Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 4th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 4th June 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 4th June 2013 Written Update

All the family welcomes back maya and dadi happily and madhav asks how come rahul is still at home as he had to be in office. Rahul tells he took half-leave to welcome him back. Pallavi excitedly tells them that prerna has joined office and helping our rahul really well. Maya are happy while aaru congratulates prerna. However, rahul’s expressions show that he isn’t pleased with all this. Even prerna is not shown that happy. Brij thanks aaru for doing all this for dadi and aaru says this was her luck to do this for dadi’s sake. However, bharti is irritated. Rahul and dadi reach dadi’s room and rahul asks how come they came back b4 the scheduled timing. She tells rahul that it was a sudden decision of madhav and she couldn’t hesitate.However they wish that

this trip has cleared all the problems in their life and they have cancelled their divorce. Aaru and madhu reach their room and madhu is so depressed that he moves out of the room excusing himself for sometime. Aaru is sad and thinking that she knows what a good human being madhav is and she doesn’t want him to spoil his life with a forced marriage with her. She adds that anisha is the only girl who can bring happiness in his life and she will convince madhav at any cost.

Other side, in another room(i guess its the study), madhav is looking though the marriage album and then at the divorce papers and thinks to himslef that it was a forced marriage, aaru filled all the emptiness in his life and her place can never be replaced as she may not be there, but her memories are enough to complete his life. Aaru is thinking deeply and finally decides to call anisha. She asks anisha if she is ready as she is about to talk to madhav about him getting married to her. She finally ends the call telling that she will convince mahdav for their marriage. This when madhav enters the room listening to the convo. Aaru is stunned at his entry and he asks what she was talking to anisha. She repeats what she told to anisha and madhav is furious. He finally asks aaru who gave her right to make the decision of her life when it was her own decision to leave him. He says that he has always supported in every decision of aaru but not this time. He says that he had always loved her and married her and he will never remarry. He gives the divorce papers to aaru telling that these are for her and he will have the album and the beautiful memories that he spent with her. Aaru is in tears hearing this.

Telling this, he moves out of the house and aaru is even sad. The sad version of “Piya o re piya” from tera naal love hogaya is played in background as mahdav is sadly driving his car while aaru is looking out of window towards the moon. After some time madhav returns and bharti opens the door. She is very concerned for him while he blankly tells he had some work and he is tired and leaves b4 bharti asks any further. Bharti curses aaru telling that all this is happening due to her. She wonders when aaru will finally leave the house. Aaru is still looking at the moon crying when madhav returns. Madhav asks aaru why she is still sad as things are happening the way she wanted. Aaru tells that things are happening the way she wanted but amid this, madhav’s happiness is suppressed. Madhav says that his happiness revolves around aaru and he is happy to see her happiness. He adds that even if he desires for happiness then that would come only if aaru was with him but she will like the moon…every desires to have it but no one will get it in real so he is not sad. Aaru is emotional and tells him that he is her friend due to which she cannot see him in this pain. She adds that she is doing this to make sure that he stays happy after she is gone away from him.

Aaru says that they are not destined to be together but that doesn’t mean madhav doesn’t deserve to be happy and she also wishes to see him happy. Madhav is sad but finally tells that if aaru wishes to see him happy and if she thinks that anisha can bring him happiness, then he is ready to accept her for the sake of aaru. Aaru is very happy and asks him to promise. He says he cannot promise but he will try to move on in life. She says that she is fianlly happy as she now now imaogine his life full of happiness. She adds that she is gonna miss everyone as she has only a dayleft and mahdav asks if she is willing to spend the last day with him as he has made some surprise plans for next day. Aaru feels excited. Its morning and aaru is up really early and making the bed when mahdav gets up. He is surprised to see her and aaru jokes that she wanted a longer day so she got up early. Then she says that she was making the bed to make a good impression in madhav’s mind that aaru was a neat and tidy girl who used to get up early. Madhav is confused while aaru laughs and clears the dressing table. Madhav says he has already planned the day’s activities and Aaru asks abt the plans but madhav doesnt reveal it as its a surprise. She goes off excitedly to get ready while madhav recites a poem in his mind abt how special will the moments be which he is gonna spend with aaru.

” Lambi si zindagi ka ek chota sa din,
kaash rukh paata umar bhar,
par dinon ko chalne ki aadat hai,
isliye bitate rehte hai sadiyon saidyon,
kabhi kisiki saath toh kabhi kisike bina,
par aaj tumhare saath toh,
ghadi ki suiya banke sirf waqt hi beetega,
tumhare saath beetne wale woh kuch pal,
poore zindagi ki tharah rehenge mujh mein,
tumhare saath, tumhare bina,
aaradhya aj apki ehsaas
apki ek badi si muskaan keliye
apne seene ka saara dard saara kashmash bhuladega,
aur aage joh kuch bhi bachega baki jeelega,
tumhare saath, tumhare bina”

Precap: Dadi is very worried while everyone asks what happened. She says that some hungama has started in bapu bazaar where madhav has gone. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: sio

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