KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 32

Episode 32 ..
The Episode starts with sidhant and Neil laying on bed beside each other talking
So when you are getting married ??? Sid asked while Neil looked on ..

I don’t know mom will take the mahurat as soon as possible Neil said while sidhant smirked ..
Your life is gonna destroyed bro sidhant said ..

Huh I wish your life also gets destroyed soon he ended smirking …
Saale Sid said and they laughed again
Soon neil got a call from avni and picks up the call …

Haan Jaan what …hmm ? You wanna meet me so early ? Is anything important he asked ..
Yes come we will have breakfast together Avni replied ..

Okay I’ll be there soon bye he ended the call …
Chalo I am toh going to have breakfast with my to be wifey he said while sidhant winked at him ..

Enjoy Haan he teased Neil and left for his room in his midway he saw Sakshi and moved towards her ..

Thinking something deeply uhmm don’t think so much mom you else you will grow older sidhant said while Sakshi smiled ..

I have to grew older one day she replied patting the place beside her asking sidhant to sit …
You also get married na she said while Sid looked on at him..

Planning to make my life hell too no no I am going to enjoy my bachelor’s mom sid said while Sakshi looked on ..
Hell are you serious ? Sidhant wedding is such a sacred and beautiful relation she ended trying to convince him ..

Yes hell I have seen your married life and I never wish to get married he said without realising then looked at Sakshi who had tears in her eyes..I am so sorry mom I never meant that he ended ..

It’s okay baby I’ll not force you she said getting up while sidhant makes her sit again and put his head on her lap ..

Sorry to hurt you mom okay I’ll marry whenever wherever you wish me with anyone you want he said promising her while they smiled …
Next scene ::
Neil reached the restaurant where he and Avni used to meet often and was waiting for her he had decorated everything to make their breakfast more Amazinggg and special for both of them …

Soon she reached them and backhugged him while he turned feeling her touch …
Hey good morning he said pecking her forehead while she smiled..

Good morning she replied and he pulled the chair for her and they sat …soon their breakfast was served too ..
You called me wanted to talk about something ??? Neil asked ..

Yeah I was thinking about our wedding she said while he looked on ..
Haan even I am nervous about it he said while they laughed ..

Your mumma called and arranged a get together so that our parents could meet Avni said ..
Oh mom is really very excited about my wedding so sorry if you want time I’ll tell mom Neil said ..

No it’s nothing like that I wanted to clear few things before our wedding Avni said nervously biting her nails …
What is it ??? Neil asked

Wo I actually wanted to tell you that I am she started to say but was interuppted by their fans who came to their table …

Oh my god Neil and Avni is here AVNEIL is here it was my dream to meet you but can we have a selfie with you both their girl fan asked avneil looks at each other and nodded in yes ..

Soon they gets busy in clicking selfies after sometime the girls left and Avni got a message ..
Ahaan I need to leave now she said while Neil looked on …

That’s not fair Yaar you haven’t spend sometime with me Neil chided like a baby while Avni laughs …

We are meeting in night so don’t worry baby Avni said pecking his cheek while he smiled and forward his another cheek she moved her lips and raised her palm slightly patting on his cheek ..

You are becoming too chessy Mr khanna she said while he laughed ..
Meet me soon he said Hugging her while she nodded in yes …they both bid bye to each other ..
Soon they left from there and went back to their respective homes …
Jasmine was somewhere chilling out when she got a call from their director who asked her to join them for a small celebration for their success …

Soon she was ready and reached the farm house while avneil too came together and sidhant alone …
They all were together and cut the cake
Sid jasmine Avni Neil Varun shanaya Ali everyone of the cast together cut the cake and clapped ..

Soon they were chaos created with them happily applying cake to each other having fun all looking like jokers sidhant was going to washroom when he bumped with Avni who was coming from opposite side..

Can’t you see and run Avni asked sternly
No I can’t he replied smirking at her ..
You are useless she ended Angrily
And you are hopeless sidhant said smiling at her ..

