Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 25th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 25th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sushim says to Bindu that i have brought letter of Helean for you, Bindu says an soldier could have brought it, Sushim says then how would i have met you? i was sad in palace without you, i was hurt to think that i couldnt lessen your pain, i feel hurt that you didnt even think to share your pain with me so thought to come to you and ask are you fine? Bindu says i am fine and when son cares for fatehr so much then father do feel good, he hugs Sushim, Ashok gets hurt seeing this, Sushim smirks seeing Ashok sad.
Noor and Justin are sitting on bed, Noor says we understand each other well, i am alive only because of your love, Noor says earlier when you used to go away from palace, i used to feel that you will not return but now i have started trusting you, i have started feeling that you will not leave me ever, you will not go away, you will keep loving me like this, Justin gets tensed and recalls how Helena told him that his marriage is fixed, Noor says i know you are tensed because of Charu and Sushim, you are thinking why did she send Sushim behind Bindu, Justin says this is not important, Noor says it is important, Bindu will think that how mush Charu and Sushim cares for him and in all this my Siamak will be left behind, all knows that Siamak is more capable of becoming Samrat then Sushim, i wont let Charu pass in her games, Justin says you have nothing to talk about other than Charu and Sushim, Noor says what you want to talk about, Justin says leave it, you wont understand, he leaves.
Sushim comes to Ashok, Ashok says we welcome our guests who ever it is, he gives him juice, Sushim says what happened to you ,after that i have understood how important parents are in life, now i know parents are very close to us, you saw how much happy Bindu was seeing me, i cant imagine m life without parent, i pray to God that he gives strength to you to live life without parents, Ashok looks at him.

Scene 2
Helena is buying jewelry for justin’s bride, she ask Justin did you like it? Justin says that when you didnt ask me about girl then why you are asking me for jewelry, you select this too.
Bindu reads letter of Helena, he says what she want to tell about Ujjain’s king, i have to leave for Patliputra soon but how to convince AShok. Sushim brings Ashok there, Sushim says i want to end our enmity today, he says to Ashok that Bindu has given you so much love that i couldnt bear it, its not easy to be king’s son, we have such a big family then you came in, i used to fell why Bindu sepnd so much time with a common guy, i used to fell why Bindu doesnt spend that time with me, i started feeling jealous with you but i should have understood that the one who is so close to Bindu, i should respect him, if i insult you then its like insulting my father, forgive me Ashok, Bindu says Ashok forgive him, Sushim thinks what kind of father is he, asking a common guy to forgive his son, Ashok says i would have forgiven you if i had something against you, i have no hard feelings for you, so no need to say sorry, Sushim says you are such a good guy, he hugs Ashok, Bindu smiles. Sushim says to Bindu that me, you and Ashok will go for sight seeing, Vann is a beautiful city, Bindu says no i have some work with Khuarsan, you both go, Sushim says ok, he takes Ashok with him.

Scene 3
Noor is making Siamak practice hard things, Siamak says its hurting me, Noor says i will have no mercy on you today, Justin comes and ask what are you doing, he is a kid, Noor says till when he will remain kid, he has to go ahead of Sushim, Justin ask Siamak to leave, he leaves, Justin says why you are obsessed with Charu and Sushim, Noor says you have no right to question me about my son, she ask helena is buying jewelry why? justin says i dont know, he leaves, Noor says Justin is hiding something from me.
Ashok is talking with Sushim in jungle, Sushim says you talk good, thats why Bindu likes you, he ask is there any place here from where we can see whole Vanm, Ashok says there is, i will take you there, come.
Helena calls Justin in her room, she says i want you to write letter, he sits to write letter, she says write to ujjain’s king that Bindu will return to Patliputra soon, i request you to send official proposal of your niece for Justin to Bindu, justin wants this marriage to happen fast, Justin doesnt write it and says give me poison instead of doing this, Helena says i will give it too, Noor has made you blind and i will do everything to make her away from you, throw her out of your heart, Justin says she will never go away from my heart, you cant do anything, Helena says you have time till Bindu’s return, once he gives his nod for this marriage then you wont be able to do anything, Justin leaves angrily.

Scene 4
Ashok brings Sushim to cliff from where he can see whole Vann, Sushim says this is such a beautiful sight, its a peaceful place, he says to Ashok that you are lucky to live here, he diverts Ashok’s attention, sushim pushes Ashok off cliff, Ashok shouts Maa and falls from cliff, Sushim smirks, Ashok shouts Sushim help me, sushim finds Ashok holding stone and has not fallen from cliff, Sushim says i will comeback Ashok, i will help you, he leaves from there.
Justin gives letter to soldier to send it to Ujjain’s king, Charu comes there and says they are our enemies, Justin says Raja Jiraj is not enemy, his brother and he was killed by Bindu, i am doing everything for Magdh’s good, Charu says you think i will believe you, you never did anything for Magdh’s good, Justin says did you do anything for Maghd? Charu gets silent, Justin says you cant answer my question, how will you win this throne game? he leaves, Charu says the one who runs away from field is loser.
Ashok is hanging, he is trying to climb the mountain, while on mountain, Sushim is enjoying fruits, Ashok thinks that Sushim will come to help me till then i will try to climb it, Sushim finds some horse sound, its Bindu who is coming on horse, Sushim is shocked, Ashok says Sushim where are you, my grip is losing, Sushim runs from there seeing Bindu, Bindu shouts Ashok where are you? AShok says i am here, bindu finds him hanging on cliff, AShok says help me, i am not able hold it anymore, his fist loses the stone and Ashok falls from cliff, Bindu is shocked.

PRECAP- Noor says to Helena that many jewelers are coming in palace, whats the occasion? Helena gifts her one neck piece, Noor says its very beautiful, Helena says go to my son after wearing this as he is already spell bound by your beauty, Noor is shocked to know that she knows about her affair with Justin.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode.. bindu saves ashoka’s life .. so ashoka will agree to go with bindusar …

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