Dil Se Dil Tak 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Teni has a plan

Dil Se Dil Tak 18th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Teni was in the room and thinks she now understood the value of Parth and Shorvari. She must do something to make their family realize how wrong they have done. Aman comes to her room and apologizes her for being helpless. He was really burdenize by the lie, stayed silent only to get Parth his happiness. He loved her and wanted to marry her, but it’s true that she didn’t like him. There was an emptiness in his love and couldn’t love Teni like Parth did. Parth didn’t let Shorvari’s happiness go. This family gave him a name, he couldn’t break their hearts. Teni says Aman loved her as much as no one ever did, but she couldn’t return it. She realizes how painful it is when your love isn’t returned. Aman prays Teni never fell in one sided love, she may get someone like Parth. He says he is leaving for America tonight, he had been suffocating due to lie; but now he would leave in comfort. Teni assures she will take care of Parth and Shorvari, he shouldn’t worry about them.
At night, Teni felt hungry and wonders what she must eat in such a time. She comes to the table and notices no one touched any food. She sits to pour it for herself, then says if someone watches her eat they will curse her even more. She comes to Parth’s room. Shorvari was asleep but Parth was tensed. She thinks about not speaking to them. She comes to kitchen and finds break and butter in the fridge, sits on the floor and eats it. Parth comes to the kitchen and makes her sit over the table. She was about to speak, Parth forbids her to speak during eating. He apologizes for not taking care about her hunger. She is his responsibility. He pours sauce over Teni’s bread and feeds her with his own hands. He gets a napkin and cleans her mouth. Teni now gives the bite to Parth. She says Parth loves his family and is sad at leaving them. Parth agrees saying they will leave tomorrow morning so that they can live happily. He then promises not to let her hungry ever again, they will live happily together. Tears fill his face. Teni asks Parth if he trusts Teni. Parth asks if any doubt. Teni asks a straight answer, Parth says he selected her against his family. Teni says they must leave the house now. She shuts his mouth with her hand and cheers when he agrees.
In the room, Parth packs his bag. Teni brings her luggage. Parth tells Teni to let Shorvari sleep until he is finished with the packing. Teni wakes Shorvari up, she was shocked. Teni tells her to get ready, they have to leave the house right now. Shorvari argues they would not even get a rickshaw at this time. Teni says they don’t have to go any farther. Parth says Teni thought about a place, even he doesn’t know what it is.
Sejal was going across the corridor and hears Jagruti talking happily on phone. She wonders who she is talking to at this time, dials Rishab’s number and was curt that if she delays it might be really late.
Teni discusses the plan with Shorvari. Shorvari asks Parth what if everyone gets even angrier. They will move to another house and when their child is born, everyone might accept them. Parth says when all doors are shut, one has to climb a wall. She must trust Teni and tells her to go for packing. Shorvari still warns Parth to think again. Teni asks if they are really simple, why they agreed to leave the house when their family demanded. Parth asks what their family would have done after such a huge lie. He says it’s good they have decided to leave at night. Shorvari and Teni notices he was sad, Shorvari holds his hand while he attempts to leave. Teni watch them hold hands and come to place hers as well, she says Shorvari must have understood by now that her plans work. She promises they will bring their child into the same house, and be brought up here as well.

PRECAP: Teni speaks to Parth that he held her hands against his family and cares for her a lot, then says this isn’t love. If he really doesn’t love her? Parth was speechless.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Shit se f**k tak

    Just when u thought the story was getting better..now parth will be seen as a two timer..wife is shorvari for the society..and teni will be for fun and baby part..great going writers..time to say good bye to this shit se shit tak…f**kall teni f**kall parth and f**k dsdt…worst show ever

    1. Shit se Shit Tak

      LOL. I agree with you. Now this is an all time low. Encouraging shitty affairs. Feeding each other. Calling lust as love! Eff this serial dude! No logic, no brains, no morals!

