Dil Hi Toh Hai 25th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikrant’s mum big daddy was VP’s ex-wife and Rithvik’s mother

Dil Hi Toh Hai 25th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Big daddy saying she will only win. Her father says now I know why you call her big daddy. Vikrant tells her that her work is done. Vijay thinks of his first wife who was big daddy. Rishabh comes there and asks why didn’t you sleep? Vijay tells him that he feels he has done a mistake and tells that he has decorated the room for Ricky. He misses Rithvik and cries. Rithvik also thinks of VP and gets tears. Yaadein song plays…..Palak tells Rithvik that if mom would have wait for more time then it would be good. Rithvik says mom must have told everyone about us. He gives her gift and says it sprouts salad. He tells that he has opened a Demat account and got a profit of 10000. Palak asks from where he got the money? He says he has sold his watch. He says he will bring roti

maker and salad maker etc. Palak says we have to spend money wisely and tells that she didn’t have any hardship. Mamta comes home and praises Palak. She tells that Palak makes such a delicious food and is learning to be such a good home maker. She says she handles Rithvik gently and very carefully. VP says she is just a show off. Mamta says I remembered our old days seeing Rithvik and Palak’s house, and says the relations are strong which are there in hard times. VP hears her.

Vikrant asks Big daddy if someone is giving her news about noons. She says she knows everything about them. Vikrant challenges her. She asks him not to challenge. Rithvik gets dream about his mom and recalls her words asking him not to fall in love. Palak asks shall I give you yesterday’s treatment and asks him to calm himself. She asks him not to make his present suffer because of the past. She asks him to take a deep breath and relaxes his head by massaging his head. Khushi bangaye ho….plays….Rithvik tells her that he is very stressed and teases her. Palak realizes what he is trying to say. Rithvik says I will remove my shirt. Palak asks him to remove all his clothes. He asks all? Palak says I am your wife.

Palak asks if he is ready. Rithvik says I am very comfortable. He turns and sees her wearing doctor stethoscope. She says I will do physiotherapy sessions. She pierces needle on him. He shouts. She says all nerves will be fine and your nervousness will go. Palak teases him and says I have a way. She asks if I don’t make you sleep then.

VP and Mamta are in the park. He says Rithvik cares for you just and fought with me. Mamta asks why do you behave like a step father, she says she is step mom, but he acts as step father. He is about to hug her, when Big daddy comes rushing there making them separate. Vikrant comes to big daddy and says you must have heard them. She says VP is obsessed with Rithvik. VP reminisces his first wife Gita and thinks she was like that. Gita hears VP and Mamta. Palak comes to meet Vikrant and says she can’t understand why he gave promotion. Vikrant says I told you already that I will give you promotion if a position is vacant. VP comes to meet Vikrant. Vikrant says you will assist our senior scientist. Palak says sure. Vikrant invites Palak for the party. Palak says I hardly know you. Vikrant says you are special as you are working on a special project. Palak says I will come with my husband. Vikrant asks her to come alone without her husband. Palak says she never goes alone. Vikrant says please come to my party without your husband and celebrate your promotion with us. He asks her to come alone and asks her to trust him, says it will be fun. VP hears them. Palak says ofcourse I will come without my husband and have fun.

VP tells Rithvik that Palak went to her boss house for party and said that she will have fun. Rithvik confronts Palak.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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