Chanchan 1st April 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 1st April 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 1st April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Umaben having conversation with Purvi’s ex-groom’s parents. Groom’s mother tells Umaben how can Purvi’s father refused like that and how come he didn’t listen to Umaben. Umaben says that she will never forget what happened. She will never forget Chanchan and won’t let her forget anything. Groom’s father asks Umaben what should we do now. Umaben says, you two rest.. I know very well what to do with Purvi’s father. He says, I am worrying about Hitesh. Hitesh’s mother says why are you worrying about Hitesh.. Umaben has taken his marriage responsibility and she will fulfill her responsibility. She asks Umaben, right? Umaben says, uhh ya right. I will make sure he finds a good girl and family. Hitesh’s parents leave.

Right then Manav’s friend, Jignesh, arrives there. Umaben as usual gets annoyed with him. She whispers to herself, he’s a donkey as well. Manav comes and him and Jignesh leave for the jogging.

At Chanchan’s house, everyone is taking extra care of Purvi. Purvi tells them that she is fine now.. they don’t to worry about her. Chanchan teases her mother which makes Purvi laugh. Chanchan tells Purvi, you look so nice when you’re laughing. Purvi tells everyone to go to their work now. Chanchan tells her, don’t worry about my work. Then a guy comes with a dog. He tells Chanchan his name is “mogembo”. Dog owner says, he has an issue.. he suddenly starts barking and runs to bite people. Owner says, maybe it’s due to Tomato’s smell. Right then Simple asks Chanchan’s mother for tomato sauce and it falls on the ground. Mogembo smells it and starts barking. Chanchan tells owner to leave Mogembo to her for few days and she will see what’s the issue. Dog is still barking and he is about to run to Simple, but Chanchan holds him and asks Simple to clean tomato’s sauce. Chanchan’s mother tells her to take dog out and she will make sure there is no tomato in the house. Chanchan asks her friends to bring other dogs.

Manav and Jignesh are jogging in the park. Jignesh again teases Manav as he still remembers Puchpuch’s and Chanchan’s name. He says, have you gone crazy after Chanchan? Chanchan is very beautiful. Manav asks him to focus on Simple and says, Chanchan is not my type.

Chanchan, Simple, Purvi are also in same part with dogs. Chanchan says, it will take a year to train Mogembo. Purvi says, it’s best that I won’t get married.. Instead I will have 2 or 3 dogs and take them out everyday. Chanchan says, there can’t be any better company than dogs because they love without any condition. But still.. I should have a life partner.. with whom I can share everything.. with whom I can laugh, cry.. and even fight. And most important, who loves my dogs along with me.

Manav and Jignesh stop at a juice stall. Another guy comes and takes tomato’s juice. He puts his glass on a seat there and gets busy with tying his shoelace. Manav and Jignesh order and they go and sit on the same seat. Manav sits near the glass and his pant gets wet with tomato’s juice.

Mogembo smells tomato’s juice and he gets angry and starts barking. Chanchan is holding him, but he still manages to run. Dog and Chanchan are running toward Manav and Jignesh. They wonder why she is bringing her dog towards him. Chanchan notices tomato’s juice on Manav’s pant and gets shocked. In that Mogembo manages to run away from Chanchan’s hand. Jignesh says, oh no.. she released him. Manav and Jignesh run. Mogembo runs after Manav. Chanchan is shouting, stop Mogembo, but he doesn’t stop. Chanchan then asks Manav to stop because if he doesn’t stop then Mogembo won’t stop running. Jignesh changes his way and now Mogembo is chasing Manav only. Simple also stops as she gets tired running. Jignesh then sees Simple. He’s all crazy behind Simple. Simple says, he will bite your friend. Jignesh is drooling and says, Dog’s are to bite only.

Meanwhile, Chanchan is trying to tell Manav not to run. Manav says, what else can I do? Give myself to him?

Manav comes behind a car and dog goes other way. Manav is relieved. He’s about to sit in the car, and right then, Mogembo jumps and bites him. Manav still manages to get in the car. Chanchan didn’t see Mogembo biting him and is also relieved and says, thank God.. Mogembo didn’t do anything. Manav sees her and points his fingers to her eyes saying, he’s watching her. He leaves from there.

Chanchan tells about this incident to everyone at her house and everyone is laughing. She says, the way he ran.. he should get a prize. Chanchan’s mother says, I read in the book.. when you meet someone again and again, there’s usually some connection. Chanchan says, I don’t believe it. Dadi says, I believe in that connection.. but not between Chanchan and that guy, but between dogs and that guy. Everyone laughs again. Meanwhile, Simple is dreaming about Jignesh. Chanchan tells her mother, if you’re saying that there’s some connection, then there can only be one.. which is of enemy.

Purvi’s dad comes there to pick up Purvi as he is going to talk with Umaben and Purvi told him to take her with him. Chanchan prays that Umaben forgive them.

Umaben’s bahu is taking breakfast for Manav’s dad. Her pallu drops from her head and Umaben sees it. Umaben tells her bahu how angry Manav’s dad gets when he sees bahu without pallu. Umaben’s bahu gets scared. Umaben then tells her that she will take breakfast for Manav’s dad.

Manav’s dad is reading newspaper and Umaben comes there with breakfast. She asks him if anything in news. He says, same old news.. and latest happening he got from her which is Tushar bhai refusing for marriage. He says, when he comes to work.. I will see him. Umaben says, leave talking about him. Her husband says, if you want, then I can call him here.. you can also scold him. Umaben says, when our eldest son left this house, and when I brought him back, you told me that you will give me anything that I want. He asks her, so what do you want? Umaben says, I want you to promise me that you won’t say anything in what I do.

Episode ends.

Precap: Jignesh tells Chanchan about Mogembo biting Manav. Chanchan asks him to apologize Manav on her behalf. Manav is sitting beside Jignesh and listening everything.

Update Credit to: DesiTVBox

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