Chanchan 18th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 18th April 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 18th April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Umaben getting shocked as Chhan Chhan received the call which she made to Manav. Umaben thinks it might be a wrong number as she heard a girl’s voice on Manav’s phone. She redials and again Chhan Chhan answers the call. Umaben again hears Chhan Chhan’s voice. She disconnects the call. Umaben says the number is right and who is this girl who is picking the call on Manav’s phone.

Scene shifts to Manav:
Manav says Himanshu that Chhan Chhan’s phone got exchanged with his phone. He wants to give her phone back. Himanshu asks him to give the ophone to him. Manav says he will give the phone himself. Himanshu jokes on Chhan Chhan’s meeting.
Umaben comes and asks what meeting. Himanshu makes up a story infront of Umaben. Himanshu says he will do social work with Manav. Umaben says he does not understand him.

Scene shifts to Chhan Chhan:
She takes a printout and gives it to Poorvi.

Scene shifts to Umaben:
Umaben sits for breakfast and she sees her photo in an advertisement. The ad says Umaben invites students to the computer classes. She gets angry.

The ad says that Umaben has joined the classes, did you join? Join like Umaben did and be ready for a changing world. Join the computer classes. And it has a contact number. Umaben says now she will show the game to Chhan Chhan. Aashka and Poorvi praise Chhan Chhan for her idea. They ask from where did she get such idea. Chhan Chhan says from the mandir where she heard Umaben talking to the Mahila Mandal women.

Many women gather at Umaben’s house and complain that what she did every women will do. As she has joined the computer classes, they will also join. Umaben is speechless and fumes.
Umaben says that she just went, how will you go there. The women say if you join, then we will also go.
Umaben says she treats her bahus very well. The women nod yes yes. Umaben says that if her bahus want to study, then she will go ahead.

Umaben thinks of elections, and thinks Chhan Chhan’s act has been profitable to her. Umaben pretends as if she did for the development of women.

Chhan Chhan says Poorvi that the one who has closed her classes is the one who restarted it. Chhan Chhan says many people registered in her classes. Poorvi is happy. Many women come to join. Chhan Chhan’s idea has worked. Everyone are happy and welcomes the women. Poorvi thanks Chhan Chhan.

Chhan Chhan and her friends join hands and makes some resolutions. Poorvi becomes sad. Chhan Chhan and other gives her a hug. Manav’s brother calls, Chhan Chhan says that Manav is not here. He says tell Manav to call me. He thinks a girl’s voice on Manav’s phone, something is fishy.

Chhan Chhan says it was his brother’s phone. Her friends pulls her leg. Chhan Chhan calls Bechara, and her friends smile. Manav calls Chhan Chhan and has a cute friendly talk. He asks her to exchange the phones. They fix a meeting in the coffee shop. Himanshu laughs and pulls Manav’s leg saying he is eager to meet Chhan Chhan.

Scene shifts to the coffee shop:

Chhan Chhan and Manav meet there. They order and discuss their likes and dislikes. A swwet music plays in background. Manav gives her phone to her and she gives his phone to him.

Manav says you have given a good name. She says that you have given a good name too. They discuss that whatever they can do the society, they should do it. They talk about what to do.
He gives a gift for her watchman. Chhan Chhan also gifts him something. She gifts him a soft toy of a dog. They are talking and Manav’s brother sees them and thinks who is she, maybe she is the one who receibed the call. What if Umaben comes to know. He thinks this is a good chance to tell Umaben or not.

Manav’s brother tells Umaben that you are busy fixing marriages in the society and It could happen that Manav marries his live interest. Umaben asks what do you mean…

Update Credit to:Amena_Hasan

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