Ishqbaaz 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye supports Anika

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Ishqbaaz 15th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says this is the school where I studied. Anika says it looks classy. He asks her to come. A man says Shivaye, how are you. Shivaye says my science teacher, Mr. Kalra, Anika is my wife. Kalra praises Shivaye. He asks how did you happen to come here. Shivaye says we had to get Anika’s brother’s admission here, we have a meeting with principal.

Kalra wishes all the best and goes. Shivaye gets a call and says I have to attend a call, go and meet the principal. She says no, finish the call, we will go together. He says we can’t make principal wait, go. She says don’t know what will she ask. He says just go, it will be just about Sahil. She says I shouldn’t be scared, principal isn’t a monster. She goes to ask. The lady takes her to principal’s office. Anika and principal get shocked seeing each other. They recall the meet. Principal says you HMT, how dare you enter my office without permission. The lady says Anika is Shivaye’s wife. Principal asks what, you are Shivaye’s wife, he is a Cambridge pass out and you are HMT, how can you be his wife. Anika asks why not, did he had to marry my degrees, just because I can’t speak in English, it doesn’t mean I m illiterate, I m educated.

Principal says we will see how much educated you are, tell me about your child. Anika says I wanted my brother Sahil’s admission to be done, he is very sensible, he is ranked first in class. Principal jokes. Anika says Sahil always stands first in class. Principal says our school is English medium, we have some standard, I will make sure your and Sahil’s standard matches with us, else students and parents will complain. Anika says my brother…The ladies laugh. Anika says Sahil really is very really…..hardworking, work hard…. Principal says its hardworking sweetheart, seeing your english, I can imagine your brother’s english, tell me, which school did you go to. Anika says I have studied till tenth grade. Principal says tenth grade, you want your brother’s admission to be done here, with children of these women.

She introduces the educated women. Shivaye comes and greets the principal Mrs. Raichand. He says you met my wife Anika. Mrs. Raichand says yes, it was pleasure talking to her. He asks the admission formalities. She says nothing much, we take interview of parents, we will have to do it with you, as you are guardians. He says then lets do it. She says how can we interview you, you have studied here and you are the Shivaye Singh Oberoi moreover, this interview is about mother, children spend much time with mothers, we will be interviewing your wife, then you can meet the chairman. He says I will take your leave, I will wait outside. He goes. Mrs. Raichand asks Anika to have water, she will need it. She says I m giving you a second chance just because of Shivaye, I will ask simple questions, if you answer any one right, your brother’s admission will happen. She says plural of box is boxes, what’s the plural of Ox.

Anika says oxes. Mrs. Raichand says so expected, wrong, its Oxen, okay, the next question, when did Napoleon die, don’t say you don’t know Napoleon, guys you should record this, lets have fun, share it on social media, people should know the standard of HMT, such people are not welcomed in our school, the next question is… Anika cries and says no need, I understood what you mean to say. She runs out. Shivaye smiles seeing his name on the toppers board. He asks Anika to see, his name is first on toppers list and sports list. He says I wish Sahil’s name is also in the toppers list one day, what happened, you are crying. She says I failed, I failed you and Sahil too. He asks what happened, tell me. She says sorry Shivaye, I have let you down today, Sahil’s future is ruined. He asks what happened. She says he is not handicapped, I m handicapped, I couldn’t get a chance for him which he deserved, principal asked me few questions, I couldn’t answer, I couldn’t speak english, I failed, how will I teach Sahil. He asks what happened inside, tell me. She tells him.

Chairman asks did Shivaye and his wife not come. Mrs. Raichand says Anika didn’t clear the interview and ran away. Shivaye says Anika is not someone who runs off. Mrs. Raichand says Anika couldn’t clear the interview, have a look at the report. Chairman says sorry, your wife…. Shivaye says she doesn’t know English, I know what Mrs. Raichand told, I know parents are judged before giving admission to children, we should also be given a chance to judge the teachers, we should be sure if principal and faculty are capable to teach children well, we should get a chance to interview the faculty. Principal says you have a point, I assure you, our faculty will pass in your interview, go ahead. Shivaye signs Anika.

She asks do you know the meaning of Anupras Alankar. Principal asks what is it. Shivaye asks don’t you know it. She says because its an english medium school. He says but english is taught here, our mother tongue is Hindi, its a compulsory subject in every school, I didn’t know that principal of a famous school didn’t know the meaning of Anupras Alankar. She says hindi is not my language. He says similarly, English is not my wife Anika’s language, tell her what’s Anupras alankar. Anika says certain words used as adornments in an poem, like Raghupathi Raghav Raja Ram… Shivaye says impress, now recite that poem. She recites. Everyone claps for them. He says maybe you all didn’t understand what she said, she has said that in Hindi. He translates for them.

