Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 15th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 15th April 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 15th April 2013 Written Update

Starts with MaYa convo continuation. Madhav says he will accept what ever is her decision. Aau looks with confusion, frustration and she is having tears in her eyes. Aaru’s parents are coming with food tray and Ajay stops them stating she is sleeping. They leave from there and Ajay is relieved. Madhav leaves from there while Aaru is looking with teary eyes and frustration.

Hospital: Bharathi is remembering how she shouted on Dadi and is repenting… she is looking at Dadi from the Window. Rahul advises all of them to go home as he and Madhav will stay there. After his insistence Brij agrees and he compels Bharathi also to come along and they go home. Prerana and Pallo also go with them.

Madhav comes and when Rahul questions, he says he has gone to meet Aaru because he thought she is the last hope to save Dadi. He also adds, after what all happened he cannot expect her to come here and she may not come. At the same time, Aaru has come there. RaMa are happy and before Rahul say some thing, Aaru cuts him and says she has come here for the sake of humanity.

She walks into the ICU and both RaMa follow her. She is looking at Dadi sadly. Madhav stands next to her and Rahul is next to Madhav. Dadi opens her eyes slowly and we can see tears in her eyes. She raises her hand and seems like she wants to say some thing but due weakness, her hand is falling. Aaru tries to hold her hand and at the same time even Madhav also puts his hand. Dadi holds both their hands together… Aaru feels uncomfortable and she withdraws her hand and Dadi looks upset and worried and she closes her eyes… She is on fast breath and Madhav tries to call her.. while Rahul gets the Doc.

Doc says, she is critical condition and asks them to go out. We see Dadi is still in agitated state and Doc gives an injection which makes her sleep. Doc comes out and advises that they family should make Dadi feel stress free. He says, “she has to feel a strong will to live which is not there in her now.”

Rahul goes to get the medicines. Aaru is leaving and Madhav says thanks for coming. He requests her to stay in their house for some days so that Dadi gets out of this guilt and her health improves. Aaru is angry and she leaves from there.

Aaru comes home and we see her parents and Megs worried for her and when they question, she simply says she was feeling low and worried and went for out… Her father says, she has to come out of this pain. She leaves from there.

Bharathi and Brij in their room. Bharathi is worried that she has spoken rudely with Dadi and also she is worried that from tomorrow people will talk all the things. She is angry on Rahul for getting the family into this situation. Brij consoles her that he is worried more about his mom but not about the society.

Rahul is sleeping on the hospital bench and Madhav is sitting next to him and he remembers all the events on how Aaru was running away after marriage and how she told she hates Ehasas etc… Then he also remembers how Dadi was scolded by Bharathi and she has fallen down… He sees Dadi from the window and remembers how he requested Aaru to stay at his place… He has hope in his eyes.

Morning, Aaru’s parents and Megs are sitting in the hall. Servant serves them coffee. Aaru’s dad says he has decided to send Aaru on a forigen trip and by the time she comes back this divorce thing can be sorted out.

Aaru comes down with suitcase… She is wearing all the married symbols also. All three of them question her. Closes on her face.

Precap: Aaru says, until Dadi comes to a stage where she can sustain the things, she will stay at Madhav’s place like a normal Bahu. Aaru’s dad says, he understands her but he cannot allow her to spoil her life by coming under emotional pressure. And his decision is final..

Update Credit to: ApoorvaFan

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