Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 18th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 18th April 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 18th April 2013 Written Update

Madhu and aaru are searching for the ring and their hands touch. Aaru is uncomfortable so withdraws her hand and makes an angry face. She looks around and sees dadi and brings a fake smile. Dadi is happy and she secretly asks pallo if the room is decorated and ready and pallo signals yes. Aaru puts back her hand and the searching session continues until madhu gets the ring. However, he whispers to aaru that he got the ring and to take it from him. Aaru looks at him weirdly while the ladies comment why they are taking so much time to search the ring. One of them says that maybe they don’t want to defeat each other so pretending to search. Meghna is sad listening to all this convo. Finally aaru picks the ring and shows it to everyone. Pallo says bhabhi won and it means bhai has to listen to her always. The ladies again comment that new bahu is not only “Khoobsurat” but also “intelligent”.

Brij says as this rasam is done, now it’s time for the final rasam. Pallo asks what is left now and he says it’s a rasam in which the dulha should lift the dulhan. Both madhu and aaru are shocked! Madhu gets up nd goes to rahul, hesitating to do it. However, all the people including brij and ajay’s mom says this is an imp rasam as in this way the husband proves that he will keep his wife safe in his arms(palkon pe bhitake rakhega). Aaru is in an awkward situation but yet again after seeing dadi she smiles and dadi also insists to do the rasam so she agrees. Megs sis worried as to how aaru is bearing all this. Finally madhu comes to her and in an awkward situation, lifts her after whispering a “sorry”. Aaru is completely uncomfortable but manages to give out a smile to dadi. Finally he puts her down and both fo them seek blessings of dadi.
Finally all the rasams are done and guests leave the house. Megs is also abt to leave and b4 that she re-questions aaru is she is sure she is gonna continue all this. She insists that she can stop all this if she agrees. Aaru tells megz that she is doing all this for dadi and she is ready to bear all pain for her. Megs says she never knew her lill princess became this big in terms of thinking about others. Both share an emotional hug and aaru says she will return the day she feels dadi is fine. Megs says all of her family will wait for that day and megs leaves. She is extremely sad to leave aaru there but has no choice. Pallo comes to aaru and tells her to go to her room and get ready for suhaag raat. Aaru gets uncomfortable again.

Aaru is getting ready in her room and she thinks on how things changed in her life all of a sudden. She thinks how she dreamt of a perfect life and how she got everything she desired. She says that she was wrong that everything happens in life as she wishes. Tears come out of her eyes and she tells to herself that she cannot cry and should be strong. Just then dadi comes to her room with pallo. Aaru scolds dadi for coming here and tells she would have come to her room. Dadi says she only wanted to see how cute and beautiful her bahu is looking. Aaru tells she should take care. Dadi says that she is her biggest medicine and after she decided to come home, she felt better. She says she is happy that aaru is responsible enough to realize that this is her real house. Soon she will become the perfect and ideal bahu of this house. Aaru is sad and wonders what to say. Dadi says that today is a new beginning for her life and everyone are with her including madhu.

Pallo tells that if she is ready they should proceed to madhu’s room. Bharti is worried and she keeps looking out of the door is anything is happening outside madhu’s room. Brij notices this and asks what’s wrong. Bharti shares her suspicion that aaru is upto something and if she has come here then there must be a reason. Adding to this she says that aaru and her family had insulted madhu so much and how could aaru easily agree to accept madhu. She says she will find out and just then brij tells her stop interfering in their life and if aaru has come home with her wish, she should be happy. Bharti tries to explain her concern but brij tells her that she is always thinking in terms of a principal who tries to find the answer to every question but for her children’s happiness she should stop all this. He leaves while bharti is determined to find the reason.

Pallo takes aaru to madhu’s room and aaru si worried. She receives her mom’s call who keeps asking her if she is alright. Aaru tries to cover up her tension but menka tells how much ever se tires to hide, as a mother she will find out that she is not fine. Aaru says how can things be ok but she si trying to manage. Menka tells to take care of herself and not to believe anyone in the house especially madhu. Aaru promises her mom while she tells menka to take care of lalit in her absence. She hands up the phone and looks into the mirror casually only to find madhu standing by the door looking at her. She is very worried/tensed/uncomfortable.

Aaru is sitting on the bed while madhu asks what’s wrong and goes towards her. Aaru shouts at him to stay away from her and madhu is confused with her behavior. He tries to pacify her but aaru thinks he is trying to get close to her and takes a knife and points at him that don’t he dare to come close to her. Poor madhu! He doesn’t even understand what’s wrong with aaru.

Update Credit to: sio.angel

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