He says the woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, you would understand this, Robert Lee Frost from England, Mr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan had translated this poem in Hindi. He asks Mrs. Raichand is our mother tongue hindi or english, hindi right, why can’t children of hindi speaking parents study in english medium schools, you teachers have to teach them, why are parents interviews, can’t we dream a good future for them, teacher means power and knowledge, you can make the future better, you are creating language barriers for them, I think you should give them admissions on the basis of grades, I will make Sahil’s grades easier for you to see, how many marks did he score in English, 99 %, I will tell you, who is Sahil.

He gets Anika to them and says Sahil is Anika’s brother, Anika doesn’t know English, your principal doesn’t know Hindi, I want to know by what right did she insult my wife, I can take the matter in media and get this school shut down, I will not do this, this school belongs to all the students who study here, this school belongs to me, this is our problem, we have made english a class barrier, if we don’t respect our mother tongue, how can we expect from others, we should be proud to be indians and not feel shame to talk in hindi, Anika and I wanted Sahil to study here, but not anymore, teachers don’t know hindi here.

Chairman stops him and says give me a min, I would like to apologize on behalf of Mrs. Raichand, I would like to thank you for telling us an imp point, I will make sure parents and children are not judged on the basis of language, I request you to get Sahil admitted here, our school will see the potential of kids. Principal asks the hindi term. Anika says it means ability. Shivaye and everyone clap. Anika smiles. They hold hands and come out. She says you taught a good lesson to that woman. Shivaye says you have learnt a lesson too, you are perfect the way you are, you will always be Khidkitod, no matter what language you speak, did you get it. She says I get it, I got it. They smile and leave.

Shivaye coughs. Rudra asks what did you feed him. The lady says just kada. Om says if anything happens to Shivaye… Shivaye says I m fine, but who are you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Woohoo!! IB is truly going very good
    Awareness about these issues.
    Firstly PDA, now value of hindi then coming of negligence of senior citizen and torture they face.
    Cholo gul mam koi kam tho achha karke rahi hai.
    Btw how many of u are reading
    Re loving the kidnapper- dark and ishq sukoon hai Rabat hai.
    And I was just asking HOW to vote for SPA i know voting is not started yet.
    Take care everyone.

    1. Dhwani_Naidu

      Go Ritu go!! Congrats on being first!! Tc

    2. Go Ritu Go !
      Congo on being first !

    3. 0hii Ritu…Congrats dear..GRG..
      For SPA .link is not out yet……This year SPA is really late.i think it will happen after IPL
      .i didn’t get time to read those ffs..but those writters are really good..most of our old pkjians.

    4. Go ritu go ,congo on being 1st ,and yes cvs doing a great job

    5. Banita

      Well i read all ff in TU related to Obro nd Shivika… So yeh i read both d ff…. 1st one is of @Nilash nd in 2nd one there is contribusion of 4 PKJ including…. Both ffs r interesting….
      Nd about SPA , U can get d link from FB , INSTA or Twitter after link is out…. Bt there is one vote for one account…

    6. Luthfa

      Go Ritu Go.Congratulations on being first..?
      Yeah,to address these social problems is a good move.Hope people learn something from watching it.And for SPA,links will be given in Twitter,Insta,Fb.You can vote using Gmail and Fb account.These two were available last year.Let’s see what happens this year.Take care?

    7. Wow Ritu number 1 again. Good going

  2. Banita

    Hlo PKJ….
    HRU all???
    Now a days i m liking d epis of IB….
    D way they use their small vaccation wali relaxing epis ( means without any crap any negativity ) by sending a good message for viwers is appriciable….
    First PDA track….
    Well i don’t have to say much in this topic becz we all agree with d conclusion of d track….
    Second english wali track….
    English language is very important now days…. If one dont know how to talk in english then he / she is illiteral “GABAR” for this society….
    But it’s not that person’s fault…. It is d fault of our society who totally boycutt that person nd humiliate him / her… So actual in sence D PERSON WHO DON’T KNOW ENGLISH IS NOT ILLITERAL , BUT THAT PERSON WHO HUMILIATE HIM / HER JUST BECZ HE/SHE DON’T KNOW ENGLISH IS D ACTUAL ILLITERAL…. Who just know how to judge people… People like that principal…
    Totally agree with Shivaay…. Agree with each nd every point….
    It’s hard to speak in english student like me who studied in hindi medium or any other state medium…. at first i was also afried to comment anywhere becz i m very poor in english… Nd i always thankful to this platfrom becz now i m not much afrid of english…
    Principal – What is Kabiliyat??? Hahahaha…. It’s craked me up badly…
    When Shivaay said ” Mera school”… It remind me of my school…. Now i m badly missing my scl , my scl frnds , my scl teachers , that maasti nd everything… Nd scl life is d bestest part of life….
    Third upcoming old age issue….
    Nd it’s nycc to see chop of d HMC ki bacchi…
    GN PKJ…

    1. Yeah bani,
      Great analysis.. After respect elders and next gonna be blind trust on Mata gi.. I mean fake people making money saying themselves has God..
      Even I felt the same when he said “mera school”. Even me too missing my school friends a lot.. Having contact with some people via social media.. Thanks to Instagram and Facebook..

