Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 2nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 2nd April 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 2nd April 2013 Written Update

Rahul is made to sit for the haldi rasam. Brij teases if rahul if feeling shy to which dadi says that rahul is not shy and he is equally handsome to compete with the beauty of aaru. Madhu feels sad here. Guests ask where bharti as she has to apply haldi and start the rasam. Just then bharti comes and dadi calls her to apply haldi but she excuses herself saying she has an urgent work and she will catch up with them later. Bharti is abt to leave when a man comes with the repaired laptop and hands it over to her along with a cd saying it was in the cd drive from b4. B4 leaving he tells bharti to check the laptop if there is any problem persisting. Bharti takes the laptop to her room and puts the cd to check.

Almost all have applied haldi and rahul asks dadi for bharti. He decides to bring bharti himself inspite of dadi telling him that he shouldn’t get up in between the rasam. Rahul is shown moving towards bharti’s room and the video of madhav confessing his love for aaru is opened. Bharti is shocked with the revelation that madhu loves aaru. Someone watches bharti watching the video and it turns out to be dadi. Madhu is standing alone sad and pallo asks where rahul is. Madhu has no idea and she goes looking for him. Bharti stands in disbelief and is abt to leave when she sees that dadi has witnessed the video. Dadi tells how could madhu hide such a big thing from them and is about to go and ask him when bharti stops her.

Bharti takes out the cd and hides it telling that this video is fake and she doesn’t believe it so there is no point in wasting time discussing about it. Dadi asks how she can neglect the fact that the girl who is getting married to rahul is actually liked by madhu. Bharti says that this is all nonsense and she has full confidence that her sanskar given to madhu will not make him fall for a girl like aaru. Dadi says how can she forget that madhu loves her. Each word of his shows the truth of his love and further questions what problem does aaru has and is it that she is very “Khoobsurat”? Bharti reminds her that the following day is rahul and aaru’s marriage and this is defo not the time to notice these things. Dadi says that this is not a joke and madhu has sincerely loved aaru and it cannot be ignored for any reason. She tells bharti not to judge everything according to her own wishes and grade people like she grades aaru.

She says that aaru is beautiful and what is her mistake if god has made her beautiful. She adds that aaru may not score the way she desires in college but this is her house and she shouldn’t drag her college and its norms here. Dadi tells that she keeps giving grades to all and she grades bharti as “fail” coze it’s her who is making her children introvert and not capable of facing the world not the society. As a mother she has failed and bharti turns and tries to hide her tears. Dadi asks what happened after she realized that madhu didn’t even share this fact with her or she understood it without him telling her. Dadi says she considers madhu and rahul equal so she cannot see rahul in pain and leaves. Bharti is extremely sad. Pallo snatches rahul’s phone who is speaking to aaru. She says that till the shaadi they are not allowed to talk and runs with the phone.

Bharti is lost while she is standing by the dining table. Brij is taking to aaru’s dad and he tells them that they will reach soon. He calls out bharti to confirm but there comes no response from her. After several attempts of calling from madhu, she comes back to reality and tells that they will reach soon. Brij leaves and madhu asks if anything is wrong. Bharti rubbishes the matter and madhu unknowingly coughs after drinking water. Bharti is very concerned and goes to madhu asking if he need kadha to clear his throat. Madhu says he is fine and bharti connects to a past incident when madhu didn’t like kadha but he used to drink it coze bharti wanted him to. She says that madhu knew that though it tastes bad its good for him. Madhu asks how come she is telling this now and bharti says she shared it simply. Madhu leaves leaving bharti in thoughts.

Someone is shown going to bharti’s room and taking the cd and leaving (person not shown only shadow- I guess pallo or Prerna coze the hand was dark complexioned). Its aaru’s house and madhu and aaru’s dad are welcoming guest. Bharti is very tensed and wants to talk to madhu but not getting a chance. Lalit gets a call that the caterers will come late and he is tensed. Madhu tells him to relax and enjoy his daughter’s wedding and leave everything to him. Ajay calls madhu to sand with rahul but he is busy. Bharti also doesn’t get a chance to meet him. Bharti meets menka and says that she has shagun to give aaru. Menka tells her not to be so formal and give it to aaru herself. Telling this she leaves, and bharti is forced to go herself.

Aaru is drying her mehendi and her friends are capturing pics with her family and her room, almost everything they see. Aaru tells they are mad while they say they were capturing memories for her to cherish in her sasural. One of them hold a pic and ask aaru which is her most memorable incident from childhood. Many suggest many but they go wrong. Bharti comes there and b4 she enters she takes a photo that is lying beside the door. She is shocked that it is the black boo wala drama photo. The friend shows the photo(same one that is with bharti) and says it’s the black boo wala incident and everyone laughs. Bharti is furious. Aaru tells that she was very small when it happened and she couldn’t bear someone not beautiful as she had seen only beautiful things. They tease and laugh that aaru would have run away from mandap if her groom was someone like black boo. Bharti is witnessing and getting more furious. She tells in mind that so aaru is the same girl who called her son black boo and broke his confidence to speak or come b4 the whole people.

Aaru says that all this wouldn’t have been possible if one person didn’t help her and it is madhu. She calls him to speak something but he is unable to speak anything properly. All the guests laugh at him and bharti takes aaru aside and scolds her for doing this and breaking madhu’s confidence yet again. Aaru is sad..

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