Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 15th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 15th April 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 15th April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts in Sudhir home where Ayesha and saudamini are seen laughing seeing the wedding catalogue. Natasha says preparations going on for Ayesha’s marriage. Sudhir tells Priya that he will go inside and have food, I cant sit here and hear her hee hee. Priya tells him how can you go papa, you have to take care of all the wedding expenses so you sit here and have this apple. Priya asks Natasha to give calculator to papa. Saudamini and Ayesha are talking about marriage function hall which are 7 stars.

Sudhir asks Priya to enquire about Gokuldas wedding hall. Priya nods yes. Sudhir tells or else mahalaxmi. Ayesha and saudamini are shocked. Shipra says but there was also electricity problem. sudhir says we will have the marriage done in the morning. Saudamini says this is not happening. Ayesha asks her to decide on the menu. Saudamini suggests the starters but Sudhir turns down and tells priya to order aloo tikka and mong pakode for 50 people. Ayesha says only 50 people will come in my marriage. Priya says your marriage is not happening with the celebrity, so there is no need for show. Natasha says my brother is not less than a celebrity. sudhir tells to order lassi as their will be no fan. Ayesha gets up and says you people dont want my marriage to happen.

Sudhir yells at her to sit down and shouts aloud and says nobody is interested in you and your marriage. nobody cares for your happiness and sadness and you why because you never thought this home as yours and my badness is that I am your father and I have to marry to according to my status.

Ayesha says no need. I have so much money. Priya tells her to talk peacefully and papa will take care of your expenses. she tells her to think once again about the IT raid and she may have to go to jail. Ayesha leaves there fuming.

Priya tells sorry to sudhir and says she might be wrong in bringing Ayesha back home and in their lives. Sudhir says no beta. everybody have to face this and if you are with me I shall face everything. Priya gets emotional and says thank you papa. Sudhir tells her not to cry or else he too will start crying. he gives her apple to eat.
Sudhir, Shipra. Natasha feels happy while Priya have the apple.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Industries:

Mamaji comes to Sid’s cabin and says what is the matter. you are engage in work. Sid replies that he is is tired as Ram and Vikram are roaming on his head. He is forced to do work. Mamaji says Ram fights with Priya because of you, took you out of jail. Sid says they are acting. Sid is suspicious. He tells Ram and Priya will not fight because of Ravan. He says they are trapping me. He tells Mamaji to keep an eye on Ram and Vikram. Mamaji tells sid to inform Ayesha to keep an eye on Priya.

Sid calls Ayesha and Ayesha says how you called me. she says I am irrirated. The worst part here is they are making my life miserable. Khush asks her food. she says what shall i do. Go and tell Gopal kaka or nani. Sid is alerted and tells her to keep an eye on everyone and especially on your sister. He informs Mamaji that Gopal kaka reached there at Sudhir house. He says today is ram’s first day and he called the lawyer here. I will go and see.

Lawyer is talking to Ram and says glad you are back here. Ayesha cant handle the company. she dont even take anybody’s advice. Ram says I was not here but so many trusted people are here. Vikram tells him that why you gave all the property to Ayesha. you did wrong. Ram says that time I wanted to marry priya and it was the only way out. Vikram tells the lawyer that they will talk about these later as they cant trust Sid. Sid is more alert now and heard what Vikram said and says he have to check what is there in the papers.

Vikram and Ram are watching cricket on Tv and Sid comes there and asks for a file. He goes. Vikram tells Ram that Sid is working now. He again comes and thinks he have to check for the papers now itself. He sees some papers but unable to read it. He leaves. Ram tells Vikram that he need to go now as he have to go to walk with Priya. Vikram says this is not fair, cant you watch last over with me. Ram asks him to understand as he himself is the father of three kids and it is the first time with Ram. vikram laughs. Ram leaves.

Scene shifts to Ram home:

Ram comes there and says hi to Pihu. Pihu says tell mamma not to be fat. she says look papa now I am able to hug mamma but when her tummy grows then how can i hug her. Priya says since morning this is going on. Ram says oh i c. Ram asks Rockstar did you not like fat papa. She says she is ok with fat papa but not with fat mamma. Ram says lets ask my friend. Ram gifts her teddy. Priya asks her to take it from papa. Pihu says this is small. i am grown up to play with it. how can I play with it. ram asks Priya to explain. she tells Pihu to bring happy and tiger. Priya asks who play with happy and tiger. Pihu replies pihu. Priya smiles. Then Ram asks then who will play with this. Pihu says but tell me his name. Ram asks Priya to name him and she says his name should be guppy. ram says good, now tell who will play with guppy. Pihu asks who?

Priya says Pihu is grown up, she plays with tiger and happy but guppy is small who will play with guppy? Pihu says we will give guppy to small baby but from where will we get small baby. Priya asks ram to think. she tells Pihu that she can get a small baby from her tummy but for that she have to become fat and if she becomes fat then you will feel bad naa. Pihu says no mamma as she is now ok with it. Priya asks her for dinner. Pihu tells her to take care of the small baby. Priya keeps guppy in happy lap and asks tiger to take care of guppy. Pihu kiss guppy and Ram and Priya smiles.

Priya says her princess is smart enough to understand the things. Ram asks her did you take the medicines. She jokes that she didn’t have it. she says everybody is taking care. Ram says but nobody is like him. They goes to have dinner.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Industries:

Vikram is on phone talking to neha that he is in office and will be back home soon. He sees sid and says lets go, I will drop you. but sid says he will go as he downloaded something. when vikram grew suspicious, sid agrees to go with him.

Sid again comes in the night to the office. He enters Ram cabin and begins searching for the file. Finally he gets it and he starts to read. He thinks in the flashback how ram scold Gopal kaka. he remembers ram saying he have to do as he say, and also Ram words that his good phase was the one when Priya was away from him. Sid says because of this clause you acted well infront of me, played with me. Now watch how I will turn the table.

He says I am two step ahead of you. He calls Ram and asks him to come. He says send me to jail. Ram says are you mad? He says I read the agreement and the clause and if I marry ayesha then they will get everything and nothing will remain for me. you only want to protect them. you are thinking to settle them and not me. Ram says this file was in my office and you theft it. I made this agreement when you was not in the picture. I was not aware of your existence. I put this clause to protect ayesha from whoever she marries. i didn’t knew that you will return someday. I wanted to protect them. you are suspicious on me. I fight with priya. Priya said you cant change but i said you will change but she was right. want to go to jail naa, lets go. Sid pleads sorry. ram leaves.

Scene shifts to Vikram home:

Vikram informs Ram that when sid came in your cabin for the charger, instead he came for the file. Ram says he is a fool. He didn’t know anything. vikram says he id overconfident. he is trapped in false agreement. Ram smiles. vikram says he knows sid that he dont read the contract before signing. They wonder that he didn’t read the original contract and if he read then also he might not have understood. Vikram says Sid was suspicious on you. Ram says it feels bad to lie and he is tired of lieing. vikram says you are a good man but sid and ayesha spends entire life in lieing. Ram says I married ayesha for him and sid dont care for ayesha and khush and care for himself only. Vikram says you will get your house for dadi, mama, rishabh. i saw with my eyes and you will get your rights so be focussed. Ram tells thatwe all needs to be alert and he will talk with priya. Episode ends on ram face.

Ayesha comes to Priya and says di I need to talk to you. Priya tells her to say fast as she dont have entire day for her. Ayesha says at one way you are marrying me to sid and other way you are sending sid to jail. Priya says only this thing. you should have called me on phone, I would have replied you.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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