    2. Very true! Chance pe dance Marta Hai parath! Parath parath Kar kar ke , teni is getting on my nerves.

  2. What a story not atall good now the baby should born and solve all the problems

  3. Dont use dirty words like shit se shit take n F words, whosoever u r…. Else stop watching the serial n don’t comment.. Don’t waste ur time in commenting … No one likesssss…. If u wanna write, write something good…..

    1. Shit se Shit Tak

      Well if you have something good to write about extra marital affairs and idiotic logic go right ahead. No one’s stopping you. Don’t waste your time reading our comments. You are entitled to your opinion as we are to ours. If you don’t like the comments stop reading em, concentrate on your opinion. Stop doling out advices to us.

    2. Aww! Baby ko bura laga!! Yahi toh problem Hai , log Sach sunna hi nahi chahte…This lure shit! Or may be worse than shit.

  4. WTF!!! Teni ka do Kodi ka pyaar abho bhi nahi Gaya. She is so slefish , Aman se apologize bhi nahi kiya, do Kodi ki aurat. Such a lusty woman. Have her hands broken? Can’t she eat herself? Parth is such a dork! I don’t like even a bit of his character.

  5. it is really shit serial why teni don’t understand that is married man who love his wife and wat he did he did because his wife and unborn baby why she pushing him to live her and Perth why he is seems to so easy man that every women can got it where is the promise that he made with his wife that he never leave her that day he was stoping her to leave his life but he told her he never stop loving her no matter wat and he don’t care about kid he love her so much where is that love and I really hate teni wat she want for a married man why she don’t try to love aman he is free man who loves her plz writer don’t make your serie flop leave parth and his beautiful wife alone

  6. Shit se f**k tak

    Dint teni see yesterday tat parth said he will leave every relationship in the world for shor? Inspite of that she is asking him the same shit???‍♀️ Entire family was able to see his intentions of stopping her..his baby..and he was standing by his word to protect her and it was the humane thing he cud do..but nah..oly teni madam sees love…even if parth isnt having feelings for her..she asking him the same thing 100 times will make him fall for her??‍♀️I have never seen a 3rd rated cheap woman like teni..lusting behind a married man even if he says he is being a good friend and all the extra care if for tat baby..teni is just proving every blame dadaji put on her as true..she is the worst character in tv..lusty whore who cant live in peace until she breaks a happy household and steals parth from shorvari.m sure shorvari thought will be devastated if she comes to know this lusty b*t*h’s intention will keep mum..poor thing is already choking in guilt..she will do everything possible tat will make the baby and parth be accepted by the family…sick b*t*h teni

  7. Feeling really bad for shorvori

    Everything is just wrong in this show, really sad for shorvori She is asleep and her Dear Husband is feeding food to their Surrogate. Why do they keep showing such scenes I mean taking care of teni should be done by both Shorvori and parth but they keep on showing that Parth is always there for teni. And whats up with parth, he himself told teni that I dont wan’t to do or say anything jis se tmhre dil mn jo aag hai usko hawa doon. Now what is he doing feeding her as if she doesn’t have hands or Is she a little baby. Isko hawa dena nahi kehte?? Care and Friendship is something else this what parth is doing is something else. Ek taraf teni says she loved parth and parth he feeds her food with his own hands. This is sick. I know parth said yesterday that nothing is more important than shorvori but his actions say otherwise. And now does teni thinks that he stood up for her? Why does she keep asking if he loves her what is in her mind, what does she think can happen. Does she think she has any chance with him. This show is disgusting it makes me go mad.

    1. ?% true.
      Just don’t understand parth’s real face.
      Feeling sorry for shorvori.
      Disgusting show.

