Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Parmeet blasts a dynamite

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita saying you can’t leave me Raman. The rescue team drills the rocks and follows some map. She sees the rocks falling and says stop the drilling, help. She says they are coming to save us Raman. The man hears her and says we are getting a sound here. Everyone comes there and shouts to Ishita. Ishita asks are you able to hear me, Raman is injured, his pulse rate is low, I m scared for him. They ask her to get back. She says make sure there isn’t any landslide. Mani says don’t worry, we are sending food, water and medicines for you. She says Raman, they can hear us, they are sending help. She gets a parcel. She gets it and gets some necessities inside. She does the aid and fixes oxygen mask to Raman. He gets conscious. She asks are you okay, drink this water. She checks medicines. She ties the bandage to his wound. The rescue team drops a camera by wires. She takes it to Raman.

Everyone sees Raman and Ishita on screen and get a relief. The man says we have to go this way and rescue them. They go to make some way. Parmeet looks on. The men enter the cave and ask can you listen to us. Ishita says we are this side. The men reach them and get them out of the tunnel. Raman and Ishita come out. Everyone looks on. Raman is taken on a stretcher. Ishita goes with him. Parmeet sees dynamite and thinks its the last chance to kill them, it would be great if they all die together, I will get saved. Raman is taken to ambulance. Everyone asks the medical staff to check Raman.

Parmeet takes the disguise of rescue team member. Raman sees Parmeet and thinks what is he doing here in these clothes. Ishita asks what happened. Raman looks out and gets shocked seeing the dynamites. He asks Ishita to stop everyone. He runs to throw the dynamite. Ishita runs after him. Everyone looks on. Raman throws the dynamite. Parmeet blasts it and smiles. Everyone runs to Raman and Ishita, and check them. Raman and Ishita are holding hands. They are taken by the medical staff. Simmi sees Parmeet away and runs to him. She shouts to police. She says you have done this blast and put Raman and Ishita in danger. She catches him. He says I didn’t do anything. Police sees him. Parmeet bites her hand and runs. Inspector shoots at his leg. Simmi slaps Parmeet and scolds him. He is taken away by police.

Ishita gets treated and sees Raman’s critical state. She asks what happened, what’s the complication. She cries seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Brilliant episodes ! Cvs thank you for this !
    Both Kp and Dt nailed it ! What a powerful performance ! We fans say ishra Ruhi ke liye or
    Pihu ke liye … nothing like that ….they lived for their family and kids … but they love unconditionally for each other … beautifully directed … no actors can perform such a brilliant acting ! I have no words to express .. I was so annoyed for this cave track .. though it was to redeem Simmi ….
    cvs really butchered Ishra to the core for Shaghun and Roshini … … or they cud have made it more beautiful without killing Adi ! I cant slee without writing the comments . A big salute to KP and Dt ….

  2. It’s about time Parmeet gets his comeuppance

  3. Parmeet should not be jailed.Again he will come back with Bail with bribing some people. He should be punished by Physically ( without legs & hands) then only the justice . Wow how long he troubles Bhalla family.( and also Adhi & Ananya murdered by Param truth will be knows to every body.

    1. What?!! Param killed Ananya? I know param is evil, but why would he kill his own daughter. And Adi was shot by ishita right…

  4. Very long time we have seen brilliant episode. The actors Both Raman & Ishitha acting so well

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