      1. Banita

        Hlo diii….
        Thank u….
        Ohh is it?? Then it will be more interesting…. Yeh now a days there r many people who do these type of fake maataji nd all wala things….
        Yup dii , Thanks to social media…. Me too contact with my scl frnd via social media only….

    2. Hi Bonita Di .
      I am fine and what about you?
      Yes you are right in reality the person who insults others just because of he/ she is not able to speak in English is illiterate .

      And ya school days were really awesome .
      Me too miss those days .
      Specially friends ,teachers and specially lunch time and two months vacation.
      OK bye !
      Take care.

      1. Banita

        Hey Ishu……
        I m too f9 dr….
        In SCL days lunch time = fun time….
        Nd 2 months vacation…. After my 10th / SCL I never enjoy this 2 months vacation time…. Actually SCL ke baad vacation ka pata hi nahi chakra… I m also missing that vacation time… That mixed emotions of before (doston ko miss krne ki nd chutti ki excitement ki) nd after (doston se milne ki nd SCL naa Jane ki) d vacation…. It was Superbbbb yaar….
        Love you dr…..

    3. Arpita6

      Bani..whatever you said is totally totaaly right..
      Even i am also very poor in English bcoz i am studied in odia medium school.So all subjects are read in odia..expect sanskrit and English. So mat
      Even i am missing my school.ilife…
      Welcome back to PKJ..and love you.

      1. Banita

        Yeah Arpu , me too an Odia medium student…. Nd I m poor in English from SCL only…. So i can understand u….
        Welcome back…???? Main kanhi nahi gayi thi…. I read all of ur comment…. Just didn’t got time to comment here….
        Love you too yaar….

      2. Arpu and banita if you did not mention that you also learnt Hindi and not good in English I would have guessed at all because both of you can write so well on english. Well done girls for improving tremendously.

    4. Heyy ,Bani ,i am good yr ,how are you ,yeah i totally agree with you about that englis matter ,,yes school life is the best part of our life ,and i also miss my school ,actually now i will go to collage after my HS result out ,
      The upcoming part was also going to be a great masseage to the society ,

      1. Banita

        Hlo Tania…..
        Ohh…. Then there will be a choice for u…. I mean may be u like it clg life more… But yeah SCL life is best part of our life….
        Waiting for upcoming only….

    5. Luthfa

      Hi Bani,how are you?Welcome back with lots of love yaar.I agree with you completely.The one who doesn’t know English is not less than who can speak English.After all Hindi and English are two languages to express anything we feel like.English not being the mother tongue creates problems for natives but that doesn’t mean one will look down upon them.Tracks are perfect but running very fast.Let’s see what happens next.Take care?

      1. Banita

        I m gud Lu….
        Exactly yaar…. There is no problem in any language, problem is with those people who create distance between languages….
        Yeah track is running too fast…. Yup let’s see….

  3. Dhwani_Naidu

    Wow!! What a befitting reply!! Shivika gave that arrogant principal the taste of her own medicine.. Shame that she doesn’t know her mother tongue but comes first to insult someone who doesn’t speak English.. There are ppl who died protesting for their mother tongue and there are ppl like this principal.. And ishqbaaz so much hugs and kisses to u.. Every day new message to the society huh?? Arrey wah.. Love you yaar CVS.. Good to see episodes like these..

    1. Arpita6

      Hii Dhawani dear….
      Yehh..That Angrezi Nani ki chop hogayi.??????….
      Shivika gave good lesson. To whole people..

    2. Hi Dhwani Di .
      Yes you are absolutely right ,
      Shivika gave khidkitod reply to that EMT .
      I mean English medium type in her language .

    3. Hi dhawani ,,yes i also loved when shivay gave a lesson to that principal ,,

    4. Banita

      Hey Dhwani…..
      Yeah shame on those ppl…
      Now a days there r more ppl exist like EMT…
      LOL… Nycc name @Ishu…

    5. Luthfa

      Hello Dost,
      People like that principal always seek fake status emphasizing their knowledge in English.To get included into the list of so called modern,English knowing sophisticated people who think English is a must to live.They can never understand the value of mother tongue in one’s life as they are biased regarding only English speaking.Anyway,take care.Love you Dost?

  4. Dishani01

    sorry to come late ???
    i read previous episode now…
    I missed yesterday …
    but want to tell one thing in my pov..

    sahil and rudra hurts annika with their talk.

    but i think annika because the whole day give her pain full incident so she control her hurting and hide her insulted but when rudy talk she cry for everything ..

    rudy is duffer singh oberoi to om ..because he know ru always tease him for his look his shaiari and long hair .. but the reason is he concerned om as his best friend that why om ignore his talk with “shut up rudy”..

    annika also like om to ru because tgey are one team… he not insulted her only considered her as best friend that time..

    but annika in bad mood so she never thought deeply ..

    i feel bad for her.. because omru now annika is their big shield who protect their super man sso…
    they don’t want her study or stats only their babhi..

    and sahil always he tease her lady super star because he is cute brother ..

    brother and friends will tease our weakness not for comedy only for change our mind to ignore that weakness and go with joy in life.???????