Huh leave my way Avni said trying to walk while sidhant stopped her..
I heard that you are going to get married ?? He asked ..

Why ? Haven’t you read today’s news paper ?? She aksed ..
I read that’s why asked na poor Neil his life is gonna become hell even hell will be peaceful than staying with you sidhant replied her ..

Haha very funny Mr sidhant Gupta start off one comedy show too it will be successful too Avni said smiling at him..

Arey A very good idea waise whatever I do I gets successful in it thanks for your suggestions he winked at Avni and left ..
Sometimes I wish to kill him avni ended angrily

Whom you are planning to murder jaan Neil asked ???
This the great sidhant Gupta Avni replied turning towards Neil ..

Haha what he did now ?? Neil asked while Avni narrated him he started laughing badly ..
You are also laughing huh I hate you she said going from there while Neil pulled her and murmured Sorry …

They stand and looked at Sidmin who was still fighting again ..
These two oh my god how much they will fight Neil said while Avni doesn’t respond he sees her glaring them ..

Avni what happen why you are staring them like this ? He asked
Wo jasm..ine I really feels fishy about her sometimes Avni said ..

I can’t understand you both have done a great job as twinkle and Aditi but in reality you both don’t even talks to each other once Neil said ..

Haan I never got time as you never left me alone Avni said while he smiled soon they continued their taking session ..Avni was called by someone sidhant joins Neil …

What’s this dayan was telling you ??? He asked while Neil looked at him ..
Your Bhabhi doesn’t like her devrani Neil teased sidhant but he didn’t understood ..

Who doesn’t like whom ??? Sid asked him while Neil smiled naughtily .. suddenly it clicks into Sid mind ..

Wth ? Me and jasmine “NEVER EVER IN THIS BIRTH” Sid declared while Neil smirked widened …
Haan hAn we will see that no let’s enjoy he said and took him ..

Soon they all were having fun avneil left as their families are gonna meet at dinner sidhant too left as Sakshi called him to stay with them and jasmine went to pick up Rohan and shanaya from airport ..

Soon she reached there and sees Rohan and shanaya coming with one more girl she ran towards them tightly hugging them ..
We missed you so much maamu Mami jas said while shanaya pecked her forehead ..

We missed you too like anything she said hugging her ..
And I missed you three adeeba said and they all smiled …
Adeeba taneja

I missed you too adee the both sisters shared a quick hug ..
Where is other devils I missed you all like anything adeeba asked while jas looked ….

Bhai had to go urgently for an meeting Kiara and tani was at home planning to welcome you all jas said ..
Ohh Rohan replied and sees jasmine searching for someone ..

He didn’t came he will come by another flight Rohan said while jasmine smiled ..
Okay she said and they left from there ..
The whole house was decorated beautifully Sakshi and Shweta was hell excited to meet Avni family as they like Avni alott since the day Neil told them about him being in relationship with her ..

Neil and sidhant was asusual chilling out and having fun in sidhant room ..
This new feeling is empowering me what I’ll do now do I’ll be able to be a good husband na ??? Neil said while sidhant smiled ..

Yes you will be bro don’t worry Sid said and one servant comes there and knocks
Come in sidhant said and the servant entered ..

Avni ma’am and her family is here so shweta ma’am is calling Neil Baba downstairs he said ..
Okay you go Sid said while he left ..

Chalo Neil babu your in-laws is also here sidhant winked at him while they smiled ..
Soon they went downstairs while the elders were taking Avni parents along with Neil …

Avni sees Neil and got up from there she moved towards him when saw sidhant coming behind Neil …
Sidhant here ? Avni murmured slightly ..