    2. Teni is getting very annoying

      I feel extremely sorry for her..but i do believe that parth is doing all this only for his wife indirectly..she wanted a child and that child is in teni’s womb..he has no choice..teni seems to be his choice for being his surrogate so he feels he is responsible for taking care of her..however teni is mistaking all this care to be love..she is refusing to accept that its just the love of a friend and a father towards his baby which is in her womb..i do still feel parth will never fall for teni ever..its teni who is complicating things..she thinks he left his family for her sake when in reality it was more for the baby..after all this hungama parth or shorvari wudnt want to let go of her baby..any person with some humanity wud have stopped teni..she is pregnant with their child afterall
      Its annoying how teni is forcing things on parth telling wat he feels is love for her..she doesnt seem to accept a no for an answer..the way she asked u refuse to leave me and let go but u dont promise ur support forever..why shud he support her forever..tat too in a way she wants..y cant she give up on her hope of ever getting the love the way she wants to..and these makers love teni..they cant see anything beyond her..i cant even get y a third woman in a man’s life is glorified so much ignoring the wife…it makes me hate teni so much..by asking him the same question a 100 time and doing her mahaanta ka naatak she may succeed in eventually snatching parth from shorvari…teni is the worse character i have ever come across in tv in recent times

  8. Angelk1

    Love today esp, parth an ten I scene was very touchin and the trio hands together was very heartwarming. Teni has a point asking parth that question, but can’t wait for the next eps. I wonder whats ten I plan, how she will get the baby in the house and the family accept her.

    1. Shit se f**k tak

      Dont worry he will disappoint u..he is never gonna fall in love with ur angel hoe teni..she will always be a special friend for him who is giving him a huge gift tat for which he will be ever grateful..and talking abt teni’s plans..well it will be one of those third rated sadak chaap plans oly..one small hint and u are back wishing for parth teni together…shameless adultery loving woman..the moment there is a news abt parth showing some signs of love(which is concern and care as a friend and as a father for the child in tat damned womb of the hoe) u appear to show ur happiness..u dont care of shorvari..stupid woman

  9. kashish u r right…kisiko series accha na lage so don’t watch… but some people have such time to waste thats why series dekhtebhi hea and wrong comments bhi karte..and unke user name bhi une suit karte hea shit.. series is just a series but une opinion batane ko kehte hea par ye log toh khutki bareme batate hea ki o kitne jahil or gawar hea….I hope une block karde..taki unki gandhi soch ki chite kisi ur par na gire..

    1. Shit se f**k tak

      Oh sacred soul..truth is always ugly and bitter..maybe u shud leave to himalayas in pursuit of ur purity and pure souls…the wirld here is very dirty…ppl will watch the show and make comments..good or bad..u wanna comment good go ahead pure soul..dnt expect everyone to be as sacred and pure as u..keep ur suggestions to urself..instead of asking us to stop commenting..u stop reading it then..adultery abd teni’s dirty thoughts may fascinate u..but nt everyone..we value marriage ans husband and wife relationship more sacred than anything..unfortunately a third woman and her lust is glorified here..if u choose to ignore tat..do it for all we care…hope u get tat the lost sacred soul from the himalayas?

    2. Shit se Shit Tak

      Wow! I’m just floored! Try being informed instead of being opinionated! You gave such a long bhashan on our characters, you should check yourself in the mirror! Did your brain take a laxative because there is a lot of shit coming out of your mouth?

    3. Shit se Shit Tak

      That comment was directed towards [email protected] Gandhi soch ki chite walk! Calling affair and lust as pure. Look into your character first before pointing your opinionated finger at us, don’t forget you are giving yourself a middle finger while pointing at us!

  10. yaa of course.. comments se pehle mane meri sakal aene me dekhi ti uski bajesehi comments kar pai..krisna ke diwane toh mira bhi thi kia mira bhi galat thi ya krisna galat te? u people na such disgusting mind..sorvori toh apne pati ko teni ka sath sulane bala tha..par o toh uski majburi thi na..yahi bologe na tum log.. u people na khut kuch bhi bol sakte ho ur koi ur bole toh kata chupta hea..ye series na tum logo ki user name ki tara shit toh bhil kul bhi nehi hea shit..ur kia bola tume meri brain me laxative hea ha ho sakta hea par tumse kam hea chaho to tumhara brain check karsakte ho..doctor ki jarurat hua na to kisiko bata na mat? top secret u know…idiots..khutko bath karne ki to tamich nehi hea chali hea dusro ko shit bolne bale..seriously thori si saram bachi ho na toh dubara comments mat karna shit..shit..

