Belan Wali Bahu 23rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Family buys new shining Audi

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Belan Wali Bahu 23rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Awasti family sits in jeep. Katori comes there and says this second hand car? Dada says this is like new car for us. Katori says this is like scrap. Jitendra says it will fly away. Shalini tries to drive it but it stops after some steps. Roopa asks what happened? Jitendra and Naren tries to tow it. Katori laughs and says to people on road that Awasti family’s cheap new second hand car is not working. Scrap seller says they are so cheap. Katori says they live in such a big house, have a factory but bought this old scrapped car. Prem asks her to stop it. Dada says enough, now Awasti people will bring a car which you havent even seen in dreams. He leaves from there. Laddo’s ghost asks Roopa what he said? which car now? Roopa says not your car.

Shalini says to family that it has come. Prem asks who has come? Shalini says come and meet her. Prem says Roopa has gone to markter. All go out of house and gawk at something. Its a brand news audi shining car. All neighbors are gawking at it too. Shalini says I will take so many selfies. Dada says we will all take selfies. They all pose infront of it. Laddo’s ghost looks on. Dada slaps Jitendra and asks him to remain away from car. Katori comes there and says such big new car. Dada says stay away from it, its so expansive, your generations must havent seen it. Katori says I was just joking, forget about it, give me a ride in this car. Dada says dont try to touch this car, he asks scrap seller to stay away from this car. Jitendra and Naren grabs him and takes him far away from the car. Katori leaves from there. Prem gets a call from Shukla, he says you got to know what we bought the most expansive car? Jitendra gets a call from commissioner and says yes we bought brand new car. Dada and Shalini are on call and bragging about it too. Laddo’s ghost says dont know what they will do next.

Roopa does aarti of their new car. Jitendra breaks coconut infront of it. Roopa says now can we go for outing? Dada says lets have demo of car first. Dada asks Naren to distribute sweets. He gives it to Katori too. She says give me more, she runs behind him. Dada asks Jitendra we ordered food too? Rider brings food. Dada sees bill of 9k and says its so much? Jitendra says we thought we bought an expansive car so we should order from expansive food. Dada says great work, people with these cars have food like this. Roopa goes to pay the rider. Scrap seller comes there and says I have a dream to hug this car. Dada slaps him and asks him to get lost. Scrap seller thinks I will touch it for sure.

Scene 2
Scrap seller comes to family dressed as mechanic, he says I have come to check your car. Dada recognizes him and asks Jitendra to take him, Jitandra grabs him and drags him away.

At night, Suzzi asks Dada how can he sleep outside. Dada says such expansive car is outside so I cant sleep inside, he sees Prem already sleeping there. He wakes him up, Prem says thief thief.. Dada slaps him and says you are drunk. Dada says I was just happy about the new car. Prem says you used to drink that much too. Suzzi says really? she leaves from there. Jitendra and Naren comes there and says we will sleep here too.

At night, Jitendra, Prem, Dada and Naren are sleeping outside around the new car. Scrap seller comes there covering him in shawl. He whispers to Dada that I told you I will touch your car, I will take photo with this car and tell people this is my car. He takes many photos with car, he jumps on roof and take photos, he shifts and falls on Jitendra. Jitendra grabs him and shouts that I caught the thief, they all beat him. Scrap seller runs from there. Jitendra says where did he go? Dada says we cant take risk now, we should all grab one door and sleep. They all sleep standing beside car doors.

In morning, Dada and others are sleepy. Roopa brings tea for them. Roopa says they must have slept with difficulty. Dada says we slept with our car. Naren says I saw a dream of running this car in air. Instructor Vikas comes there and says I came to give car demo, I will tell you all features of car, he asks for car key. Dada gives it, he tells them how to unlock car. He says its fully automatic, he shows them features. Roopa turns on the AC. Jitendra is standing outside and says they should be ashamed to let us stand outside. Dada slaps him fro window. Vikas says to family that you have to clean this car with mineral water. Vikas asks how will they clean the car? Dada shows him old shorts and says we can use it. He says you cant use this to clean the car. Prem says they are soft shorts, we clean all our things with these. He gives them special cloth and says its of 5k, all are stunned. Laddo’s ghost says this high maintenance car.

PRECAP- Roopa mistakenly drops a glass on car, paint chips off. Vikas sees it. Dada says its insured, Vikas says but its your mistake so repaint will be of 2lacs, all are stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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