Qubool Hai 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 4th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Delhi international Airport
Shashi passes by shaad and jannat, but they dont recognise her. The official asks them to rest for a couple of hours at the lounge, before the next domestic flight. Shaad says that they shall manage.

Meanwhile, the new bride is too excited at having reached the airport, and while she rants, he asks her to compose herself. She tries to find for a coolie at the airport for the luggage, behaving utterly rural, much to ahil’s frustration. he hopes that he has to get to the domestic airport, to take the flight to Dharamshala. As he sets foot inside the airport, Ahil notices an instinctive sanam’s presence at the airport, while a veiled sanam stands right ahead of him in line. He is boggled at this sudden feeling. he is tensed thinking that he senses sanam here. The new bride comes breaking his deja vu, and takes him away, while sanam is taken away by shaad in a different direction.

Shashi calls someone, who welcomes her in India, and she expresses her concern at the tight security. the man asks her to look in front and find a packet. she complies and takes it. the man asks her to open it. she complies then too and finds that its a bomb laden uniform. she is surprised. he asks her to don it, and ensure her way out. she thanks him profusely and cancels the call. shashi smiles victoriously. She enters one of the toilets, in the washroom.

At the counter, the flight attendant asks ahil for the tickets, and he presents them. She tells him that these are domestic tickets from Delhi to Dharamshala. he apologises and presents them the other tickets to Paris. She is boggled and wonders why are there two tickets for different destinations, on the same date. Before she can enquire furhter, he distracts her and asks her to give the boarding pass for Paris only. She then takes her boarding pass, asking for a window seat. She continues with her naivety, which irritates ahil, who steps in and clearing the confusion, takes her away. The flight receptionist then calls someone that there’s a very suspicious passenger travelling, and identifying ahil, she sends his entire info, to her superior. then a guard comes to the same indian officer, who had received shaad, about suspicious nature of ahil. He goes to check on him. Before he does so, he finds a match of shashi, in the form of afreen Khan, the alibi that she has taken. Sanam meanwhile excuses herself to go to the bathroom, as she is feeling uneasy. shaad says that he shall wait outside. Inside, sanam feels that after a long time, returning back to her native land, she instinctively feels that she is much closer to someone here, and feels a connection from the heart. Meanwhile, while shashi is changing inside, wearing the bomb suicide jacket, activating it too, jannat, oblivious of all this, stands outside waiting in line. Finally, before shashi opens, the next washroom opens up, and before shashi can come out, jannat enters just in time, in the other one. shashi begins to freshen up and give final touches to her makeup.

Outside, right behind shaad, ahil and the new bride arrive. ahil tries to get away from her, saying that she looks so streed up, and insists on sending her to the washroom to freshn up and look her best. She complies, while assuring him to stay here only, while she returns. he complies.

The new bride enters the washroom, and then eyes shashi, with her back towards her. the new bride then asks shashi, that she feels she has seen her somewhere. Shashi is shocked but composes herself saying that she is an airhostess and must have seen her. she notices the Pakistan tag on her bag and confirms if she is from there. Shashi says yes. Shashi wonders and doubts that she must be an intelligence agent from india, and that she cant risk her exposure at all.

Outside, shaad and ahil wait for their better halves. He asks time from shaad, and he tells pakistan time, and makes an estimate of Indian time. he is surprised to know that shaad is from pakistan. Shaad asks any special connection. Ahil says that he is connected from the heart, but it got lost somewhere in between.

Later, shashi tries to stealthily stab the new bride, while she is obliviously busy doing her makeup, in the washroom, but she stops when the new bride suddenly turns around and asks her for shopping sites in Paris. Shashi distracts her saying that her kajal is smeared up, and the new bride gets back to doing it right. Shashi is about to stab her again, when jannat comes out. both shashi and the new bride have their eyes turned away. shashi doesnt recognise her, as her face is turned away. Sanam comes and washes her face, while shashi is dressed as an airhostess, pretends to be doing touch up. sanam is oblivious of the double danger she is engulfed in. the screen freezes on the trio’s face.

Precap: While sanam is going through footwear in a shop, ahil comes and places his hand on the very piece that she has chosen too. He eyes her, through the burqa, while she too eyes him quizzically. Meanwhile, the new bride is also going through footwear, when shashi comes and places her bomb, stealthily in one of the bags. The shopowner asks them to hurry and evacuate the campus, as there are rumous of a bomb floating around.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. well this is a crap ahil n sanam is so close still he can’t recognize her eyes left out sanam she lost her memory but ahil so stupid he take too long to catch on things it will be better if sanam stay with shaad cuz he like he handicap

  2. This is horrible

  3. I agree with you rani this is the same thing I was saying before ahil is toooooooooooo dotish he take tooooooooooooo long to catch on to simple things and come to think of it I think he is best suited for long toe nail and leave sanam I with shaaz they make a better couple shad is better looking than ahil and smarter also while ahil is so damn ugly and he always wearing these old time pointy tip shoes and he does not have a good body so please leave him with longtoe nail

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      gloria just shut ur mouth k. U r saying aahil dont hve good body. Den plz explain me wt is good body in ur dictionary? U r saying in such a way tat ur having a good body. ha ha ha funny

  4. Lol goriller u are total hater daaaaaamn!,,,hahaha i dont think ahil is as ugly as u make it sound

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  16. Dear all dear all
    Agree with all of u, qubool hai has lost its charm and its no more that nice as zoya’s time ….. But my jokes are always charming as it brings lovely smile on ur face. Here i start …..
    Husband : D arling …. ! Tumhara naam hath pe likhu ya dil pe likhu ?
    Wife : idhar udhar kyun likhte ho … ?
    Agar sacha pyar karte ho tho sidhe apne property ke paper pe likho ….!
    Aaj k wife k saamne style nhi maarne ka ……!

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