Kya Hua Tera Vaada 10th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 10th April 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 10th April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Monas mom asks Bulbul to hurry.. n prays to Babaji ..! Bulbul calls up Rano and tells her that the restaurant is on fire and Mona is in hosp! Rano tells Rajbeer..! He rushes..! Bulbul reaches to the hosp n finds Mona unconscious ..! Alok is there! Doc informs that Mona is out of danger and will be conscious soon! Bulbul pleads to Mona to wake up..! Alok assures her that she is fine..! Bulbul asks about Jatin and Alok says.. his hand was burnt n has gone for dressing..! Bulbul asks about Jatins whereabouts ..and is told n the nurse also tells her about the guy who put his life in danger to save Mona ..! Bulbul asks about Jatins hand n thanks him ..! She tells Jatin that she has respected him her her mom’s would be hubby n today he did what her dad would have done..! Jatin says.. that he cant take Pradeeps place but till he is there he will try to ensure no one is in danger! Jatins moby rings and its his mom..! He takes the call ..! Anikas friends cell rings and she is told that Monas restaurant is on fire and they put the TV on! They get to know Vihaan is injured in fire too..!

Bulbul comes to the Emergency ward and gets to know about the patient who saved Mona and expresses gratitude..! Her self thought that today the patient has saved her mom n her life..! Bulbul catches the glimpse of Vihaans face n is shocked..but cant meet him.. as he is under sedation! Bulbul rues that Vihaan did so much for her ..! She cribs that she always misunderstands him always..misbehaved with him.. n Vihaan was busy fulfilling his friendship ..! She rues how Vihaan always supported her.. ! She tells him that she isnt as strong as she looks.. rather she is very scared and thats why she runs from herself. .her feelings n him..! She tells him how she used to scold him for coming late.. coz she was so used to having him.. around… to trust him …rehearse smiling for him…! Bulbul says that she is scared of all these things..! She rues that heartache is the result of love..n thats why when she found out about him being CEO ..she was angry on it proved no one is worthy of being trusted! Bulbul pleads to Vihaan to get well soon and that if he doesnt wanna talk will be ok..! Bulbul says that the thing she should have told him before.. she is telling him .. now… I LOVE U VIHAAN …!! Bulbul kisses Vihaan on the cheek..! BG-Tum ko paa hi liya.. Bandishen..! Bulbul turns to leave and Vihaan holds her hand n opens his eyes n says.. if she says like will he hear.. n asks her to repeat! Bulbul is delighted and Vihaan says.. she wont kiss him on the other cheek? He says till she says SHUT UP Vihaan will he get well ?? Vihaan says.. he cant give a .in short.. I LOVE U..! Vihaan passes out..! Bulbul goes to call Doc..!

Part 2

Vihaan is talking in his sleep n says.. ur back? Dun leave me and go.. ever please..! He says.. I really need u ..n its Anika..! He says.. that he knew.. that one day..she will understand his love. .n now no one will come between them..! He says.. I LOVE U …n Anika says.. I LOVE U Vihaan..! Anika kisses his hand!

Bulbul asks Doc to do something..! She asks him how he can see Vihaan in so much pain? She tells Doc to understand that Vihaan is someones life..! Doc says..he can understand her emotions..! Bulbul apologises n requests him again..! Vihaan is still talking in sleep n forget all old things and that no matter what she did.. he has forgotten everything n has not taken anything wrong..! He says.. important thing is she is with him ..! Doc comes n asks Anika to go out..! Anika does..! Anika prays for Vihaan to get well soon n swears not to leave him n go..!

Jatin is pacing in Monas room and Mona gets conscious. .! He asks her how she is feeling? She says.. she is ok..! She asks about him n his injury n he asks her what she thinks? He says..he is fine..! Mona asks about Vihaan n Jatin says..he is fine.. n Bulbul is with him..! Mona is about to say thanks n Jatin says..that if she says thanks he will get her an injection..! She says.. he saved her life.. n Jatin says..he saved HIS LIFE! Mona asks about her kids and Jatin says..they have come..! Jatin asks Mona if she trusts him just as much as she loves her kids? Mona says..yes and Jatin suggests her not to meet them yet.. n let him talk to them first..! He assures that. ..THEIR KIDS ..are about to come towards them.. for big gains..bigger patience is needed..! Mona agrees!

Part 3

Jatin comes out and tells her mom to go in! Rano-Rajbir try to enter too and Jatin stops them..! Rano asks him to let them see her.. n Jatin says… they are Monas kids.. n she is their mom…! He asks Rano if she thought how much Mona would have been hurt..when Rano walked out with Anu ..who snatched Monas everything …? He asks them where was their concern? Jatin says..they think he was coming between Mona n them.. he wont stop them.. they can go inside n hurt Mona.. she is used to all this..! Rajbir is about to enter n Rano stops him n they leave..! They walk away..but stop midway..! Rano requests Jatin to take care of Mona ..! Jatin assures he will..! Rano-Rajbir walk off..!

Precap — Bulbul tells Mona that Vihaan saved her life so.. she was tending to him..! Mona says.. he din save her life.. he STOLE HER LIFE (aka Bulbul)! She asks Bulbul to admit it. .n Bulbul goes shy!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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