KUCH TO HUA HAI ~ TWINJ episode 54

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Episode 54 ..
The episode starts with kunj standing in the lawn talking with his pa about the upcoming meetings …after sometime he went inside ….

On the other side ::::
Twinkle was going from.there teard eyes when someone stopped her she turned and found laksh .
L : twinkle stop …

T : what happen ??? Why u are following me ????? …

L : i have to apologize to you twinkle again …

T : apologize for what ??? ..

L : for that day I should not have played with your feelings …now I have realised that true love is ..after my girl came in my life …she made me realise what wrong I did with you …

T : its okay these things won’t matter now ….

L : but still twinkle u have loved me and I didn’t cared about your feelings about your love ….

T : see laksh …she was going to complete Futher when saw kunj standing there with shocked expression she got hell shocked seeing him …he left from there …

Twinkle ran behind kunj …he came back in the lawn …he just heard that twinkle loved him…he was not believing what he heard was wrong or right ….

K : what I just heard …was that true ???

T : kunj kunj she shouted from behind he turned and twinkle got shocked seeing his teard eyes …she holds his hands ..

K : t..win..kle …

T : kunj listen to me …

K : was that true what he said ??? ..

T : first listen to me kunj ..

K : no first you answer me was that true ..do u really loved him ??? This time he asked in strict voice ..

T : haan kunj but ..

K : leave me twinkle ..he tries to remove his hands from his grip please twinkle ..

T : kunj plzz listen to me once I’ll clear everything …
He left her hands and went from there to sarna mansion with twinkle behind him ..

She was shouting to hear her once but he wasn’t ready to hear anything …

He removed his blazer threwed it on sofa ..and went to his room …and locked it from inside …

T : kunj plzzz listen to me plzz …still crying banging the door …

K : twinkle plzz go from here …plzz ..he said …

T : no I’ll not go till u listen to me …

K : then stay there …he shouted from inside …

Tears were not stopping from their eyes ….half n hour passed still kunj didn’t opened the door …

Twinkle stand up from there and left for TM ….soon the reception there ended ..all guests leave …only the family members were still there in TM ..

Twinkle came inside and saw them all ..

U : arey twinkle ??? Where are you both ??? Come we will have dinner ..

T : mummy g ..wo kunj went back to SM …

L : arey par kyun ??? ..

T : wo actually he wasn’t feeling well so he went she said and all got worried..

U : I’ll go and see him ..

T : he is fine now he wanted to rest I think u all should have dinner …

Ba : haan usha let him rest he is working since morning …

U : okay they all love to have dinner ..

Ab : twinkle u are not eating ???..

T : no Bhai I am.full I have eaten snacks soo much .
Kab : okay …

L : chalo another function went well ..now we can focus on twinj wedding ..twinkle looked at leela ..hiding her tears ….

U : yeah …

All smiles ..and teased twinkle ..she went to her room excusing herself…after sometime everyone left too …lert mehbeer and mibir went to sleep too ..
After an hour …twinkle was still crying in her room …
Twinkle pov :::
Why these always happens jab Sab acha chal Raha hota hai ..tabhi ..why laksh came here …kunjjjj ..he is not ready to listen to me ….his anger is justified I should have tell him evrything about my past ..I should not have hidden this ..but I was scared what if ..he leaves me after knowing this truth …how will I stay without kunj …I’ll die …if …
Pov ends…

She couldn’t complete her words as her voice was choking ..she stands up from there went towards the balcony …tears were still flowing from her eyes …she went to kitchen and have water …she wanted to share her pain with anyone but she couldn’t when ever she used to be sad or upset her brothers were always there for her …this time she didn’t wanted to disturb them as Kabir was with Misha …taking care of her and their new life …and abeer he is newly wedded she can’t disturb her brothers ..

She came out in the garden and went towards the swimming pool sat there holding her head …half dipping her legs in pool …

She was crying n crying when she felt a hand on her shoulder …she turned and saw kunj …sitting there …he too have tears in his eyes …

T : k…unjjjj she said na hugged him ..I am ..so..rry..kunj but I didn’t meant to hurt you ….I am ..soo sorry I shouldn’t have hidden this …

K : shhhh twinkle …don’t cry …he moved towards her and hugged her more tighter …infact i am sorry I shouldn’t have reacted like that …but twinkle I dont know what happened to me that time …I am sorry plzz forgive …

T : noo kunj …this time mistake is mine you calls me right I am a siyappa queen…I was scared …I was sacred to loose you ….that’s why I have hided this …plzzz don’t leave me…I’ll die .. without you ….

K : twinkle sshh don’t u dare talk about death …and who said I am gonna leave you siyappa queen ..I’ll never ever think of this …I had promised you ..I’ll never leave by your side …he said and pecked her forehead …

T : kunjjjj she was crying more harder …

K : twinkle …see I am here your kunj is here plzz don’t cry Jaan …now tell me what u wanted to say …

T : I’ll clear each n evrything today coz I don’t want to hide anything now …I love youuuuuuuuuuu soo much …

K : I know ..he smiled …

T : that all started when I was a fresher in college and abeer Bhai Kabir Bhai was there in their final year …laksh was abeer Bhai frnds …but he was in different subject …

Flash back shows :::
Twinkle was searching for abeer when her seniors came there and ask her to do ragging …

T : who are you I’ll not do such thing ..