Neil smiled at Avni and comes downstairs while Shweta got up ..
Chalo Neil is also here Avni you know both neil and sidhant well I’ll Introduce him to your parents Shweta ended …

He is Neil my son as you all know and he is sidhant my nephew (sakshi son) she said while Avni looked on shocked ..
Nephew she whispered …

I think Avni and Neil should talk for sometime Raj said ..
Go Neil show Avni our house she came here first time we have met her only on the sets Shweta told that to Avni parents ..
Come Avni Neil said taking her from there while they both went upstairs ..
Sidhant go and see once na why that Jeweller didn’t brought our ancestral necklace still Shweta whispered slowly
But maasi why me anyone can go na ? Sidhant asked while she nodded in no ..

Plzz you go na I can’t take risk with it she ended ..
Okay waise bhi I am getting bored I’ll go Sid said and left from there ..

Soon he reached the Jewellery shop while jasmine too comes there with Kiara and adeeba they all decided to take some good Jewellery and also to roam Mumbai together …
Kiara taneja

Adeeba and Kiara was seeing off the jewelry while jasmine got a call and she went in side …soon she came back and was trying few earrings while sidhant looks at her and smiled ..

Pretty he complemented her while she was shocked hearing his voice ..
Why you are so obsessed with me that you follows me everywhere jasmine said ..

Haha because I love you so much baby sidhant replied smiling at her ..
I’ll kill you some day she said ..
I am ever ready he replied

Arghh jasmine said and was going to step outside … while sidhant pulled her in ..
It’s not safe to go like this you are a star do remember that he said while she looked at him..
He gets a call from Shweta and left from there …
@ Neil room :::
Avneil enters Neil room while Neil admires her …
You are looking damn gorgeous he said smiling at her while she was lost somewhere ..

Neil snaaps his fingers before her bringing her back to reality while she looked at him ..
Haan you said something ? She asked …

Yes leave it what happen you are lost somewhere are you fine ?? Neil asked ..
Yes she replied ..while Neil gave her water and make her sat comfortably on the couch …they sat in silence for sometime ..

Sidhant is your cousin brother she finally broke the ice ..
Yeah you know that right ? Neil said while Avni nodded in no ..

No I never knew about it she said ..
What’s big deal in it yes sidhant is my cousin my partner in crime Neil said smiling ..
Oh that’s good she said faking a smile …

Let’s go down I didn’t met your parents too and came here Neil said forwarding his hand while Avni held it …
I have planned so many dreams with you but my hopes shattered today she thought looking at Neil …

It’s good that I didn’t informed you about my real identity or else our mission would have been left Incompleted I would never compromised anything with that babaji saved me from telling you truth Avni was thinking soon they reached downstairs ..

Raj and others sees them while Avni took Neil towards a man and women who was reveled to be Rohan and shanaya …
Namaste Neil greeted them while they hugged him ..

We have heard alott about you from Avni shanaya said .. while Neil looked at Avni ..
I am happy to meet you both as avni too misses her parents alott she told me many times that she missed you both Neil said …

Are but we are not Avni …shanaya started to say but Avni stopped them in middle ..
They are my life Neil she said hugging ronaya tightly ..while all smiled seeing them …

I have talked to our priest and he told the auspicious day for the engagement after 2 days and wedding after a week Shweta said ..
Is that okay with you all Raj asked Rohan while he looked at Avni ..

If my baby is happy I don’t have any problem with it he ended caressing her forehead lovingly ..

So it’s done engagement after 2 days and wedding after a week Sakshi said and they congratulated each other ..
Soon Avni with ronaya left from there
Screen freezes
Hah finally completed ???
So how was the episode ?????
Avni was shocked ? Why ??????
What relation she had with jasmine ???
Imagine whom you want in place of adeeba and Kiara …I suggest kanchi Singh as adeeba taneja and Kiara as Nikita Dutta (Ronaya twins)
Well most important thing my results came out to be very much excellent this time ? now again my college is gonna start it will become somewhat difficult to post FF but I’ll try to write and post asap
Thanks to all all n all who all showed their support on the last ??
Ignore errors no proof read ..
Bye Allahafiz ???

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