing called self respect and pride? Does she not know a no means no? Obsessive stalker and backstabber is all that she is. She supported sejal. Guess birds of feathers flock together.

  7. Teni’s love for parth and friendship towards shorvori is so pure, her heart is so pure that she will never let to break parth & shorvori’s relation.
    She herself will feel the pain but never let this breakage to be happen.
    Shorvori could easily go speak to Teni her problems, request Teni not to get close with Parth, she can’t bear this, & no wife can tolearte this, this is bad, then Teni for sake of shorvori & parth’s happiness will have leave parth already & no so many complication will arose.
    And teni also tried to leave Aman, and write a letter to Aman revealing all her truths & feelings for parth leave the house, it is parth who constantly force teni to the relatn, & as shorvori can not leave parth, after saying so for her feelings towards parth or for her own reason, like that way teni also return back with Aman, when he sees her.

    1. Teni the homebreaking

      Ur reasoninh makes no sense..teni returned with aman because of the luxuries oly..not because of aman as such..she betrayed aman big time..she wrote a letter but in that she wanted to shift to parth and shorvari’s room(which is super sick..to unimaginable levels) parth obviously cabt let her go…she carried her baby in her damned womb..how cant he let her go? As of now she doesnt care of anyone except herself..when shorvari’s outburst will happen she may realise it..but she is beyond redemption in my eyes..she will attain parth at any cost..already parth has made her a priority more than his wife and is making shorvari luk like a culprit by listening to her rather than understanding her..it wont be long when this idiot will make him feel for her and separate him from shorvari forever in the name of sympathy baby and pregnancy

  8. Dil se dil tak, is in top 20 shows and beat many prime time shows according to latest august BAARC report. It average TRP rating is 1.7, according to its time slot it is commandable, and now current rating is 1.8. Its graph has not gone down, it is increasing slowly after begining episode with 2.1 rating, it trp slowly goes down, now in previous few months they are recovering it.Pl……..s google it.
    And if it graph has gone down then the makers should have change the story plot already. They does business. They are much more concern & eligible than viewers in this mater. They know their work.

  9. I had already said, teni wants to be the 3rd person, which is bad, impractical.
    She does not realize shorvori’s feeling, as shorvori never realises anyone else feelings including her own husband, his family,as the show is shwing she require so many days to notice parth and teni’s relatn, we are seeing for so many days and she does not doing anything shorvor’back, she is doing everything in the same house under same roof, but shorvori can not notice what is she doing all day? Shorrvori took the responsibility of Teni 24×7 then where she is all the time, even her family thought she was pregnant that time, not allow her to do anything, then what is she is doing all the time? If that coulbe possible, if shorvori is so innocent then, teni to me teni is also innocent, so she is unable to understand her feeling, or doing such thing is bad or never possible.
    Ur opinion urs my opinion mine.

  10. Teni have no right on parth n parth’s care if she need somthing then dadi n shorvari present all time for her but there is no rule for surrogacy to romance with child father n parth also wrong who give permission to cross limit even all family present in the house for teni all family have no mind even indu also …

  11. After watching this you guys who support teni can give advise to sharukh n amir to stay with surrogate n leave gauri n kiran

    1. Well said

    2. Pity shorvari

      I loved your answer???every father who went for surrogacy should leave his wifey cause the surrogate loves him

  12. Feel bad for shorvari?

    Shorvari is ? percent right…she should leave her so called husband right now,then also I don’t think he vl feel because he will b very happy with his surrogate..shame on u Parth and teni…any wife in shorvari’s place will do the same!!!! No wife will support all these stupid affairs of her husband with other woman!!!

  13. Yes Ranu, i agree with u, she gone crazy, leave her, and i agree with u. Now everybody is beside teni, dadi, shorvori, indu, but previously no one was there, they do not know the truth and shorvori was no where, what she was doing, god knows, it was her baby, then also she was irresponsible, always parth was there to stand beside her. Othrwise teni do not have to go through this hrt break. She never feel connected to parth.

    1. Shit se Shit Tak

      Your Teni never gave a chance to Shorvori. All the ho wanted was to touch parth be his second wife and have a 3s*me. What a pure minded shitty Mata your Teni is.

