Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 4th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with warden assembling all hostel girls and asking who brought boy inside. She orders guards to search whole hostel. Disha gets tensed towards her room. Watchmen come out and tell warden that they did not see any boy. Warden asks them all to go back to their duties and asks Disha to go back to her room. Disha does not find Arav in room and finds him hanging in balcony via cloth rope. He says he judged the situation like she does and hanged himself here and asks her to get him back in.

Ram gets conscious. Inspector asks who is he. He falls unconscious. Doc says his condition is still critical.

Arav comes back from school and asks Disha to get him up via balcony. Warden just then comes home talking over phone. Disha asks Arav to hide. Warden sees a shadow is about to catch Arav when Disha whistles. Warden asks why did she whistle. Disha says she did not and came here to pick dry clothes, then says to do yoga. Warden asks her to go in. Once warden leaves, Disha pulls Arav in.

Ram wakes up and tells ward boy that his children are waiting for him, so he has to go. Ward boy says he has to give police statement and then leave. Ram says he will not and runs from there.

Cateen lady informs Disha to come to canteen and have dinner. Arav says let us go. Disha says he cannot come and goes to canteen to bring food. Warden asks everyone to finish plate food first and then pick next. Disha asks cook to give her 2 more rotis. Warden asks her to finish plate food first. Disha packs her plate rotis and is about to leave when warden catches her and asks what is she hiding. She sees rotis and asks if she is stealing rotis. Disha gets tensed and says she has a habit of getting hungry at midnight, so she is carrying food. Warden asks her not to worry as she also gets hungry, so she keeps biscuits handy. Disha thanks her and leaves.

Arav at room eagerly waits for Disha. Disha gets food and says she will feed him today. He asks like mamma used to feed him. She nods yes and feeds her food. Warden comes with watchmen and is shocked to see that.

Ram reaches home and sees home locked. Neighbour informs that Disha and Arav are missing after handing over keys to landlord. Disha and Arav are seen walking on road reminiscing warden kicking them out. Ram goes to Karan’s house who says children did not come to his home. They both start searching Disha and Arav via taxi. Arav while walking on road tells Disha he is afraid and thinks thieves will attack them. She says nobody will attack them. He asks if they will go back to their house. She says they will not. She says let us elope like in films. She says his idea is good. Ram sees them via mirror and starts running behind. They think a thief is following them and hide behind tree. Karan tells Ram it is his imagination. Ram says he is sure he saw them. Disha and Arav sleep on park bench.

Precap: Disha finds Arav has high fever and makes him sleep on her lap on park bench. Ram reaches school where teach scolds him and says he could not be a good father or husband. Kapoor sees Disha and Arav on park bed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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