Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 18th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 18th March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 18th March 2013 Written Update

Starts with last week’s scene where family is discussing the cancellation of rista. Rahul agrees to marry Amrita so that Prerana’s rista can be saved though Madhav and Brij are opposing for Rahul sacrificing his life.
Bharathi rejects this idea saying Rahul wants to show his generosity and make them feel indebted lifelong. Also she says, Marriage is a lifetime thing and if tomorrow the easy going and fickle minded Rahul leaves that girl, it creates more problems to Prerana. She leaves from there angrily.
Rahul tries to convince Prerana to talk to Bharati but she also rejects it stating, she do not want to see Amrita life long who has insulted her brother(Madhav).

Madhav and Rahul are in the balcony in the night. Moonlight falling on them. Madhav says, its good to leave this rista as its difficult to marry and live with someone about whom we do not have feelings and whom we do not live. Rahul says, its not Madhav but Ehasas is saying this.When Madhav questions, Rahul says that he is agreeing because this girl is selected by Maa (Bharathi) so this girl should be good.
Rahul asks what Madhav thinks, for which Madahv says, hearing, seeing and feeling will give ultimate happiness that one will not feel like hearing, seeing and feeling anything else. Rahul says, he wants to marry someone who is loved by Maa so that the distance between Maa and him will comedown.

At the dining table Brij gets a call after which he announces that Giridhar and his family are coming down to Jaipur as the marriage of Ajay(Friend of RaMa and Son of Giridhar) is fixed with a girl from Jaipur.

Megs says to Aaru that Ajay is coming down to Jaipur today and she is excited.
Madhav gets a call from Ajay who says he is flying from Udaypur and by 1 PM he will land and they both agree to meet at Airport.
RaMa meet Ajay at the airport. Madhav goes to keep the Suitcase. Aaru come to airport. She is searching for Jiju and Madhav at the car putting the luggage and he spots her in the fcar front mirror. By the time, he truns back, she moves off and he is confused.

Rahul is arguing with Ajay who says, he has to with his would be sali. Aaru spots Rahul and Ajay and concludes that he could be the childhood best friend of jiju about whom Megs mentioned. She is jumping with happiness. She calls her Jiju and says, she is not picking him and he should come with his friends for a party in the evening.

Aaru’s home, dining table. Megs is upset and Aaru is happy. Aaru says instead of coming now and having pizza for lunch, she has invited him for a party in the evening for which she will do grand arrangement.Her dad agrees with this idea.

Ajay is received at Madhav’s home and all are sitting and talking in the hall. Dadi asks Ajay to show the pic of his fiance. Ajay takes out his mobile and is searching the pic, Bharati comes and invites every one for lunch.

Rahul tries to snatch 2 mins so that they all can see the pic of would be of Ajay before coming for food, for which as usual Bharati rejects. Dadi says, Hitler of their house has announced so they have to go for lunch. All are walking towards the table, and Ajay asks Madhav to get his mobile which he left at the sofa. The pic of Megs and Aaradhya is open on that phone and Madahv is looking.

Precap: Same as promo.

Update Credit to: ApoorvaFan

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