  14. something is wrong in this serial and this writer why parth craying for teni shit serial what he was said was absolutely right they gave their love friendship shorvori was good for her like a sister and trusted her with her man and what she got from her fail in love with her husband and told him don’t tell anything to his own wife now he hidded something because of teni and what the hell is parth sid he love reni or what why he acting like he live her if he cried for someone must be shorvori really guys I don’t know what us Indian people are or their feeling but what I know is who derserve good thing is shorvori 1she is dealing hard situation that she can’t give her own hubby baby in her worm 2 she is the one who behind to being this woman because of making happy these family because of them and him aswel why they can’t understand that and what he’ll wrong with these family now why only teni teni and forget shorvori they only care baby but whose behind these baby they are crazy for because of shorvori right so why are they all so rude and no one care for her and what the hell wrong with this stupid husband did he forget he is the one who stoped her the day she want leave and wa ok away in his life did he forget he is the one who was said to her I don’t care baby I love you and no one can’t changed did he forget that he said to her no one come between me and you where is all that promises and love and what he is doing right now showing shorvori some acting and crazy for teni uff what is wrong with Indian men’s thanks God I’M not married Indian man and why this this stupid mother in law so rude to her father in low she did not choose not been mom it is happen to her God choose for her that is hardest thing in her life she dealing with today she can’t get her man because of that so n plz this serial must be stop or make some nice story we don’t need this shit or alot of people will loosing hope because of this stupid serial and stupid writer I hope one day shorvori will get pregnant and get her happy back I can see this stupid husband care for only baby not love I hate teni why she comes between two people she got free man aman and she don’t wanted uff she is using baby to get parth we all know that all the family rake care of her shorvori take care of her and she only thing parth like she is his wife I saw many white movies or serial like this woman caring the baby for two partner but I never seen like teni crazy with the married man this shit shot shit serial I ever seen before uf man crazy and craying for some nameless woman instead his wife he is hurting his wife flop flop flop serial I feel sorry for shorvori and all Indian women really

  15. Their is no problem is teni.. The problem started when she fell in love with parth.. .why she fall for him?? She knew he is a husband who love his wife so much but she did fall for him,her next mistake is he revealed to parth that she is in love with him.. Why man?? Why she will do that even after knowing that he is married she is not a child who dont know that she will create problem in Parths life.. .no problem is their when you fall in love but love should be from both the side and if not from both sides that is called one sided love and one sided love should just be kept within one self..and people who calling shorvari selfish should keep them self in shorvari place feel the pain when you know you cant bear you own child anymore feel the pain of not becoming a mother.Anybody wont understand this until they are in that situation. No body can feel the pain of seeing her husband relationship with some other woman this close.. .no one…so better dont abuse her or say she is wrong.. Yeah teni is being bit selfish about her self as she is not feeling how shorvari will feel when she have to share her husband… As a woman she should think that otherwise their is no problem in her once she will know shorvari is upset with the relationship of parth and her she will get aside.. And sejal is a b*t*h…. She is the real kind of bithch in this era who is trying to get what she want by any mean so no comparison between sejal and teni.Problem would have ended when parth came to know that teni love her he could stated making himslef busy and ignoring her little and express love to shorvari infront of teni so that she could feel their love… Ahh just hopping for the best

  16. I really hated shorvari in this episode…,she didn’t felt bad even a single bit for teni while she was crying…,in the past she said we have Dil se sil take rishta bla bla bla….but happened now???there no rishta between them??ek jhatke se Sab kuch khatam hua??what about teni and shorvari’s friendship??teni is nothing to her??she is just a baahar wali??yes she is his wife and she can’t tolerate if he is close to any other woman but at least teni should know what’s going on…why Parth is behaving like that..,if shorvari tells teni about how she felt and even then if teni is still like that…then it’s justified but teni don’t know anything..I think shorvari should say everything to teni and then I bet teni won’t be come in between them..then there will be no problems at all…

    1. Shit se Shit Tak

      Did you feel bad when Shorvori cried? No right. Why should we cry for some obsessive stalker ho who comes between husband and wife even though she’s been rejected? Does you call inappropriate touching between a surrogate and married man as love? A wife marries a man knowing that she will be happy till she’s alive with him. But no. In this serial marriage is a game of volleyball. Throwing a married man between ho and wife.