Boy : ohh u are showing us attitude haan …the boy comes closer to twinkle when she slapped him hard …now it’s limit I’ll not leave you miss …

Hey just leave her .. laksh shouted from behind and stand before the boys ….

B : what?? So ..if we didn’t leave her ..

L : so nothing leave from here before I’ll complain about you all .or I have another option for you too he said and clenched his. Fist..the boys left from there …he turned towards twinkle ..

T : hey thanks …Mr …

L : laksh …so Friends ???? ..

T : yeah ..they both shake hands …

Flashback ends …

T : that’s how I met him and got attracted towards him …but I didn’t knew it was a game plan …abeer Bhai was in different section so he didn’t know about that anything twinkle ended and kunj looked at her …
Screen freezes ..
So how was the Episode ??? …
Hope.u all like it ….

So yess laksh is not a villian till now ???…I just wanted to show the beautiful relationship twinj share that’s it …
Sorry guys I am hardly getting time to write ..

I’ll post my another ffs soon ..till then stay tuned ..
And thank you thank you sooooooooooooooo much guys for commenting ….
Ba byee can’t do much bak bak …

I am apologizing in advance to ff writers I’ll try to comment if I didn’t then forgive me …
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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  1. SidMin23

    Thank god kunj understand twinkle and Plz don’t separate twinj coz of laksh. Post another one soon.

  2. Lama

    Hi Sam,

    Finally u posted…I was waiting from soooo long for this….
    Kya meri suspense queen…phir suspense m daal dia…not fair…
    Bt really awesome episode…
    New turn…
    Yr plz jaldi se update krdo plzz plzz plzzz plzzzz….
    i know u r busy by still plz try…
    Waiting to read further very eagerly..
    Luv u ???????

    Ur sis

  3. Kiya1234

    Uff amazing episode sami first half me toh dara hi diya ta ????
    Thank god twinj ek saath he feeling scar
    Post soon plz

  4. Kiya1234

    Uff amazing episode sami first half me toh dara hi diya ta ????
    Thank god twinj ek saath hai feeling scar
    Post soon plz

  5. Twinj2000

    Superb ??
    Twinj are relationship goals ?
    It was just amazing
    Thank god he is not a negative character
    Post soon

  6. Nishuu

    Sam it was amazing

  7. nice epi

  8. Presha

    Awesome di…
    Such a beautiful epi…
    Loved it….

    Post soon….
    Lobe u…

  9. Supriya18d

    missed u Sam….
    awsm epi…. Post ASAP…
    luv u it…and luv u

  10. yrrr i just love this ff
    Thank you for posting it

  11. Awesome episode ☺️

  12. Shalini15

    Hi sweetness ki dukan ?? kitna darawna episode diya hai ?????? but thank God ki kunj understand twinkle nd also twinkle told him everything. Awesome mind blowing fabulous superb episode. Loved twinj bond. Loved the episode so much. Post soon.
    Nd sorry previous episodes par comment nahi kar payi kuch problems the.
    Love you ? ? ? ?

  13. Vibhu

    kunj is just muaaah ?❤
    loved the episode .. thnx for posting it

  14. Rochika

    Hey sameera diiii it was a stupendous episode…????????
    Kunj is soooo understanding….????? just love him to the core yrr….
    Today’s epi was sooo emotional….??????
    It is so true yrr twinj can’t leave eo for a second also.??????? they r the bestest couple ever happened to us and to the tv industry…????????
    Di u write fabulous yrrr…??????
    Post soon eagerly waiting…
    Love u! ?

  15. Ayesha51

    awsm amzng fabulous
    hilarious epi sameera di

    hate laksh

    love twinj

    plz plz plz POST ASAP

    love u a lot ♡♡♡

  16. Awesome amazing episode loved it??????sammu

    Yrrr ye kunj kitna aacha h

    Post soon dear
    Luv u

  17. Loved it ??

  18. Aamu

    Nice one shammmuuu?

    ..i thoughtt..they broke..but i love the way kunj tried to understand her..
    Perfect….jz perfect..

    Post soon?
    Love u?

  19. kya bat !kya bat !kya bat!mtlb kya bonding or understanding dikhayi mza aa gya !
    post next soon

  20. Awesome sam amazing
    It’s superb
    Love you keep smiling

  21. Aamna_2690

    I am Late ??
    SORRY ??
    Aanu ko Maaf karde Yaar ??
    I was just busy with House shifting ?? and the no less Mandi Fever is still On??
    Well Loved the Episode ❤❤
    Their Bonding ??
    The Way Kunj understood Twinkle ❤❤
    Amazing ? Fantastic ? Marvellous ? Lovely ?
    Post Soon ???
    Love U ??????

  22. Farwah fathima

    Awesome yaar
    Post the next one soon

  23. Baby

    god m so sriiee m late well really osm epi♥
    loved it ♥
    finally kunj came to his twinkle ♥
    love u sooo mch ♥
    it was cute n amazing ♥

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