Dil Se Di Dua… Saubhagyavati Bhava 8th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Viraj is talking to Jahnvi when someone’s presence distracts him, He thinks its Unniyal and asks Jahnvi to wait until he comes back. Raj runs away from the chamber area, He tries to call the Police but Viraj interrupts him. Viraj says he was expecting Ananya & he doesnt like uninvited guests. The doorbell rings & Raj gets an opportunity to hide somewhere.

Unniyal is with his team, planning about Mrs.Vyas’s kidnap/murder. *He was funny with his one liners*

Ananya comes over to meet Mrs.Vyas but the maid asks her to wait as she wasnt in the home.

Viraj asks the goons to find Raj and kill him, He calls it a hide and seek game.

Mrs.Vyas questions the driver that how could they reach the farmhouse so soon, Driver says that he took some shortcut. Mrs Vyas tells him to send Sanjay inside if she doesnt comes out in half hour. As she goes inside the farmhouse, the driver locks the door from outside & calls Unniyal to tell him that his work is done.

Mrs.Vyas finds some letters in a desk which had a different recipient/address written over it, she understood that she’s trapped. The door was locked & her mobile wasnt working. She saw a landline phone, but she didnt remember Ananya’s number so she called up at home.

The maid asks Ananya to receive the call as someone was on the door too, Ananya picks it up, Mrs Vyas tells her that she has been trapped and Sanjay would go to Viraj’s farmhouse. ANanya assures that she’d save her.

Raj escapes from Viraj’s men when he was hiding in his bedroom & then he jumped off his window. He also sees Ananya going out while he was hiding.

Unniyal reaches the other mansion where Mrs.Vyas was hiding, He asks his men to find her. They do find her but Ananya brings the police and so Unniyal and his men run away.

At Viraj’s place, the goons tell him that Raj was in his bedroom and succeeded in escaping from there. Viraj yells at them as he doesnt likes losing a game.

Ananya asks Mrs.Vyas to directly go to the airport and thanks her for all the help, Mrs Vyas says its her pleasure knowing and helping her anyway. She tells her that she had asked Raj to go & find where Viraj has kept Jahnvi and with all the mishap, He might be alone and in danger too.

Precap : Ananya tells Viraj that her friend Raj is missing, Viraj looked surprised. On the other hand Raj is caught between Viraj’s men.

Update Credit to: SilentPromises

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