  17. some people blame on shorvori why she don’t told teni her feeling how she told her when teni already know that come put that position in your self you know if you come between two lover what the person feeling and teni is not baby she can understand that no making no sense if you told shorvori was right she shete to her husband her feeling he is the ashole who acting shit both sides he don’t have craying to close to teni or feeling something to her he is growing up man if he love teni then go if he love shorvori then go her side and show that teni how much you love your wife like Salman Khan choiri chori chubk that is it not saying something then craying for lady shit people whose blaming shorvori plz put that position in you then you can understand her she did her best she made her teni close her man like she is her sister she trusted her she did good thing with these heartless family anyway when some of you talked about friendship is teni care about friendship how can she in her friend husband how can she care about him using them for the baby other side what about when she told parth don’t told shorvori between us now two partner don’t share anything because of her teni is devil and I feel sorry for shorvori any married person can understand her no one bare their men’s other women close like this and parth go to hell

  18. People saying teni is better den shrovari if for minute we consider it …den also is it right for any man when u get a girl better den ur wife leave ur wife ……Marriage is to accept each other flaws also…makers of this show are confused …parth teni dialogues are diffrent there action are diffrent ……………………….. parth says he love shrovari only but he always care for teni ,now teni is his first priority …uska dhuk uski problem usse sb dhkta hai but shrovari ko khud bolna pda usse jo feel hoa ..uske baad b vo smjh nhi paya …………….. nd teni vo khte hai parth nd vo ek nhi ho skte shorvari aur parth k beech mein nhi ana chate but hmesa un dino k beech mein rhte hai hmesa baby ko use krke parth k piche lge rhte hai , indirectly shrovari ko insult krte hai , but vo puri family ko nd parth ko ache se smjhte hai itne intelligent hai but usse shorvari k insecurties jo k kise bewkuf ldki ko b pta ho k apne husband ko kise k itne close dhek kr kasa lgta hai vo nhi smjhte…hats off to makers. atleast shrovari k action nd words same hai …vo b pta nhi show makers kb tk rhene denge.,………….if they wana to show teni nd part love story make shrovari leave dont make her negative character suddenly

  19. OMG so many comments, this show is definately not flop, after seeing so many comments, i also feel like saying something, i feel bad for both shorvori and teni, both fall in true love with parth, and for teni if one truely fall in love with someone, it is very touf to keep ur feelings to urself, after seeing that man constantly in front of you, caring you, giving so much importance, aman left her for family, parth stood by her side and also shorvori for the baby, teni keep secret from shorvori bcz she don’t want to hurt shorvori. On the other hand shorvori is parth’s wife, it is touf for her also see this frienship. Actually there is frienship between them due to baby, otherwise there is no connection between them, they both do not understand each other.
    But i think here love between shorvori and parth miserably fails, makers from begining show that their love is made in heaven but it is definitely not, they had shown wrong, if it so no 3rd person be it teni or anyone never come between them. If parth likes girl like teni, how he fall for shorvori? Both are very different. It is immpossible in real life. And i will say it is teni thats why they both are together till now otherwise if in between a girl like sejal came, then till now both of them will be divorced.
    One thing i learn from this show, falling in true love is easy, but it is very painfull, so don’t make any foe ur friend, then u will give ur heart to him, he will break it. Be carefull not emotional. Both for shorvori and teni. And if u get true love, maintain that love or keep that love to urself is very touf in today’s world, and over that surrounding’s pressure & interference.

    1. Shit se Shit Tak

      If parth is not faithful they will eventually get divorced. Wait for it. Glorification of second marriage affairs abuses and divorce will come.