    1. Teni is getting annoying

      SHorvari ne bheja diya toh teni also accepted to sleep if I remember…she did it out of her will back for money..tat u cant see…and ur comparing this idiot with meera? Do u knw the story of meera? Meera was married to a rajput king…and krishna is god for good heavens sake…u first think as a logical brainy person and comment..one mistake shorvari did..tat gave teni license to make a line of mistakes starting from entering their house..lying to bhanusali…goibg on date with parth behind shor..cheating on aman..etc etc..tat all are not scene by u huh….u wanna defend..defend..u will just have one thing to say..teni is uneducated naive love starved and wat her fault if she fell in love…does she knw her limits with a married man? She had the audacity to ask parth if not for shor he wud have accepted her? Is tat wat a cultured girl wud ask? U first thibk logically and morally and come blame people here..

    2. Teni is getting annoying

      I forgot to add tat scene where teni the sati savitri asked parth to get her dressed for her wedding..and she wanted to send out shorvari while dis was happening…wah…such a sacred soul i must say..when did krishna do this to meera? And here also shorvari is at fault? Teni fell in love so everyone shud compromise everything for tat hoe’s sake…such biased view u shud keep it to ur self

    3. Shit se Shit Tak

      Lol are you even in your senses? Everyone’s entitled to act stupid once in awhile, but you really abuse the privilege! At the least spell correctly! tameez hai hum mein, tum khud seekho tameez! Sharam ki baat kar rahi ho, khudko mirror mein dekho sharam ke mare doob jaaogi!

  11. I support shit se shit tak writers. but one thing is true that dadaji ne jo kaha teni ke baren main oh sab sahi hain . kyun ki Teni ke dimak main yahi negative thought to vari padi Hain. Agar ye sab baad bhi teni ne khud ko sudharne ki kosis nahin Kya to it’s a flop show ever. Sarvori only did a single mistake by giving permission to parth to make teni surrogate mother of their child. Yes it’s actually Parth’s fault bcz he has chosen a bar dancer as a surrogate. Sarvori ne lakho Mana Kiya Tha par… But Parth isn’t Krishna or god. and Teni’s​not Meera . U don’t know story of Meera. she’s​ become a great devotee chanting always God Krishna name. she was a widow. bt here teni ek nasamajh aur chutiya hai Jo parth ka baar baar inkaar ke baad vhi usko lagati hain ki Parth usko pyar karte Hain . parth take care of teni as there is child in teny’s womb and always thanks her for helping him for child as a friend . bt teni is lust. she only wants to have a s*x with parth. par point is the makers and writers and directors show this serial in a way that bad is good and Teni’s wrong path and bad intention are good and they have gone mad after her. I will watch game of thrones .

  12. Of course why not .. I don’t want to compare anybody to anyone..I just want to say teni loves parth..it is not her fault…love happens..and teni try to forget him.. Aman also leave her in this situation..but parth never leave sorvori when they married…I say against sorvori because I want somebody protest against my comments…sab kuch halat par nirvar karta hea kabhi sorvori kabhi parth kabhi teni koi na koi mistake karte hea..but they know there limits…hug karna concerns dekha ne koi ladka ye ladki besaram nehi hoti hea…love is just love…besebhi iss series ka concept hi aisi hea..why we judging the characters with wrong words.. I get angry for that..yaar agar tum dono sorvori galat bolne se protest karsakte ho so why not for teni..she is also a girl..and I don’t compare with kirshna and meera..I just want say meera love krisna but krisha love her as devote…I just want to say understand the love…