    Sorry if i hurt anyone ..
    only i want to tell this because i also tease by my friends and brother all day??

    Ok know this episode give the example for the good life partner sso..
    feeling relive now???

    Hi all dearest dears???
    Have a nice sleep…
    today feel bad but not for episode this is some other issue of movie climaxes .. ????

    Ok bye…

    1. Arpita6

      Hii Dishu..welcome back. .
      Yeh teasing and hurting in comedy type is different. …sometimes teasing became hurtful for someone. …even i also tease my frnd..
      Sometimes Rudy behave like that.

      1. Dishani01

        thanks arpi darling ???
        Yes rudy is sometimes became duffer because of that he speak much with his close one.. shivru is witness for that and feed up with “shut up rudy” dialogue ..??
        but nothing in his heart ???
        He is like baby.. yesterday i look that many darling became sso and say that famous line of shivay “grown up rudra” in comments in different model … because of annika ..??
        I like that caring some time we are also became character ???
        now i also became like om and reply in rudy side??

    2. Hi Dishani .
      Right it is a right of brother to tease her sister and vice versa.

      1. Dishani01

        yeh ishu dear???
        “If they not tease you then they aren’t you best friends”
        i remember this when my friends or my close one tease me..
        sometime something hurting in their teasing but i know if some other outside people insult us then the first word come from our bestie mouth against them… so we should forgive their tease and tease them in our turn like hell??????

    3. Heyy dishani ,,how are you ,,yes yesterday anika’s mood was not good at all and that’s why she feel hurt after listening rudra’s word ,,and rudra is like this ,he has no sense of time ,,konsi time pe kaya bolna cahiye use nahi pata ,really duffer ,,
      And really this epi gave an example of a great life partner like sso ,,he is the best you know ,,

    4. Banita

      Welcome back Dishu….
      Yeah I felt bad for Anika when Rudy teased her , but he didn’t do it with any bad intension…
      Wahh..!!! Kya notice Kia hain tumne… Shivay is a good husband… ??????

    5. Luthfa

      Hello Disha,how are you?Welcome back to PKJ with lots of love?
      Yes,teasing sometimes crosses limits depending on that person’s mood who is being teased.It Rudra’s habit to crack joke forgetting anything.That is Rudra which makes him funny and easy going among all tensions in OM.That’s why when he becomes serious looks rather odd.And Anika was upset because of that principle beforehand later Rudra’s word just added to it.If it could happen in other time,she would not get hurt that much.Take care?

  5. Hello dears.h ow are you all??am here after a long time.hope everyone doing great. What an epic episode with a very beautiful lesson.its true after a mother the very thing that close to one is his mother tongue.a child loves his mother and mother tongue a lot.when a child speaks for the first time the very word he says is”MAA”yes it’s true nowadays English has become more essential not because it’s a international language or a way of trading but to show off your status your brand etc.but think when we fall down the first thing that we utter is our mother language.thanks to CVS and ib for taking this serious matter to lime light.everybodys mother language is so dearer so sweet to him.being an odia I feel proud.but sometimes i also think those who don’t know English is less than us.but soon I realised that I was wrong.they are best on the way they are. And hatts off to all the casts and crew of ib specially the writers and NARBHI ???. shivaay shivaay shivaay why are you so sweet???? where shall I find another shivaay for just awesome????. you made us crazy for you.the way he fought for his lady love oh god he just left me sort of words.a and annika shivaay is don’t need to feel are just perfect for him and for us both complement and complete each other.
    GOOD NIGHT DEARS. SWEET DREAMS Full of Shivika scene.?????

    1. Arpita6

      Hiii Puja…
      Welcome back..
      Kemti acha? ??
      Yes.Shivika always protect each other.the never get their love insulted by someone. .outsider….
      Loved that Sso did a real.chop of that stupid lady..
      Both are perfect for each other.. ..

    2. WOW !
      What a line Puja di .
      After a mother the thing that is close to our heart is our mother tongue.
      And I agree with each and every point of tour’s Di.
      Love you!

    3. Banita

      Hlo Puja….
      Mu thik acchi…. Tume kemiti accha???
      Excellent comment dr… When we got hurt we uttered our mother language only…
      Ooo…. Ab mujhe lagta hai Harneet ko Shivay ki bahat saare copy krna padega….. I wish ki tumhari wish fulfill ho jaye….

    4. Luthfa

      Hello PUJA,how are you?Welcome back to PKJ with lots of love?
      English is an international language to communicate worldwide.It’s not for any personal show off but people love to do so.It’s great to speak in English but that doesn’t mean one will neglect his or her mother tongue.And Shivaay was,is and will be husband goal always.Very nice comment.Take care.Lots of love?

  6. Hlw to all pkjians
    @sindhu di … was nt me in yhm page. May be someone. I was busy with my xm. Tnx for ur compliment di?

