Dil Se Dil Tak 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Teni arrive at Bhanushali house

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Dil Se Dil Tak 15th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Teni was leaving. Iqbal was upset and asks if she would return? Teni assures there is only a peace of two days in his life, then this storm would return. She kiss the back of his hand leaving a mark for him.
In Baroda, Iqbal sends a car and driver for Teni. She opens the car door to find a pile of gifts and cards from Iqbal. She gets a call from Iqbal who was almost weepy. He says Teni would get a gift in each hour. Teni asks how he would know where she is. Iqbal says he is a smart and can find anything. Teni tells Iqbal to let her enjoy with her ladies gang, and himself have fun with bachelors. She will soon marry him. Iqbal says he doesn’t want to be a bachelor anymore and marry Teni as soon as possible. After the call, Teni thinks about Parth and asks the driver to go to Bhanushali house.
At Bhanushali House, Ipshita tells Baa she brought tennis ball instead of an apple to her. Baa was confused and wonders who would ever be able to feed her with apple. Teni arrive at Bhanushali house, with some flashes from past. Ipshita comes out playing with the ball and hits Teni. Parth wakes up with a jerk in his room and says it feels something huge is going to happen.
Teni and Ipshita recognize each other from the mall. Ipshita watch the bag of Teni and asks her to return her bag. Teni argues she didn’t come here to return the back. Ipshita was boastful of being an owner of the bag. Teni tells her to be mannerly and call her father. Ipshita conditions she won’t enter her house if she doesn’t return her bag. Teni notices Ipshita had hidden an apple in her pocket and must be going to throw it. She deters she would open up Ipshita’s secret in front of her family about regularly throwing her apples. Ipshita throws the apple on a corner, and calls Parth and Dadi to look this aunty threw her apple. Parth and family come outside happy to see Teni. Ipshita complains to Parth that Teni threw her apple, she was the one who snatched her bag. Parth promises Ipshita to bring her bag later, right now he has to speak to her. He takes Teni inside. Parth forces Ipshita to go to her room. She wasn’t listening, Parth scolds Ipshita. Ipshita was annoyed. Teni wash the apple and tells Ipshita to eat the apple, there are many people in the world who doesn’t get anything to eat. She warns to open up Ipshita’s secret of throwing apple in front of her family. Ipshita bites from the apple and leave. Parth agrees to Mohini that Ipshita is angry and she must go to make her mood up. In the room, Isphita complains to Shorvari’s photo that the aunty is really bad, and her papa even scolded her because of that aunty. Mohini comes to the room and convince Ipshita that if that aunty states in the house, her father would never listen to Ipshita. She hugs Teni.
Parth introduces Teni to Baa and Indu. Teni asks him to be clear and tell her about the past. Indu says Teni must stay here for next 24 hours only, she will herself know about the past. Teni must go to her room and take rest. Teni was straight forward, she grabs Parth’s collar to share her past with her. Parth tells her to wait as her mother said, she will know about her past in next 24 hours. Teni warns Iqbal would be here if it’s above a single second from 24 hours. Parth says this is what he had planned, he wish it continues to work. He wish Teni watch everything that he has placed into her room and recall about her memories. Upstairs, Mohini tells Ipshita that everyone here intend to turn that aunty into Ipshita’s mother.
Iqbal watched the mark of lips where Teni had kissed his hand. his Ammi assures that Teni would be his wife in next seven days. Iqbal was restless and says there are so many 24 hours between these seven days.
In the corridor, Teni walked cursing Parth’s family for asking her to wait. She was determined she won’t leave until she knows who is the child she gave birth to. Ipshita comes to Teni and tells her to leave her house right away, she has come with full preparations and hold a toy gun at Teni. Teni wasn’t afraid, Ipshita finally shoots hurting Teni at her eye. Teni holds her hand to hit Ipshita, then snatches the gun off Ipshita’s hand. Ipshita was hurt. Teni was concerned for Ipshita and caresses her. Parth comes to the corridor. Ipshita complains that this aunt hurt her. Teni calls her a spoilt child and says if she was her mother she must have…. Then goes to her room. Ipshita also leaves. Indu comes to Parth and says she has placed everything in Teni’s room. She could sense a spark in Parth’s eyes already.
Teni walks into the room angry over Ipshita. She wonders why she couldn’t hit that little child.

PRECAP: Teni asks Parth how Ipshita can be her daughter. How can a daughter forget about bearing a child, she doesn’t feel anything. Iqbal had reached there and questions what it is that she can’t feel.

Update Credit to: Sona

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