Dil se dil ka rishta (C 2) Pt 1

Nivya’s wish….

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Let’s begin…

*3rd person pov

1983 is the year when Sridevi entred the bollywood with 2 blockbuster movie Sadma and himmatwala.. It is the year with amazing bollwood movies…

So today i am going to say the story of the person who also came into this world in 1983….*


2 men’s were roaming here and there being tensed

A person was been focused he is revealed to be Dr. Shekar..

*after being a doctor still he didn’t wanted to do his wife’s delivery*

And the other men also waiting out for his wife’s delivery

Soon they listen the kid’s crying

They smile

Nurse comes:who is from janki patient!

Nurse:you are blessed with baby boy

Shekar smiles..

An old man who was sitting nearby:it’s good that the baby is boy.. If baby was girl she is always a problem while she is growing to her marriage.. It is like fire lit on your chest!

At the time nurse comes out taking baby with her

Nurse to shekar:sorry it was a mistake.. You are blessed with baby girl..

Shekar takes the baby in his hands and glares the old man

Old man leaves from there silently

While shekar thanks the god for the safety of his kid and wife

The kid grows as very mischievous and a tomboy

Soon a wall is shown filled with Salman khan Amithabh bhachchan’s photo’s.. Finally there was a photo of beautiful girl

*this is her story…. Ragini Mathews..
Girly voice:chup be.. This is my story so i will narrate it
Other person:ok..
Girl voice :this story is of not now you should go back…. Hey..don’t move to 1960…but 1999*A

Scene starts with shekar..

*this is my father Dr. Shekar Mathews a well known doctor .. Recording the song sang by him and listening it later is his hobby and being a doctor he has a wish to create a new medicine on his own but never succeded?*

Then a lady is shown cutting the veggies

*this is my mother Janki Mathews.. Down to earth lady.. A college professor and creating the new dish and tasting it is her hobby*

Then a girl is shown

*that’s me Ragini Mathews*

She is revealed to be Ragini..

Ragini was playing with a covering ball..

Janki:Ragini.. Don’t act like a boy

Then Ragini was watching tv by widing her legs

Janki sees her:Ragini.. Behave like a girl

Ragini brings her legs closer

After janki left.. She wides it more and laughs

Ragini gets ready for her school.. In school uniform

Comes down by sliding in the railing of stairs…

Ragini shouts:mom foods

Janki comes with tiffin:u have grown up cant you come to kitchen and take it..

Ragini takes the tiffin:kitchen is for you ladies

Janki glares her..

Later Ragini and shekar were in Ragini’s school principal chamber

Principal:should i search a house nearby?


Principal:no i am ashtonished.. That only for listening Ragini’s complaints.. U came from far

Shekar looks at Ragini

Later in church

Father:i have never saw such girl.. Always she has to do some mischiefs and creating trouble for people here.. Do one thing don’t bring her here”

Shekar and janki looks at ragini.. While she pouts..

*after complain session i went to watch salman khan’s newly released Hello brother movie when every girls were busy in watching Salman and singing teri chunariya dil legayi.. Even i was also busy.. Ahaan not in Salman khan but his bike in the song*

*Soon i got the same model bike ofcourse because of dad*

ragini was driving the bike slowly.. A man was watching her weirdly

Ragini:what? Didn’t you see any girl driving bike.. See how he is watching..

She was not seeing front but back towards the man.. And within seconds she falls…

Man:do the work which you can beta…
He goes

Ragini’s head gets small wound on her head

*this small wound was in shiny didi’s Marriage photo*

Ragini was posing for photo and plaster was applied on her forehead wound

Ragini to kids:let’s go there and pose

Later she goes to her cousin shiny.. Shiny who was getting ready smiles at Ragini

Ladies:shiny would be really happy.. Afterall we are giving 10 lacks dowry and gold jewellery.. And after marriage shiny is going to America

*i really felt weird.. So i decided to see the item which is taking this big dowry*

Ragini slowly peeped from upsairs..
She looks around..
Guy waves his hand to her:hai..
Ragini was shocked.. Seeing groom he was half bald and was looking elder too

*after the shock i got seeing the groom of shiny didi.. I moved out… And i understood one thing.. There no much freedom to girl’s to select their life partner..
Till now you would think i am a good girl.. And i am not having bad habbits?.. No wrong there’s one*

Ragini moves one of the house

*this house is of grace aunty.. She is a wine maker.. She loves me like her kid.. She makes different flavoured wines and i am her official wine taster*

