Dil Hi Toh Hai 28th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Manjeet ji falls in another trap

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Palak and Ritvik are in the car. He points out that it has rained every time they met. We kissed when it was raining. That night it was raining as well (when they got close to each other). It is raining today too when our families are meeting. We should get drenched. She refuses but he opens the door for her. Rain stops. He looks at the sky in disbelief. She teases him. Ritvik says I just made a girlfriend and only I got drenched. I am sure God is a male as he saved a girl. She tells him that God if actually a female and is very practical. He calls her practical like his mother while she calls him senti like her mother. He suggests meeting their mothers then. She corrects him that she meant of the qualities they have. He teases her cutely and pulls her closer. You too have many qualities. She jokes that she will have to find some in him too. He smiles.

Manjeet ji and Gayatri are talking about the wedding plan. Mrs. Puri and Saanchi join them. Manjeet ji tries to excuse herself but Mrs. Puri tells her to let bygones be bygones. Come in the wedding now and bless Setu. Setu thanks her. She invites Manjeet ji on all the events. Gayatri, Setu and Mira go aside to discuss something. Saanchi
Manjeet ji says she is grown up and smart. She must have thought of something before signing it. Saanchi agrees. Dad has clearly declared that you and Palak are only after Ritvik’s money which is why he made her sign the agreement. Relations are based on trust and not on doubts. Please think again. Manjeet ji goes.

Palak is instructions the ladies to pack the sweets well. Manjeet ji pulls her aside. I sent you there to save our respect while you signed the pre-nup agreement! Palak asks her who told her this. MAnjeet ji does not tell her. Palak says I dint bow down but I proudly told them that we don’t need their money. What happened with Ritvik and his family in the past has made them cautious. That agreement means nothing! Manjeet ji keeps speaking against Ritvik. I feel only you are madly after Ritvik! He should tear the agreement first and then marry you!

Manjeet ji calls Saanchi and tells her she isn’t happy with what Palak did. Saanchi suggests her a lawyer who will guide her as to what all should be in the agreement. Manjeet ji asks her to send the number of that lawyer (Prashant Virani). Saanchi agrees.

Manjeet ji calls Prashant and fixes an appointment with his PA. She next sends a thank you message to Saanchi. Saanchi calls Mr. Puri. I convinced Manjeet ji to meet the lawyer. Mr. Puri thanks her for the good news. VP asks him if he hit some lottery. Mr. Puri tells him to think like that only.

Palak is trying Aman and Ritvik’s number but they aren’t picking her calls.

Noon family is sitting at one place and talking. Saanchi asks Rishabh if they are doing the right thing. He nods. Palak isn’t the right girl for Ritvik. Dad will also see that Ritvik is not always right. I am only making things better for everyone.

Shanaya and Shivam ask for gift on Ritvik’s wedding. Shivam shows Ritvik’s slam book to everyone. Ritvik lunges at it. Shivam says it is like the social media of that era. Shivam tells some highlights of the slam book. Ritvik finally gets hold of it. From where did you find it? He gets Palak’s call and hands over the slam book to Dadi.

Palak tells Ritvik that mumma is upset after knowing about the agreement. I tried to make her understand but she feels that your family is trying to show us down. Mumma is feeling really bad maybe because of what happened in the past. Mamta asks Ritvik if everything is fine. Ritvik tells her. He tells Palak he will go there but Mamta tells him to let her and VP go there. Mamta tells Palak to manage it for tonight. We will talk face to face tomorrow and it will make things better. She returns the phone to Ritvik. Shivam comes there, snatches the phone from Ritvik’s hand and tells Palak that Bhai wanted to become a gynaecologist. Ritvik takes the phone back. Palak tells him that she knows it already. He says I was a kid and these things happen. She calls him that kind of guy. Ritvik says people change because of people. Shivam teases his brother. Bhabhi changed you! Ritvik tells Palak that she knows about his past. Palak tells him it was his past. I know the real you. He assures her that his parents will make sure her mom’s dignity, respect isn’t hampered. She agrees.

Palak’s family is sitting at the dining table. Manjeet ji is still very much upset with Palak on what she did. Her husband seconds her to some extent. Palak reasons that she does not mind it if signing one paper can bring Ritvik and her together. We want to be together and this paper is nothing in front of it! Manjeet ji still scolds her. Palak’s father receives a call from VP. He apologizes for whatever went wrong between their families in the past. I think we should meet and talk. Palak’s father agrees. Manjeet ji is all the angrier now as her husband has agreed to meet Noon’s. Palak wont marry them unless this agreement is cancelled.

Palak’s father tries to make Manjeet ji understand that they should do it for Palak’s sake. Manjeet ji says everyone is just making their own decisions. Palak wipes her tears.

VP tells Ritvik not to worry. I will pacify your in-laws. Everyone sits down for breakfast. Noon family talks excitedly about the wedding while Rishabh talks in riddles.

Setu is trying to break the kaleera’s on Palak’s but it does not happen. Ananya sits down next and she gets lucky. Setu hugs her happily.

Palak calls Ritvik who calls him sweetheart. She tells him she is very much worried for what is going to happen today. Ananya comes to say something to Palak when she notices Ritvik on the video call. Ananya asks her to dance with her. Palak is hesitant but Ananya convinces her. Let bygones be bygones. Palak agrees. Ananya and Palak high-five.

Manjeet ji meets Prashant Virmani and tells him everything. Assistant finds a loophole. Girl wont get anything if the guy leaves her. It is the girl who will pay for everything. If the girl leaves the guy then they can question her character and dignity. It is a loss for the girl in both the ways. Manjeet ji looks tensed.

Precap: Ritvik ties the thread of Palak’s blouse. She asks him if he can love but not trust her. He says something in return.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Didn’t think sanchi will turn out so stupid she can’t see by now her husband jealousy towards ritwik and manjeet will make a mess of everything again smh

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