  20. I like teni, she is very pure, she is intelligent, think for everybody, not like shorvori, only baby baby, for baby she only let this friendship of parth and teni to grow, teni is a surrogate you should maintain a proffesional relation with her, if u can’t do that, one day you can’t throw her out like this. When u need the baby, u use her, sit in the puna with my husband, wear my marraige lehenga, now u think ur husband is going out of your hand, u throwing her out. And everything is not in human’s hand, in life difficult situation arose, ur husband is a a*sh*le understand that, and if u can make him a gentleman, there is fault in your own home, y blaming outsider, today there is teni thats y it is easy for u to do such, if it is someone like sejal, then what u will do? And if u have husband like parth, then tomorrow if teny leave also, he find another. And u do not make ur position or relatn strong with his family that anybody will support u, being a outsider teni could do that.
    I only feel teni deserve a better life, better partner, why she fall for parth? Her life is finished. She is a smart girl, how can she make such a mistake? And for that she had turn bad to all. I know teni u are not a marraige breaker, u never think only of yourself, you are the best, but when people fall in love, they make such mistakes and destroy their lives, but u do not deserve that, u make wrong choice, u make a devil, god of your life, thats why all this thing is happening, pl……s open your eye, go to real god, sri nath ji, and give parth and shorvori their baby, and move far away from these two, they are not your friend, they are using you.

  21. Sarukh Khan had an affair with Priyanka Chopra, Gauri khan had to go through the situation.
    Kiran Rao is amir khan’s second wife, he had a daughter from his 1st marraige.
    This is reality. True love is hard to find, harder to keep, hardest to save from society.

  22. Both shorvori, teni fail miserably

  23. For some reason, the child turned out to be teni’s egg. Do not know what will happen next

  24. ?????
    U all fool , makers are really intelligent, i like their business strategy.
    When they are showing straight solved relationship, TRP was not increasing.
    Now they show complication, few for parth, few for teni, few for shorvori, but in totall so many people are seeing this show and waiting for who will win, teni or shorvori.
    What an strategy.
    Makers are great. Their purpose is solve.

    And viewers no one will win bcz this shit only happen in serials, in real life this type of situations never happen only.
    If this is reality no one is corect, not shorvori, not teni, not parth.
    Evry bdy done mistakes rather say blunders. Evry bdy is self oriented.
    In the begining, parth and teni had pure hrt but now all had been ruined.

    And viewers like all this shit only.
    Evn i njoy. And also njoy the fight between supporters.

    1. Shit se Shit Tak

      That’s why we all boycott watching the shitty drama of affairs and abuses. I’d rather watch rerun of F.R.I.E.N.D.S than watch this dumb illogical serial.

  25. Parth and Teni going to have a beautiful happy future with baby. Slap shorovori hard and send her to outhouse. she should remain maid for life.

    1. Shit se Shit Tak

      Yeah slap the rightful wife and mother. Keep the ho in the house. Guess if your husband falls for a surrogate or has extra martial affair you’ll go to our house.

    2. Though i m not KarthikA but i want to rply u, yes F.R.I.E.N.D.S is far far better and entertaining show.
      And my husband will nvr do anything like parth bcz in real life, shit like this nvr happen, real life is written by god not this idiot makers.
      And i don’t think shorvori is rightfull wife and mother. Leave rightfull, any wife never require such a long time to know her husband’s intention, without any thing if husband stare at a girl through sun glass, gf/wife start fighting, and shorvori in same house never know that, it immpossible in real life, pl…….s, wives have a xtra sense to notice her husband’s doings. And it is true in one of the previous comment, i read where is shorvori 24×7, when teni & parth romances, makers are great, she should be with teni or parth, as she is good mother & wife.
      In the serial teni & parth is much compitable, shorvori is not, she is very loose & cold, parth do such effort to make her happy, she does nothing extra, she does nothing extra for his family also, she even not care where her husband is? Where her surrogate is? When “she thinks” something is important ” to her”, or effecting her then she cares. Otherwise she is so cold. No response. She is doing things, which she feel comfortable, likes, otherwise she even do not know where is other people, she lives in her own world.
      Nothing is wrong in this i agree. But it is not always right. If u want to live in your own world then do not expect anything from others na, u will expect but nobody will expect from u, it is also not possible na.
      I know extra marrital affair is extremely bad, never exceptable but if parth never love shorvori from begining only teni and parth i will be much happy.
      They are good together. I don’t like shorvori from begining, she is not suitable but this extra marrital affair taking my nerves.
      I know in real life nothing like this happen, and is not right.
      But it is touf for shorvori keeping true love to her, only become loyal not make somebody rightfull. If her love not cheat her, or loyal to her, then also nature like her create misunderstanding and hard to adjust, how long one person one sidely do things?
      If parth think all this first, now it is to late. He should talk to his wife and sort this, extra marrital affair is really too much.
      Thank god real life is created by god, not this makers, then unneccesary complications will be created.