Grace smiles at her and after tasting wine Ragini tells her about shiny’s groom

Grace:yes.. It’s true that girls doesn’t have freedom.. If you don’t find someone for you then with difficulty you should love family’s choice guy

*i took her words seriously and decided to search a guy for me myself.. I roamed all school.. All boring and big mouth boy’s were only present.. But still there was one ‘D’ section’s.. Yardley… Basket ball champion.. A good singer.. All girl’s stays around him.. So i guess i got the one… Soon we had to go for school picnic on amusement park.. And i no need to tell you how the school picnic’s would be.. I was dancing along with all other friends in bus.. And i got tired and sat.. Soon Yardley told me something which was unexpected *

Ragini was sitting in the window seat…
Yardley comes and sits next to her

Ragini smiles at him

Yardley:i wanted to talk to you Ragini

Ragini:yes tell me

Yardley:as you know.. My dad is a doctor and you dad too


Yardley:in some years i would also be a doctor after studies

Ragini smiles :ya

Yardley :i like you

Ragini was shocked….

Yardley:u can tell me your reply tomorrow.. No need of urgency

Ragini smiles.. He goes

Ragini calculates in mind:he is also doctor.. I am also doctor..his family background is rich.. My family background is also rich.. He would get 90,000 salary and me 70,000…then Ok

She smiles widely… And sleeps in the bus…

*i had decided next day i would tell him that i too like him.. So i was waiting for the moment in amusement park*

Ragini and her friends were playing in the water pool

Yardley comes to the pool through slide..

Ragini looks at his little 6 packs.. And makes an expression of impressed

He goes from there

A girl was about go out of the pool.. When few boys were disturbing her

She goes but a guy hits her back…

Ragini gets angry and she goes to him:how dare you?

Guy held her wrist and was pulling her on to him

Ragini was struggling

Someone comes down the slide and falls on pool… He stands straight and pulls his hair and moves to them and pulls Ragini behind him

Guy angrily:now keep your hand.. Come on now place your hand

They gets scared…

He is revealed to be hamara sansku sansii urf Sanskar ??

Sanskar slaps the guy….

They runs from there being feared of him

While Ragini was lost in Sanskar…

Sanskar goes from there

All her friends comes to Ragini

Ragini was looking at the way Sanskar went

At the time Yardley comes

Yardley :Ragini..

Ragini looks at him

Yardley smiles:so what you thought?

Ragini suddenly smiles widely:if someone is in love they would feel like the snow is falling on them right?

Yardley smiles and nods

Ragini:i dont have such kind of feelings towards you…

His smile vanished


She goes..

*i was lost in that hero’s thought… Where will i meet him? How will i find him? These were the questions running in my mind.. I was sitting in the bus stand lost in hero’s thought*

Ragini was sitting in the bus…

In bus stand 2 more girl’s were also standing…

Where a group of  guy’s were standing in one of the corner.. One of a guy was signing a girl who was standing in the bus standing

She was glaring him angrily

Soon Ragini sees front.. She wides her eyes with a wide smile.. She sees Her hero coming the bike..

And boys runs… Seeing him the guy who was flirting through signing… Tries to start the bike.. All other have went away with their bike
He leaves the bike and runs away seeing him…

Sanskar stops his bike.. He looks at the girl

She smiles at him…

He goes!!

*i was soo lost in him that.. I couldn’t attend the school.. Same day one more thing happened.. My dad gifted me the latest brand new phone Nokia 3310… But it was more useful to someone else*

Ragini was sitting when she got the call
She picks

Ragini irritated:ha will give…

She gives to the girl who is sitting next to her

Girl takes the phone being excited and was busy in talks…

*this girl is my friend diksha*

And one more girl was seen who was eating chips

*this is my another friend samiya.. If diksha can flirt with 3 boys at once.. Samiya can eat 3 box of ice creams at once*

Samiya finishing her chips sees Ragini:why are you sitting like this? Seeing you like this i am hungry again

Something lits Ragini she smack her fingers:tommy…Thomas fernandes

While sami and diksha looks at her..

To be continued…

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  1. Jasminerahul

    wow ragsan ff on om shanthi oshana.it’s so interesting. principal shekar scene was so hilarious.I Iiked how you set the story in a different era with Bollywood flavour.ragini falling for sanskar was interesting.waiting for ragsan scenes

  2. Jasminerahul

    but may i know why to names it dil se dil ka rishta c2 instead of a new title?

    1. A12345

      This is the book for my reader’s…
      Reader’s requested storyline… Its the second story in this book!

      1. Jasminerahul

        thanks for the reply

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