Dil Se Di Dua… Saubhagyavati Bhava 9th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Se Di Dua… Saubhagyavati Bhava 9th January 2013 Written Episode, Dil Se Di Dua… Saubhagyavati Bhava 9th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts off with Ananya calls her mom from outside Viraj’s home and explains her Raj being missing and she’s saved Mrs. Vyas from Viraj’s clutches and has sent her off to Mumbai for some time. She decides to go inside the Viraj’s home to find out about Raj as he’s not even answering Ananya’s calls. Ananya’s mom panicked and tells her of calling police if Ananya doesn’t calls her in hour.

At Viraj’s place, he’s wondering that at any cost, Raj must not reach Ananya as he might disclose the truth about Jhanvi’s body. While Viraj cussing Unniyal, Ananya enters. He got a little puzzled at her arrival. She slowly walks towards Viraj and reminds him about his invitation for coffee. Viraj hides his nervousness and names it his surprise as he really wasn’t sure she’ll come at his behest.

On the other hand, Raj is running heavy until his foot gets stuck into the broken pot hole. Few goons spot him, but in a nick of time, he releases his foot and runs away. A long chase begins.

Ananya asks Viraj how come his home doors are open as if he’s expecting someone or waiting. Viraj sarcastically asks her if she’s here to find or figure out something. She diverts it towards Unniyal’s absence. Viraj makes an excuse of him fetching a coffee from the market. Viraj asks about her schedule which Annaya replies, “hectic”. He lightly jokes around her of leading everyone. In order to find the truth, she discloses about Raj’s disappearance. Viraj pretends to be shocked upon hearing it.

Raj is still being chased by Viraj’s goons. He dodged them somehow and ran away.

Ananya’s eyes hover around the house in search of Raj. She appreciates Viraj’s concern over Raj. Viraj accuses Raj of being irresponsible for not calling or informing Ananya about his safety. However, she spots Raj’s cell phone lying underneath the chair. She asks for a glass of water from Viraj. Once he leaves, she picks up the phone and confirms it of Raj’s. She hid it in his bag, meanwhile Viraj gets her water. She nervously drinks it which Viraj notices. She decides to sneak around to find Raj and asks Viraj’s leave. He gets surprised over her sudden leave and sees her off. Before he could latch the door properly, he receives a call from Unniyal (I believe). Outside the door, Ananya ceases to listen to the conversation. He’s expressing his wrath over their inability to catch Raj. Ananya slyly enters his home and hides behind the pillar.

Raj reaches in some warehouse and searches for a place to hide, not to forget his aching foot that’s bleeding fast. He hides himself behind a pile of cartons, groaning with pain. The same goons enter and look around for him.

While climbing up the stairs secretly, Ananya overhears Viraj talking to Unniyal to find Raj and call him back.

In the warehouse, a goon spots a patch of blood onto the floor and follows the trace which leads him to Raj. Raj pushes him and run away.

Ananya tries to search Raj in his room when she sees a curtain and remembers this as a same curtain where the scream she had heard from.

Raj is shown tired and slows down in an alley.

Ananya enters into the same passageway which leads to the room where Jhanvi’s body is kept. She overhears Viraj instructing his men to kill Viraj at some specific place where he’s found. She decides to go to the area.

A weak and wounded Raj is surrounded by goons who’re talking about his end. Ananya is shown leading the police to the same spot. On the other hand, goons beat up Raj brutally until he bleeds and police arrives. They ran away while Raj faints.

In the hospital outside the operation theatre, Ananya’s mother joins her. She weeps over Raj and blames her for this situation. Her mother consoles her. Viraj interrupts her at the same time and inquires about Raj’s health. Ananya trying to hide her anger, answers him politely. Viraj asks her how did she find Raj, she replies, “Because of You”, shocks Viraj. She explains of taking help from the police at the right time, relaxing Viraj. She explains how police has nabbed the goons and soon will reach to the mastermind too. Viraj lost in a trance, agrees with her. She questions him of how does he know Raj has been attacked? Viraj calls it his instinct. After the operation, Raj is being shift to a different room. Doctor cites it as a great loss of blood and he’s got some deep injuries on his head and once he gains conscious, then they’ll call him out of danger. Ananya’s mom suggest her to meet Raj once.

Ananya goes to Raj’s room and sits beside him. In tears, she apologizes to unconscious Raj that why did he go there and get well soon. Outside, Viraj is wondering about the consequence of Raj gaining sense and disclosing everything to Ananya who will never trust him again. He decides to kill Raj before he gets up.

Precap: Viraj is trying to take off the oxygen mask from Raj when Ananya calls out for him.

Update Credit to: MahinK

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