Dil Se Dil Tak 23rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Parth and Iqbal recreate the past for Teni

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Dil Se Dil Tak 23rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Iqbal convinces Ammi that no harm can happen to Teni. Ammi says she holds only Iqbal’s happiness as important and leave for Dargah. Indu and Parth were thankful for Iqbal to understand them, and accept Iqbal has a really big heart. Mohini comes to the room worried about Teni. Parth assures she is only sleeping because of medicinal effect. The doctor assures Iqbal she won’t even remember anything. They must only keep her away from cold water for some time, it might affect her brain. Mohini thinks this is the weakness she can use to stop Teni rule this house again.
Parth takes Iqbal’s promise that no matter the results be, they will always be good friends. Iqbal takes Parth’s hand and says there is no doubt that both of them will keep Teni happy. Parth and Indu go to prepare while Iqbal stays with Teni.
Parth calls the decorator, Shamlal for recreating the arrangement within two hours.
Mohini comes to Ipshita to share a plan with her. Ipshita comes to Parth upset for being left alone. Parth promises to give her due time soon. Ipshita takes a chance and grabs Parth’s cell phone before leaving. She calls Shamlal and cancel the decorations order.
Later, Iqbal comes downstairs to the hall and asks Parth about the arrangements. Parth was waiting for the decorator when they hear Indu’s hiccups. She was in temple. Parth insists on her to drink some water but Indu says today God must return their Teni to them. Parth insists on her to take a single sip, but Iqbal tells Parth to leave her alone. No one can understand the truthfulness of a mother.
There, Ammi was praying in the Dargah.
Parth was waiting for Shamlal, the decorator. He notices his phone wasn’t in his pocket, and looks around. Mohini brings Parth’s phone to him and says he forgot it in the room. Parth calls Shamlal, Mohini says they have no time for anything now. Iqbal says they must leave the decoration and do with whatever they have. Parth gives Mohini the dress Teni had worn on the day of their anniversary. Mohini decides nothing can be better than getting Teni dressed as a bride then throwing a glass of cold water over her face. Parth shows two similar dresses for Parth and Iqbal. He says Teni was very upset that day, she even fought with him. He shares a plan with Iqbal about recreating a similar fight.
Iqbal brings Teni to the cake and says it’s his and Shorvari’s anniversary celebrations today. Teni was confused and before she could turn around, Iqbal was replaced with Parth. Parth reminds Teni how she wanted him to live happily with Shorvari and even decided the gift they must give to Shorvari – the wedding dress. Parth says she took a promise from him that he won’t ever leave Shorvari. Iqbal now takes Parth’s position again. Teni seemed confused.
Soon Teni watches a lady similar to Shorvari going upstairs. Teni follow they lady. Parth says he can’t let Teni see the face of this lady.

PRECAP: The doctor tells Parth he doesn’t want to give him any false hope. Ammi announces the Nikah of Teni and Iqbal on the next day.

Update Credit to: Sona

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