    1. Tenis please leave parth...

      We also know wat love is sweety..its not necessary tat ur live needs to be reciprocated….honestly the wife will be given more prefernce and will get more support in this case..hugging at the drop of the hat..wishing to be dresses by someone else’s hubby and sending the wife out during those process isnt love..its being selfish..on the contart love is never selfish..teni unfortunately is..whether u accept or not tats how it is…shorvari is also selfish and so is parth..but teni’s is different..her selfishness comes at the cost of someone else’s happiness which is wrong..i wud never term tat love..we have a problem with her repeatedly trying to make parth accept tat he is in love when deep inside she also knows he is not..love is never forceful either…teni isnt in love..she is infatuated deeply…we hate any sort of scenes of a married man with a uarried surrogate…its an insult to both marriage as well as unmarried girls..unmarried girls do know their limits with married men..which isnt shown here..so dont expect sympathies for teni..we can never symparthise with her..ever

    2. Shit se Shit Tak

      Why do you keep backtracking your own comments? Make up your mind lady! First you compare the shitty character’s lust as Mira’s love for krishna. Now you say it’s not! And what love are you talking about? Your brain’s filled with idiotic nonsense about love which is shown by these effing stupid serials and Bollywood movies. Grow up! Obsession is not love! Stalking is not love!

  13. And one more thing teni is…annoying.. you should read their comments then you will be understand why I also use cheap words…

  14. some mistake in previous comments* tum agar*

    1. teni is the worst character ever! sach kadwa hota hai. she is lusting over a married man that’s all. She is so cheap that she did even feel a bit sad for Aman and did not apologize to him.
      You are a supporter of adultery so what do we do????
      SHE IS BEHAVING CHEAP. YOU ARE A BLIND JASMIN FAN that’s why can’t hear anything about her annoying as hell and stupid as SHIT character.
      Parth never gives numerous hugs to his wife or sister. Teni ko Shorvori se sister wala pyaar aaj tak nahi hua! SIRF SAUTAN WALA DRAMA!!!Can’t teni eat on her own? Uske haath pao tuutte toh nahi hai? Do KOdi ki aurat jab stunts kar sakti hai toh thoos nahi sakti?

      Oh damn why the hell I am even explaining things to some random person!
      but conclusion is TENI IS A DISGUSTING CHARACTER.
      AND if you have problem with comments, deal with it or do not stalk here like a blo*dy stalker.

  15. I don’t need sympathy…because ya koi real life nehi hea ya actor or actress agar dusre series par jai toh use uski reel character par judge kya jaiga..I don’t say ki teni sahi hea but tumne jeshe kaha galat aisebhi kaha ja sakta hea par uske lia wrong words kyu use karna..am I right or wrong?

    1. log nahi samajhte to kya karen? They are highly disgusted by teni maybe that’s why venting their anger like me.

    2. Shit se Shit Tak

      If this is not real life why are you taking this personally and attacking our characters personally? If you’re gonna be a smart ass, first you have to be smart. Otherwise you’re just an a**. You go girl! And don’t comeback!

  16. oh please or whatever u r…don’t you dare talk me like that..I don’t need to talk to u blo*dy stalker no no u r blo*dy stalker..agar mera comments bura lage so thank you.. jo jesha hea use usiki basha mehi me jabab deti hu..what a disgust..

    1. Shit se Shit Tak

      Just because you’re offended, doesn’t mean you’re right. It must be exhausting getting offended by everything!

  17. Best commentator award goes to Nupur. Wow u r the only one who can argue with many people.R u girl or a guy? I heard girls can speak more than thousands words in a day but u r better than me,Good…. Be urself but don’t b a gay okay?!!

  18. why baby are you gay..? I also respect them because they are gods created.. but i don’t here to give my birth certificate…whatever give your opinion na don’t try to argue with me..my sis is right.. me fisul me hi faltu logo ko importants de rahi hu, har page me to ase log hea hi na ..kutta agar insan ko kate insan thori na kutte ko katega….

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