    There is absoulutely no denying the aspirational n commercial value that english commands,bt our impeccable English coming at the cost of being able to proudly read,write n speak our own mother tongue???? Language is surely a tool we use to communicate,a means towards an end,if u will. Our languages keep our cultural heritage alive. It helps in congnitive as well as intellectual development. Then why ppl feel ashamed to say in her mother tongue???? It is absoulutely nt make any sense.yeah we should learn English too. The importance of learning English can not be overstated in an increasingly interconnected and globalized world.we should learn English. Bt this language is nt for showing off!!! That’s what ib wanna show. It totally loved this track. Um feeling so happy that sso stands for anika.tdy i loved shivaay’s each line.whatever he said it was 100% true. Nd the way he taught a tight lesson to that lady…….just osm.nd anika u r as always khidkitod. Shivaay is right. Anika was khidkitod,is khidkitod n will be khidkitod for ever. Now at last this lady got to know who is our pride,our inspiaration our #ANIKA…………..

    Precap:ohhh… ib is gonna show the value of a mom. Okkkk….bring it on. Waiting for this new track.

    Gd night everyone n have a sweet dream.
    May god bless u all??

    1. Hi Shanaya .
      I agree that we should not be ashamed to talk or communicate in our mother tongue .
      May God bless you too.

      1. Sorry by mistake I used wrong emoji.

    2. Banita

      Hey Shanaya….
      Yeah English is not for showing off… Becz of this language we can communicate with other countries
      or state’s ppl… This language is powerful that’s doesn’t mean our own mother language is powerless….
      Nycc comment dr…

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Shanaya,
      I agree with you completely.In the name of globalization we shouldn’t forget our mother tongue.Mother tongue is always special and comes first in our life.We should respect our mother tongue and other languages as well.And Anika is always khidkitode.Very nice analysis.Lots of love?

    4. Nice analysis shanaya

  7. Zaveesha

    Amazing episode…
    Enjoyed it.. CVs are showing social issues nowadays…and in good manner too..
    That principal insult Anika badly but later Shivaay teach her and everyone a lesson…
    Language is medium to talk not a class…
    I hope that other people also understand this…

    @luthfa @arpu @ishita @shanaya
    Thanks for replying..
    I’m doing good…

    Take care everyone…

    1. I agree Zaveesha that language is a medium to talk not a medium to show our class .
      Take care u too.

    2. Banita

      Hey Tanz….
      Where r u dr?? Missing u in hangy….
      Agree with u….

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Zaveesha,
      Yes,Shivaay did teach that principal a great lesson.And languages are for communicative purposes not to boast of one’s learning.Social issues are great to watch at such length.Anyway,you are most welcome dear.Lots of love?

  8. My lovely IB.. Daily they are just giving khidki thod & darwasa thod episode.. Soooo happy to be a IB fan.. They are just giving one topic I for 2 episode with social messages.
    1) PDA
    2)English vs Hindi
    3) Respect elders
    4) Blind trust on Mata ji..
    Good Cv’s giving us social messages in a short and crispy way..Kudos to them.. ???
    Today both NM & SC rocked the show.. Such a serious topic guys.. It’s so true guys.. I have seen many live examples.. It’s so irritating and standing in large que systems for getting admission in a good reputation school..
    The English Nani, how can she bully someone like this is she really educated what happened to her so called manners??? She just said other ladies to take video and share it on social video.. Thank God you didn’t do other wise SSO would have made your life equal to hell.. ???
    My gorgeous surbhi/anika how could someone look even while crying.. ??
    She was so hurt.. Don’t tell that you are an inspiration.. You are one in millennium..
    Don’t lose hope.. You have good survival skills.. Don’t lose hope.. They way Anika showcased her hindi knowledge wowow.. Kudos dear.. I just wish might be in coming episodes they can show anika learning basic English so that she won’t feel low anywhere..
    They way shivaay addresses the topic to the chairman was so good.. Even he threatened that he can close the school.. But he didn’t do it.. For the sake of the students..
    Shivaay-This same men once wanted to break her & her confidence but now boosting her confidence like no one else can do..
    This same men, Initially ridiculed her nature but now encouraging her to be proud of her personality.. ??✋??
    Last 2 mind the both praising themselves and that cute laugh was so adorable..
    Forgot to mention.. That cute little SSO also was good.. Topper singh oberoi/sportsman singh oberoi..

    1. Kadhambari Di would you please tell me what is blind trust on mataji actually I don’t get it .

      1. Hi ishitha,
        I mean ppl saying themselves has God to make money & many believe also blindly trust them..

    2. Banita

      Yeah dii both Narvi doing a great job….
      Topper Singh Oberoi… Sportsman Singh Oberoi…????

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Kadhambari di,
      Nowadays IB is offering episodes of nice qualities and I am enjoying totally.Anika is a winner and she always wins.Like Shivaay said Anika never gives up and runs away.I loved the way Shivaay managed everything that with absolute perfection.Shivika are couple goals.I am so proud of them.Take care di?

