Emotions – Not A Toy (Part-2) (TS) Last Part!

She looked at him. He seems familiar. He looks at her, but doesn’t react.

A: Shivaay, right?

S: Yes! You know me?

A: C’mon, who doesn’t know about you? Famous businessman and Om’s going to be brother-in-law, right?

S: Yes! Are you Anika?

A: Yes!

S: I saw you at the beach.

A: Me? Oh..ya..I was at the beach because this flight was at 9.30.p.m. So I thought of going around.

S: Oh….! I had a doubt, so I didn’t talk to you there.

Soon, their friendship started. Slowly, they fell in love with each other.

Months passed….

Shivaay had to go to Gauri –  Om’s Marriage. Anika couldn’t come as she didn’t get any leave. She got a leave on the day of reception, but she didn’t inform Shivaay about this. She thought to surprise him.


Shivaay got into the guest room to see two people kissing.

S: Excuse me…(He gets shocked seeing the lady)

The lady was Anika. She smirks. Om and Gauri also sees this.

S: Why did you do this to me?

A: Sorry, babes..! He is my boyfriend now. I wanted to make him jealous, so I went around with you.

S: But…

A: It’s ok, you will forget within days.

Shivaay gets sad and goes to the beach. He sits on the bench where Anika was sitting that day.

Tears started flowing.

S: (screams) Anika, why did you do this to me? I really loved you!!

A lady sits on the bench and he looks at her.

L: Dard hua? (Is it paining?)

S: Majaak utta rahe ho, Anika? (Are you making fun of me, Anika?)

A: Nahi….Dard hua? (No..Is it paining?)

S: Ha…(Yes!)

A: Here..(points at his chest)

S: Ha… Yahan…(suddenly remembers) Tum tumare boyfriend ke pass jao. (yes…here…(pauses) You go with your boyfriend)

A: Girls can forget their feelings, right?

What did Anika mean?


Anika was about to surprise Shivaay by entering into Om’s room, where these two friends are talking. She was about to go there, when she heard their talks.

O: How’s Ani?

S: She is fine. I told you right, girls will forget it very fast.

O: But then also, I don’t think so what we did was right.

S: C’mon, Om. These girls don’t have that great feelings like us, boys.

Anika was shocked. She runs out and brings a common friend of theirs who used to be with them in Mumbai. Then she tells him about a plan. You know what really happened. They didn’t really kiss.

Shivaay saw them from that back, so he thought that they were kissing.


Shivaay looks at her.

A: Think how much I would have felt when you people didn’t tell me. Suddenly, you found out the truth. We do have feelings Shivaay! We do not express them most of the times, so that it doesn’t hurt others. That doesn’t mean that we have no emotions. Emotions are not a toy to play with. What did you feel when I did like that? Hurt, right?

Shivaay nods in guilty. Anika continues.

A: When you people hid it from me, it was like you didn’t even care for me. It hurts to know that your love cheated you. I never cheated you. It was just acting. With an act, you felt hurt. What about me? Who faced it in real? Just because I fell in love with you within months, doesn’t mean that I forgot that betrayal.

S: I am sorry, Anika. I never understood you feelings. I always thought boys were someone with emotions. Only girls will cheat people like how you see outside. I now know how it hurts. I am sorry. Sometimes I feel that you were an exception. Someone who can feel something as compared to what I used to think girls think.

A: Its ok, Shivaay. Now as you understood, can we… (She doesn’t complete)

She kisses him passionately. He was shocked, but he too reciprocates. It was a passionate one.


So, people, all are not Anika and not like Shivaay. Never play with anyone’s emotions. It really hurts.

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  1. Stargazer

    Loved it……. Seriously, connected very well with my life….

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      Thank You!!!!!!!!!!! Some incidents are well connected in life, such that you can never forget it!

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  2. ItsmePrabha

    Achu,Awesome one.. Amazingly written..

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      Thank You So Much, di!!!!!!

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    It is amazing dear

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      Thank You So Much!!!!!!

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