Dil Dosti Dance 18th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 18th March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 18th March 2013 Written Update

The episode started with the team in the storeroom cum green room.The gang blames Sharon that this is not a proper place to change.The gang gets ready and comes down to perform when Rey asks where is the stage to which the sadrar says there is no separate stage they have to perform on the floor.
The gang comes in and starts with the street style.The groom asks them to perform some Bhangra steps.Amar still continues when they are stopped and chaos occur in the place.When the groom blames his uncle for this Rey defends saying its not his fault when Groom says you need not interfere.Its not your issue.Its my marriage.Sharon keeps her hand on her head seeing this issue and then comes in for survival.She says the groom is right.is this some kind of Dance and asks five minutes time to perform.She takes the gang with her to the green room.

When the door is opened they see Taani standing there.Rey moves forward to speak when the gang makes some ahem ahem sound to make them realize their presence.Sharon moves forward and says that she has called her here.Taani asks did it happen how she had expected to which Sharon nods.Vicky asks her forgiveness as they did not listen to her.Sharon says that they have always practiced together and they will do it now.Vicky asks is it impromptu performance to which Sharon replies positively. Taani says that everything is set from the costumes to song they just have to perform.Sharon says that she will lead them now.Rey asks will she dance to which she says Yes.She also adds saying that since they have given her a crash course on Bollywood and she will show what kind of a student is she eyeing Swayam.
She excuses herself from the gang and moves to have her inhaler. Swayam followers her.She takes it and finds that it is empty.She is worried on what will she do now when Swayam gives her a new one saying from the time he came to know about it he carries it with her.

She takes it from him.Swayam says he knows it not proper to force her but when she does this with her heart and is satisfied then things will be fine soon.Sharon replies saying hope so and moves .Swayam asks her where is she moving when he remembers he has to get dressed too.

The gang dances on Bhootni Ke where Sharon starts up the dance and then the gang joins in.The groom got a bit tensed by few lines.
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