      1. Yup.. Me too loving IB a lot.. U too take care dear…

      2. Really good episodes from IB. shivika broadcasting beautiful and right social messages.
        one on social media, the other about the school. Shivay was perfectly right, and the episode came in just at the right time, wherein admission process are on.
        Really beautiful, IB is so different from all other shows and really stands for the tracks they show, Mainly it does not drag for months and years, but the tracks keep changing.
        every show on tv on every channel just drags with only one agenda, there is no growth, they simply go round and round the mulberry bush.
        But IB is fantastic, their different tracks and showing growth in the relationship of shivika. enjoyed and learnt so much seeing love grow, the power and strength in love. Very beautiful.
        Shivika rocks IB along with the oberoi family.
        very beautiful family bonds. good show. hope to see more growth and the fruit of love in shivika.

  9. Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals. …
    Sry guys..i wrote a very big comment but my account was log out so comment also became Mr i can’t type once again all that…
    So EPISODE WAS GOOD..loving ishqbaaz

    Cvs thnx for giving these episodeswith great message. .And i am thanking you for writting a character like Sso. But it doesn’t mean that showing someone progression you will butuchered another character
    ANNIKA IS A BORN FIGHTER ..Cvs you should remember it..she never considered this English ussue as a hurrdle pf her life…He gave back to Sso in her own style… but now she is breaking and crying..WHY CVS WHY??????i have no hate towards Sso.i am really living this Sso..but still Cvs ate not giving justice to Annika character. .??????.

    But i am scared about REVAMP….
    Don’t know what will happen in ishqbaaz.bcoz all old shows are taking leap…

    See you later.byy
    And My comment GO AND DIE..

    1. Banita

      Arpu…. I can’t told u how much dad I m for u…(U know na what type of sad ??????????)…
      Nd pata nahi yaar kya hoga…. IB ka leap toh ho chuka na…
      Nd my PIC urf Bandaria told that she is an evergreen PKJian like me not a old (buddhi) like u..???
      It comment is already died…??????????????????????????????????????????????

    2. Heyy ,arpu really sad yr ,actually i can understand how it feels ,,when write a long comment it don’t post on the page ,it’s really hard to except yrr ,,it happend with me many times ,

  10. Hi everyone.
    How was your day today?
    Episode was good to see .
    Well done !
    Today you taught a good lesson to that Angrezi Nani.

    She got perfect punishment for her doings.
    I loved the way Shivaye taught her lessons.

    And I don’t think that it is necessary that if parents want their children to study in English medium school then they must be studied from English medium school.
    Ya, I agree that if parents are educated then it will be helpful for children ,but it is not like that, if they are uneducated their children have no right to study in good school.
    But the problem ,is most of the people in our society’s thinking is like that .
    And this thinking must be change.
    And CVS did a great job in spreading that message.
    Hats off to you!

    OK bye !
    Good night !
    Sweet dreams!
    Love you all!

    1. Banita

      Hey Ishu..
      My day was good… How was urs???.
      Agree with u dr…. People must change their mind…

    2. Heyy ishu, nice comment yr,,i totally agree with you ,,what if the parents are not much educated but they have the rights to give high education to their children ,actually many parents wants to fulfill their’s dream of education by their children ,,like my mom she don’t get the chance to get higher study but she want me to do so ,,and i will fulfill my mom’s dream

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Ishita,
      I agree with you totally.People need to change their mindset for better progresses in life.Such setbacks are not good for anyone.Anyway,take care.Lots of love?

  11. Luthfa

    It’s very easy to judge someone or something in terms of one’s own viewpoint,beliefs and rules.But it’s not necessary what one thinks to be true,accurate will get the same response from the others as well.Languages are there to express the feelings of heart,emotion and most importantly to connect and communicate with others.Humans invented language so that they could mingle and share their thoughts and ideas with one another.It’s a pathway to bring people together.So when it’s communication which is the thing to value then why so much hue and cry in which language it will be expressed?To emphasize one language degrading other is not a solution to prove any point.Language gives humans freedom to speak what they feels in words.It never prisons anyone in any specific rules to speak up.It is us humans who demean and degrade other not knowing any particular language when languages,every language invites everyone with open arms to take its help and tell whatever one wants to tell.We have to leave this mentality to judge people on the grounds of language,attire,skin colour,status,position,monetary issue and all.We need to observe the inner beauty of everything and everyone.If we can accept the way everyone is,life will be more sweet,amazingly awesome that no one can imagine.But unfortunately people like Mrs.Raichand are roaming around in the society to inflict pain to others.Hope that people like Shivaay Singh Oberoi will not back out to show them their real place,if necessary………………………………….

    1. Correct Luthfa di .
      If we accept the way everyone is life will be amazing .
      But what to do we are not aware of it .
      Or I should say we are ignoring this fact .
      Hum Haan Kar bhi anjaan ban jate hai.

      1. Sorry it was jaan not Haan.

      2. Luthfa

        Yes dear.If that happens then life will be more beautiful to live.Let’s hope for the best.God bless you?

