Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 25th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 25th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Ram finding Anu in garden and asking her to come and get chemotherapy. She says she will not as it is very painful. He says he agreed for her 3 wishes, but why cant she agree for his one wish. She agrees. He asks what is her 2nd wish. She says it is a romantic wish and says she wants to go to a place where they met first. He says he is romantic and says they will go for sure. He takes her for chemotherapy.

Dad asks his assistant Sooraj to give him Tagore’s book. Sooraj gives it to him. He sees Anu’s childhood drawing in it, gets angry and asks him to throw it. Sooraj says Anu was really repenting and was looking very ill, he should meet her. Dad says his wound is very old and its name is Ram. Sooraj requests him again, but he walks out.

Daughter massages Anu’s head. Arav says he will massage mom’s head and asks her to massage dad’s head. Anu asks what he wants to become in life. He says a big doc and wants to make her proud. Ram comes and asks children to go and pack their bags. He tells Anu he is fulfilling her second wish and asks what is her third wish. She says she will when time comes. Children come back and ask where are they going. He says Jodhpur. They shout excitedly.

Ram reaches with family reaches Jodhpur and a hotel. Manager greets them in and gives room keys. Arav asks if it is hotel or palace. Ram says it is palace, but prince converted into hotel. Daughter asks if mom and he met here first time. Anu asks her to see the place and speak.

Anu’s neighbours sees doc trying to start his scooter unsuccessfully. Sooraj comes and asks Ram’s address. Neighbours say they have gone to Jodhpur on vacation.

Children ask Anu and Ram why did they come to Jodhpur when they were from Mumbai. Anu says she came on vacation and Ram on a music trip to play his violin and their love chord striked. Anu thanks Ram for fulfilling her wishes.

Children enjoy running in balcony. Anu and Ram come there and ask Arav to be careful. Arav says mom and dad’s romance started from here. Ram says it looks like he is his father instead. Arav asks to show how they met here. Ram mimics and tells lie. Anu says he is lying and she mimics. Ram signals their signals. Anu says they met in lobby and not here and tells he was playing violin here and she was clicking pics. Daughter asks to show how she took pic. Anu climbs railing and tells how she moved backward and while moving, she slips and is about to fall when Ram holds her on time. She leaves his hand, but he holds her with both hands, pushes back and hugs her. She asks why did he push him back.

Ram takes her to the eand asks why was she talking weird. Anu tells children instead of hugging her, he is scolding her. Daughter asks what did she say dad that he is so angry. Ram says Anu told…Anu stops him.. Arav says he will be punished for scolding mom and asks him to do situps. He does 7 and counts 15 directly. He sits and counts 50 directly and his pant tears. He runs from there.

Precap: Ram and family enjoy Jodhpur vacation, dancing and riding camel.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Beautiful episode!

  2. rams and anus daughters name is disha ram ahuja

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