Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 10th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 10th April 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 10th April 2013 Written Update

Princy is searching for Madhav and is trying him. She is in the corridor. Rahul is trying to hide from Princy. On the other side, pheras take place and Madhav and Aaradhya give each other’s promises in their mind. Pheras are done. Aaryadhya’s mom comes to call Princy for the rituals of mangalsultra and sindoor. The rituals are done. Panditji asks bride and bridegroom to take blessings from elders. Rahul sees all this from far. Aaradhya’s mom tells about a rasam and leads everyone to a room. Aaradhya is made to sit on Princy’s lap. Panditji gives a tall to Madhav for puja. Light has come now. Everyone sees Madhav as the groom and are shocked. Aaradhya’s father questions Madhav and his family and asks for Rahul. Rahul enters and explains that Madhav is Ehsaas to Aaradhya. She is devastated and cannot believe it.

Madhav’s grandmom tries to make Aaradhya understand but she refuses to listen. She declares that she has no feelings for Madhav. She runs into her room and is crying. Aaradhya’s sister’s father – in -law asks Aaradhya’s father to accept the fact that this marriage is complete and they need to accept the marriage. Aaradhya says he doesn’t accept this marriage.

Aaradhya’s father shouts at Madhav’s family. He asks his sambdhi to tell Madhav and his family members to go. Aaradhya remembers what Rahul said to her about Madhav being Ehsaas.

Precap: Rahul tells Princy that Dadi was not to be blamed but Princy slaps him. Princy shouts at Dadi. Dadi faints.

Update Credit to: Maria

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