Amita Ka Amit 2nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 2nd April 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 2nd April 2013 Written Update

All four friends are sitting together sad at the recent turn of events. Aarti tell Amita not to think too much as relations cant be broken so easily.
Ammu supports Amit saying that if someone else would have read that sms then they too would have thought the same. Nothing can be done now. Jigna points out that Amit also told a lie about loving her…isn’t her wrong as well? Preeti & Jigna questions how will everyone back home react? All the relatives have come, the preparations have been done.
Amita is worried too but tells its all over now. The point is that the marriage is over now. she rues that her parents heart will break now.
All 3 are crying for Amita.
Amita controls herself that she will have to tell and that too before someone from Amit’s home ring up and share everything. There is no way to change it now. He doesn’t love me and we cant force someone in a relation. The pain of breaking a relation is felt when the relation is for real right? It was only a misunderstanding and nothing else. It is we who had thought of it to be something else…it was I. Amit never loved me, not even for a second. She bursts into tears now.
Preeti suggests that they all should stay back at her house and think of a solution. Amita disagrees that she must do it alone. Aarti consoles a crying Ammu.

Amit is in his room, sitting lost in thoughts of what Amita had told him. Nani knocks at the door while he is recalling everything said by Ammu. She asks if he is fine. He replies he is and asks if the guests have left or not. She replies they have but will be back next morning.
He tells her that he will join them downstairs soon. She leaves wondering what is going on in his mind.

Amita enters her home. She too recalls Amit’s harsh words that he never loved her. He had rejected her right away meeting her for the first time. There is still time to end the marriage.
She was crossing by when she spots Kajal apologizing to Atul.
He shouts at her if she has gone mad. She was about to ruin Ammu’s life. How could she be so selfish? She only cares about her family, her home and not about them or his sister. And why is she telling this now….she wants to look great right? I hate you…I hate everything now and the fact that I fell for you. I couldn’t recognize your true intentions in these 7 years.
Kajal tries to put forth her point and apologize but Atul doesn’t let her.
He tells her that now he wont delay it anymore. He cant marry her now. She dint care about her sister’s relation, not even once.
Amita who was silently watching everything now shouts Atul! Both are astonished to see her and a tearful Kajal looks at her in an apologizing way.

Amit comes down and joins his father, mother and Nani. He shares with them that he cannot marry Amita. This revelation shocks his father and nani but Falguni is super happy. He repeats that he knows its a little late but he cant marry Ammu.
Falguni supports him in his decision and asks him to relax but stops when she looks at hubby.
He is very angry and asks Amit the reason for him taking this decagon. He replies that he doesn’t love her and doesn’t love her. Ria and Tina enter and hear the convo.
Falguni again tries to support Amit but is shushed by her husband. Tina asks for an explanation.
Amit clarifies that he had come to this decision at the sangeet time only. I was giving Amita a chance but now that I have spoken to her, I have realised that I cant live with her.
Tina points out that Amita is a good girl.
He angrily replies that she might be…but is not for him. He doesn’t want any more discussions on this topic. His dad asks him to stop it as this isn’t a game. Remember, its not about you only. Its about Amita’s happiness too and her family’s respect is also associated with it.
Falguni retorts that he is only worried about Amita and not Amit. Can we force him to marry just for her sake?
Amit clarifies that Amita too has the same view about this relation. His father asks him if she has said it herself or he has understood it all by himself.
Amit replies that she hasn’t said it aloud but he knows that she too wants the same.
His father taunts him that yes, you are a great guy. You understood everything without even her saying it. I will talk to her right away. The decision will be made after that only.


Amita asks Atul if he is mad or what? This isn’t a game. She has waited for 7 long years for this marriage to happen. He doesn’t know how it pains when a guy says something like this to a girl…how she feels. Plus that guy who was his hope for a new life.
Atul tells her not to support Kajal in this. She was about to ruin your life as Amit doesn’t love you. She hid truth from you. She shouldn’t try to save Kajal. Your marriage broke off because of her and now I wont marry her.
Amita tells that she isn’t a kid. It was her decision only. She and Kajal talk where Kajal tells her that she heard Amit telling her that he doesn’t love her & wont marry her.
Atul tells her not to lie to save their relation. Kajal too tells her that Amit was angry with you and you guys were fighting.
Amita composes herself and very maturely tells them that fights or arguments happen in any relation. What you heard was half of the truth. We did fight but we made up as well. We love each other and will marry tomorrow.
Atul warns her that if he gets to know that she is lying to save their relation then he wont marry Kajal. Amita shushes him and shares that she has seen them since childhood. They don’t know how lucky they are to have found each other.

Amita’s phone rings. Atul asks her to pick up but she says she will later. She makes them patch up. They both promise her that they wont repeat it and all 3 share a group hug. Ammu is very sad.


Atul asks her why she is crying. She tells him that these are the tears of happiness. Her phone rings again and Atul tells her to pick it up. She goes aside and in the background we see Kajal apologizing to Atul by holding her ears. He forgives her and both smile.

Its Amit’s dad. He hesitantly asks her about her decision. He shares that out of the two, he found her to be more matured than Amit. Whatever decision she will take, he will abide by that only. Its no more a matter of only you 2 but of both the families’ respect as well. He wont force her into anything and waits for her decision.

She looks back at a happy Atul & Kajal and has flashback of Atul’s words of breaking the marriage in case it is a lie. She is in a fix of what to do and finally tells him that she is ready to marry Amit. I like him but rest its his call. I will respect whatever he decides. If he decides against it then I will manage my family as well.
Amit’s father blesses her and goes to announce it to everyone.
The news shocks Amit and Falguni.

Precap: NONE

Update Credit to: Pooja

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