    3. Shit se Shit Tak

      Guess if your husband falls for a surrogate or a unmarried girl you’ll go to *Out house to stay like a a maid to your husband and his illicit second wife.

    4. Pl…….s don’t compare me with shorvori. Pl………….s.
      I am not shorvori & never want to be.
      I m totally different & know to handle situations. I am not so ignorant like shorvori.

    5. Shit se Shit Tak

      I’m not comparing you to anyone. That comment was meant for someone else. Comments await moderation. My comment to someone else was put in this section.

  26. I feel that teni is not aware about who and what she is…she is sucha stupid thiking that she is everything for parth.. How dare she come btwn parths and shorvaris love.. Shorvari must have not felt bad if parth was not showing much intimacy to teni..i feel parth should have also been aware that shorvari was feeling lonely…parth is a shit ..

  27. Wow!!! Hatsoff to people supporting teni …and blaming shorvori…People feel sad when a cheap surrogate is shown her place and angry when a wife stands for her rights.
    Like wow…..Hatsoff to a*sh*le parth for crying for teni ??wow they are making teni a victim
    Cheap teni…..Teni is the one who never considered shorvori as her sister but only as a sautan….She had challenged shorvori earlier….this b*t*h sent out shorvori on her wedding day and called parth to get her ready for the blo*dy marriage. She , spoke Paarath paaarath…..blo*dy paarath.
    He wants laddoo in both hands…blo*dy dog.
    If teni were in shorvori’s place then? Won’t Jasmin’s supports felt bad?
    Stupid Jasmin fans are supporting her blo*dy character.
    Teni is a b*t*h who messed up pari’s life.

  28. @dailysops marriage isnt a deal..where teh wife has to give something in return to all the things the hubby does..parth married shorvari against his family and they are married for three years..we dunno their struggles and wat all she did for him tat he fell in love with her and fought the world for her..he must have seen something in her tat makes her perfect for him in his perspective..its not always necessary that the wife should do everything tat the hubby does for her..its not some business..its a promise for being for her for the whole life..so compromises sacrifices go hand in hand
    And u telling shorvari dint do anything is something inwont accept..u think in three years the couple cudnt have tried to reconcile with the family? Its stupid for us to conclude..they have tried an failed in convincing them..when shor got pregnant they got somehopes..but the story had to be abt surrogacy so they had to kill the baby..
    Talking about why she never saw wats going on between parth snd teni..its actually makers fault..they wanted to show teni’s character more and fall in love so they increased their scenes..shorvari had unconditional and blind trust on parth that he will never betray her..which was wrong on her part…
    Shorvari gave up her self respect and rights as a wife and a woman to give happiness to tat family..she did some stupid things which needs a woman to kill herself a little to do..she made teni sit in the pooja where she was supposed to sit because she was worried abt the baby..she has previously taken care of teni well.she spent a night in jail when she had no reason to do though it was teni’s fault..teni’s love is obsession..she was meant to enter parth-shorvaei’s life to give them their baby and unite them with the family and at the same time complicate their lives..she is doing exactly that..
    And yea..how do u say tat shorvari isnt the rightful wife and mother! Just cause teni developed feelings for parth suddenly shorvari looses her rights? Wah..
    I am pretty sure..shorvari will be the one in the end to make the biggest sacrifice for her love..it wont be teni..because even if teni leaves after child birth…there is no sacrifice there..neither the baby is hers..nor doesnshe have any rights on parth to leave him and claim it sacrifice

    1. Right… These people are showing like only Parth and Teni suffered a lot… Shorvari had everything easy right? Poor Shorvari… Had to adjust in a family when nobody liked her, lost her baby… Only hope was this surrogacy… Now scared that for a baby, she’ll lose the only person in that house who loved her… Parth…

      I want Parth and Shorvari to unite… Teni, give the baby and go to Aman…. Stay in America…