    2. Banita

      Hey Lu…
      Very good comment dr…..
      Totally agree with you… Language give us freedom to speak… We can speak our heartout in our own language…
      We must stop judging ppl on those basic….

      1. Luthfa

        Yes absolutely.Languages should be the mediums of expressing one’s own thoughts not the otherwise.Thank you soooo…much for your love.God bless you?

    3. Really nice analysis luthfa ,,your each and every point was correct ,,keep it up ,,

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you soooo…much for your love Tania.God bless you?

    4. Yes luftha. Superbly summaried. You know it is true language actually is the expression of our feelings and emotions. You are right. I always feel that sometimes when we joke about something funny in our Mother toingue those who understand that Mother tongue will laugh but if we tried to translate that joke to other speakers who don’t speak that language then the essence of that joke is lost. Mother tongue is important and everyone should value it. Mother tongue is the epitome of identifying our culture and traditions. Everyone is identified by their language and tongue and not whether he or she speaks hi fi English because no culture is attached to English. English is just a universal lang for business and other transactions purposes. It is just the survival skills.

      I don’ tknow Whether you agree to me luftha. If you don’t my apologies

      1. Luthfa

        Sindhu di,
        For me every language is special be it English or any other language.But to me my mother tongue is more special as I brought up hearing that altogether.Likewise everyone tends to feel like that about their respective mother tongue.And di,plz don’t say sorry and no need to apologise.I understood your point.Thank you soooo…much for the love.Love you?

  12. Hi guys ,,how are you all ,,firstly sorry for not replying anyone ,actually my health was not good at all but today i fell better ,so sorry
    Ok so about today’s epi ,,wowww cvs really great job ,what an idea ,thanks for represents this type of story for the society,,full epi was great and intresting ,,and shivay just fabulaus,,kaya o my mata kiya us angrazi nani ki ,,the way shivay took stand for her ,,it awesome to watch ,,and those pepole inside the cabin with that principal is just reddiculous ,,,disgusting ,,and anika really tum jaise ho you are parfect and khidkitodh ,,so don’t take that chantumai seriously ,,
    The most important thing is that we really should respect our mother toung ,,i am an bangali ,and i loved and enjoyed to talk in bengali ,,our own language has has an power by that we can express our evrey feeling very well ,,so english janna joruri hai but majburi nahi ,,once again thanks cvs ,,really a nice epi ,,
    Love you shivika ,,be like this always ,,support each other each an evrey situation ☺☺☺

    1. Hello Dear Tania .
      Don’t say sorry .
      And tell me are you OK now .

      Yes you are right we can express our inner feelings in our mother tongue only .
      And We should respect our mother tongue .
      Take a good care of your health dear .
      And get well soon.

      1. Hi ,,ishu yes i am feeling better now ,,don’t worry ,and thank you

    2. Banita

      Hey Tania…
      HRU now dr???
      Yeah English Janna majburi nahi hain…

      1. Hi bani
        Now i am fine dr ,

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Tania,
      Agree with your every point.Mother tongue is always special as it is connected to our hearts directly.And I loved Shivaay and the words he spoke yesterday.Anyway,take care?

  13. Clivisha

    I liked today’s episode as it was a serious and a good topic too. This whole week is all about making us aware about pda then Hindi medium and now no care for senior citizens too good ishqbaaz

    1. Luthfa

      Yes,cvs are doing great job introducing such important tracks?

  14. Name the actress in n principal roll

    1. Luthfa

      Don’t know dear.

  15. The cutest one of today’s episode is did you get it.. I I I get it.. I got it.. ?????????????????????????

    1. Luthfa

      What is it di?

      1. The cute conversation of our shivika..

  16. Riana

    Dhinchak episode…????
    Just loved it !…
    ShiVika are really amazing couple ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Angrezi naani- What is kabiliyaat !..?
    Anika- Ability ?
    Shivaay & everyone- ????
    Anika- ☺️
    Lovedddddddddddddddddd this scene ! ?
    Nothing to say more, waiting for another khidkitod episode ummaahh ?

    1. Hello Raina .
      How r u dear?
      Hmm Shivika are amazing couple !
      They know how to respect each other and each other’s feeling .

      Love you!❤❤❤❤❤

      1. Riana

        @Ishita… Yah right, loveu2 ?

      2. Riana

        @Ishita.. I am good ??

    2. Luthfa

      Yeah,agree.Me too is waiting????

  17. Arpita6

    Don’t know if my comment will come or not….???????

  18. Wow! Wow!Wow!!!! what an episode!!!! I just loved Shivaay. Shivaay is becoming more like a modal husband that everyone wants in their lives. How he supported Anika infront of that dumb principal who can’t even speak proper Hindi.

    I liked the way cvs brought across the message that we should be proud of our mother tongue and not shun it just because most of us are now getting educated in English. Though I speak English to my friends but I make sure I speak my own mother tongue which is Telugu at home as I value that very much. If he I see fellow Telugu speakers I speak to them in Telugu despite both of us knowing English. If everyone only speaks English all the time, then our mother tongue will be lost over the years and the new generation will not even make any attempts to speak that language.

