kasam se kasam FF episode 5

biji-and my dear granddaughter and sons there me
aahana-i am always for my di
raj-i have to be here only
smiley-so how we should lock them in the room
nakul-so simple we will send to of them in the room itself
tanuja-but how
nakul-i dont know
rohit-chachi can be send by UV chuchs please give her some gifts and say that put in rishis room as you have to go somewhere else
tanuja-and i will tell papa to bring apples in cars so he wil go to take keys and

aahana-but we have to ensure that no children opens the door
biji-then we will show them protector to them
rohit-biji thats projector not protractor
UV-tanu please keep these in rishis room i have to attend some guests
tanuja-papa please bring apples by car and dont forget to take keys from your room
as both enters room door locks
nakul-guys see this is a projector of chuhs and chachis love life

rohit-you can show as it will show whats going inside
ahanna and divya-here are popcorns
at room:-
tanu-aaaaaaa chuha
tanu hold rishi tightly
rishi-dont worry nothing is there
as tanu sees what she is doing she tried her but rishi didnt free her

tanu-rishi leave me
rishi-tanu you were scared from an duplicate mouse
tanu-oh really rishi bat
rishi-bat bat bat
and runs into bathroom and tanu pours a bucket of water on her tanu laughs at him but rishi then when rishi acts to fall in water he falls with tanu
both laugh

precap:- please dont shot rishi. everyone knows tanya is purab and netras daughter

  1. Jasminerahul

    tanshi scene was so cute and romantic. please show more tanshi scenes.
    nobody was writing on tanshi due to less comments.so I was surprised to see your ff. very happy.please don’t discontinue it like the other writers

    1. Sprihasarania

      Don’t worry I won’t as I love kasam a lot and if I would then start and new story of it

    2. Jasminerahul

      thanks.but discontinuing a ff and starting a new ff and again discontinuing it is what most of the writers do.this is pathetic.a writer should end one ff and then move to the next one.not discontinuing and starting a new ff

  2. Yes we both will support you

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