  29. See, the serial is progressing like I expected… Shorvari becoming evil…

    It’s all writer’s fault… Either they show bahu as sacrificing sort or they will show a third girl in relationship as holy… I support Shorvori totally… Only one thing I didn’t like was she abusing Teni about bar dancer background… Bar dancers are humans too.. They don’t come to the profession willingly… For two meals, they are forced to do everything… Only that… Otherwise, I am glad that Shorvari is taking strong step against Teni… Everybody pampering Teni like she’s bahu of the house… She’s not… And there’s no shame in being infertile… One needn’t experience pregnancy to become mother…

    We need more bahus and strong ladies like Shorvari…

    Stupid writers…

    1. Shorvari is going to abuse Teni about her background according to spoilers… Only that part I didn’t like… Shorvari may leave house,… She shouldn’t… I hope she’s not doing everything to marry Parth and Teni and go away from their lives…

      These writers can show anything… Either they’ll show Shorvari sacrificing… Or she becoming evil and take revenge…

    2. Dont think shorvari will actually turn evil..that outburst as per segments isnt shorvari’s nature..there seems to be more to the story..
      I personally wanted shorvari to leave parth and bhanusali house..parth hasnt been truthful and transparent to her specially after teni entered that house..and her outburst seems very natural to me..u see the oly person in ur life being snatched away by another woman..how can u expect her to be normal na…i so wanted her to leave..and someone else enter her life..and show parth what its to feel insecure..but i dont think that will happen…teni will clear the misunderstanding and unite parth and shorvari..this is a possibility or shorvari is turning negative in the family members as well as parth’s eyes to unite parth teni and leave him forever because down the line the family may need another baby which she cant give..and family already has ignored her..and parth isnt letting go of her…so this is the other possibility

  30. If we found shorvori’s any mistake, then it is maker’s fault & if we found teni’ any mistake, it is teni’s mistake. What a logic. And why i will imagine what she face for 3 years, then it is “my imagination”, in the serial it is shown that which parth and shorvori being beta and bahu of bhanusali’s can not do for 3 years, teni being an outsider can do so easily. And before they shifted to bhanusali house, it was shown in the serial that, financial condition of parth is very much stable, they use to live a happy life. No hardship except missing parth’s family. And when any parents do so much for their child, why it is told that in return it is child’s respinsibility to look after their parents, why, is relatn between parent and child is a deal? Like that love relations are also not a deal, but contribution of both the partners are required, in this serial which is not shown so much from shorvori’s side.
    If u tell all this is maker’s fault then teni’s mistakes are also created by makers and it is their faults.
    But in real life if u become so incompitable, ignorant like shorvori, then it is hard to be in a relation because ur partner always expect something from u, it is human nature.
    But that does not mean that ur partner got a chance to cheat on u, or be in an extramarital relationship, which is wrong i mention.
    But the way serial is showing this it is wrong and shorvori will not sacrifice anything, either she will turn evil or teni will sacrifice, the serial base on the flim, shows that preety’s character sacrifices and leaves.
    If the makers don’t want that then shorvori will turn evil.

    1. Again…teni giving shorvari and paeth’s child back to them..and she leaving parth isnt sacrifice..neither is the baby hers..nor is parth hers..unfortunately u seem to be a person who takes marriage to be a deal..where wife and hubby’s contribution to make others special shud be equal..i dont believe tat..and shorvari wasnt being incompatible..she “trusted”(hope u have heard this word if u havent believed this and never really doubted his kartoot until recently..
      By the way…since the beginning the writers have shown only tebi’s life story in detail..not shorvaei..how tebi starved how teni earned how teni impresses parth..how she falls in love..how she acts like a gold digger with aman..how she makes parth dress her up for hee wedding..how she runs around dances around learns driving vehicles and never gets hurt and how she os obsessed with parth over etc etc..the oly time shorvari was given footage waa during loss of her child and how her mil forced her to go for surrogacy indirectly..so it is writer’s fault..shoving parth and teni scenes which look anything but natural wont make parth teni look any compatible in front of viewers eyes…atleast the initial stage when ahor losses her kid and becomea incapable of getting pregnant ever again waa something relatable..unlike teni who is obsessed with a married man and is making him do things which a wife wud want her hubby to do…so its writers fault oly…u take it or leave it wont change the fact…

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