    Many here in Singapore do not speak their mother tongue, they only speak English all the time and it quite sad. They only speak their mother tongue to their dadi and dadu.

    I really liked it when Shivaay asked Anika to explain the meaning. I thought Raichand should be very versatile and knows everything. I wish that principal is kicked out of that school. She is not fit to run a school when she has class discrimination. I hate such kind of schools. This is what is happening in society and am glad through this serial IB the message is sent across and next time even schools are aware that there should be no prejudice. It should be based on children’s merit and not whether parents can know answers to singular and plural tenses.

    1. Banita

      Diii R U an Indian..????
      I thought U r from out of India….
      Me also thought that principal say sry to Anika… But I don’t think she realise anything….
      Nd Thank you sooo much diii for ur words on my comment….
      TC dii….

  19. What I like is Shivaay accepts Anika whatever she is. He is never embarrassed that she can’t speak English because h fell in love with her amazing and intriguing vocabulary words. The chairman should sack the principal. instead of pardoning her. How many parents she would have insulted like this when they wanted their children to study there?

    I hope once Sahil studies there she will not insult him being handicapped and criticize him. She is capable of it. She did not apologize to Anika for what she had done. Only the chairman apologized on behalf of her. That is not right. She totally does not know Hindi at all.

    I liked the last part where Shivaay says she is always is Khidkithod Anika. She does not worry.

    1. Yeah so true… I too hate such schools.. Even, I went for school admission play school (2 year now he is 3) you know they asked me does he understand & speak English I just said you have to teach him.. He just understand his mother tounge..

      1. Good for you kadhambari. You should have said more. Sor people in society never changr

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Sindhu di,
      Me too expected that principal would say sorry but it didn’t happen.But I am so happy for Shivaay that he stood for Anika and gave the so called principal reality check.Waiting for the next track.Take care?

  20. Arpita6

    Yes Sindhu are right.
    Sso never embarrassed bcoz of Annika’s English isue. From that point Sso is actually best..And I love it…

  21. Arpita6

    My dear pagals.My abother phone’s sim card is gone mad…???. I mean it is not working.I have to bring a new Sim card with same it will take time…
    And from this UN i can’t reply bcoz this ohone is slow..type.I mean sometimes it hang.
    So guys. For some days. I will be not able to reply…apologies for that.
    But you guys..have fun.. love ishqbaaz.

  22. Luthfa

    Hi Arpita,
    Cvs are not butchering Anika’s character rather they are glorifying Shivaay and his actions like Archiya di says to some extent.And Anika fought very well but couldn’t manage till the end.It was Shivaay who took the floor and Anika supported him fully.That principal didn’t give her any chance to speak but Shivaay did and she went absolutely perfect and completed the task she was asked to perform.Anyway,let’s see what happens next.
    P.S.Hope now you can understand the pain me and Bani go through when comments become vanished without any notice?????????????

    1. Banita

      Yeah Lu…. Ab usse pata chalega kesa lagta hain….
      Miss Arpu, dr How r u feeling now???????

  23. Wonderful episode not knowing one language is not to judge any one ability

  24. Once it’s proved this serial unquie from all shows and this time giving wonderful message also I love the track

  25. Hi pkjs
    The episode was superb ishq baaz is full of social messages no one should judge other by their linguistics
    Guys can you what should I’ve to do as I can’t watch ib from June as my clg will start and I cannot watch the repeat also as I go morning
    7 and return by 4 so guys help me

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Manu,welcome to PKJ family.
      You can watch it in hotstar if you want.Take care?

  26. Really good episodes from IB. shivika broadcasting beautiful and right social messages.
    one on social media, the other about the school. Shivay was perfectly right, and the episode came in just at the right time, wherein admission process are on.
    Really beautiful, IB is so different from all other shows and really stands for the tracks they show, Mainly it does not drag for months and years, but the tracks keep changing.
    every show on tv on every channel just drags with only one agenda, there is no growth, they simply go round and round the mulberry bush.
    But IB is fantastic, their different tracks and showing growth in the relationship of shivika. enjoyed and learnt so much seeing love grow, the power and strength in love. Very beautiful.
    Shivika rocks IB along with the oberoi family.
    very beautiful family bonds. good show. hope to see more growth and the fruit of love in shivika.

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Christie,how are you?
      Yeah,IB is unique in every way possible.That’s why we love it so much along with Shivika.They are just perfect for each other.Hope it has long way to go?

  27. Luthfa

    Sindhu di,
    For me every language is special be it English or any other.But my mother tongue is more special to me as I have brought up hearing this language.Likewise everyone tends to feel like that about their mother tongue.I respect the feelings one nurtures for their respective mother tongue.And di,plz don’t say sorry.I understood your point.Thank you soooo…much for your love.Love you?

  28. Riana

    Guyzzz Ib got 30.5 score in online trp !!!..
    Yayaayayyay ??????

  29. Nikita_jai29

    This was the one of the best episode for me….

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