Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 1st April 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 1st April 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 1st April 2013 Written Update

Starts with last week’s scene where Madahv has tried the engagement Ring on his finger and he is unable to take it back as it got stuck. When Rahul comes out of the restroom, Madhav keeps his hands on his back and tries hard to take the ring off. He hurts his finger and takes it off in time so that Rahul will not notice.
He shows the ring to Rahul.

Engagement ceremony. Aaru’s house is decorated welll. When Parewals enter, Ajay also welcomes them along with Lalit. Small banter between Rahul and Ajay about how Ajay left his honeymoon in between and came to attend this function. Ajay comments that if Sasurji had one more daughter, Madhav could have got a wife too along with both of them who are marrying sisters. Madhav is a bit startled but controls and covers up.

Aaru is brought down the steps by her mom and sis. She is in the Pink Lehenga. Rahul comments that Madhav will know the dil ki bath of all the girls and he has to take lifelong tut ions to keep Aaru happy.

Rahul, Aaru, her mom, sis and her friends are on stage. Madhav is standing down along with pallo, prerana, dadi etc. Aaru’s mom asks him to bring the tray which has both the rings. Madahv is sad and pain on his face is visible while he goes and brings the tray.

Rings exchange happens with dreamy eyed and happy Aaru, happy Rahul and sad Madhav overlooking them. When someone comments both are looking Made for Eacher other, Madhav comes back into reality and feels contained.This is indeed right decission sort of look on his face.

Panditji comes so all the elders go and sit to get the marriage date fixed. Panditji says there is a good day in this week itself and Princy says, she is eager to get this marriage done so every one agrees on the date.

Aaru’s friends come and tell her that date is fixed. She is happy and shy. Friends start dance on “Sasural Nahi Jaaungi”, and they pull on Aaru to join in which she accepts.

When Sasur lines come, Brij enjoys well along with her but when Saas ka words in the song and she tries to pull Princy, she is angry and Aaru leaves her. Even Prerana is with an angry mood for pulling her into the dance.

When Piyaji lines, lights goes off and Aaru holds Madhav’s hands by mistake and then she realizes and leavs him and takes Rahul onto the dance floor. RaDhya eyelock. Madhav is looking from one corner.

Princy goes out and Brij enquires why she is going off angrily, she says she is going to get the gift for RaDhya. After the song, RaDhya are standing on the stage and everyone gives their gifts. Bharathi comes and gives a file and says these are papers of your new house. Rahul is upset and Aaru is looking blank as she does not understand any thing. RaMa look at each other sharing their confusion.

Parewal house. Rahul is sad and crying and says he do not want to leave them and go because he lived in this house for these many years and he cherishes every relation he has here and Madhav is like an elder brother for him. Bharathi explains it is for his betterment as she is sensing Aaru may not be able to adjust in this joint family. Rahul is crying and is very upset. Bharathi leaves from there. Rahul says, for adding this new relation he has to leave all his old relations so he does not want this.

Madhav, Dadi and Pallo try to console him. He asks Madhav, is Aaradhya that kind of a girl who will separate him from his relations? For which Madhav replies she is not that type of a girl and Madhav assures Rahul that he will take care of every thing and RaDhya will be living there with them. Dadi, Pallo and Madhav convicne Rahul to smile and look happy as Madhav will sort out every thing. A nice group hug.

Precap: Bharathi is in front of her lappy. She puts a CD and Madhav’s confession is played and she is dumbfolded…

Update Credit to: ApoorvaFan

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