Dil Hi Toh Hai 23rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Gita decides to meet Ritwik

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Palak and Setu are outside Raheja house. There’s a flower delivery. It’s from Noons. Palak and Setu stop him from going inside and take flowers.

Vikrant says sorry to Gita. Gita is furious. She says it’s time for everyone to find out what happened years ago.

Ritwik wakes up. Rohit is there. Ritwik figures Palak stopped him at home purposely. He wonders why she would do that. Just then Manjeet comes there asking if anyone saw Palak. Ritwik asks she didn’t attend sangeet? Manjeet informs that marriage is called off. They chit-chat. Later, Ritwik goes in kitchen and finds sleeping pills bottle.

Rishabh tells VP that Manjeet will make Ritwik serve drinks now. VP says he will go and make Ritwik realize that Vikrant has an affair with Palak. Mamta comes and

informs that marriage is called off. Rishabh puts blame on Palak’s bad luck to make VP angry.

Taari informs Gita that Palak doesn’t want Ritwik to feel the same pain again. Taari tells Gita that her plan wasn’t right either. Gita asks what else can she do. No one sees VP’s mistakes. He also threw Ritwik out all of a sudden. Taari asks to think about her. Whether she wants to correct her mistakes or just show everyone VP’s mistakes. She suggests Gita to tell all truth to Palak. Palak will understand and support her. Gita says it’s too late for that. Now she will only face Ritwik. She decides to go and meet him.

VP is furious at Palak. Mamta is trying to put sense into him. Just then flower guy comes and says 2 girls stopped him and destroyed flowers. He recalls Palak’s name. Vp gets more furious saying she doesn’t want Rahejas and Noons to get closer to each other, so she can trap Vikrant. Mamta can’t believe what all he’s saying.

Palak comes home. Her and Ritwik talk. Ritwik asks her if she’s having any affair or anything. She says no and asks why he’s saying that. He says what there can be that she needs to hide from him. She has become very strange since she joined Vikrant’s office. She asks he thinks she’s having affair because of that? He says he hopes not, but for sure she is hiding something. He’s not same Ritwik as he used to be, so it’s okay if she gets attracted to someone else. She says she’s not having any affair. It’s possible she didn’t tell him something, but it’s because she is waiting for right time. He then asks why she mixed sleeping pills in tea. She didn’t want him to attend sangeet? She tries to change topic which he understands, but doesn’t say anything as she says some things are not to be told.

In night, they are sleeping. Ritwik wakes up and thinks there is something for sure that Palak is hiding from him.

Precap: Gita calls Ritwik and says if he wants to know what Palak is hiding from him, then meet her. He asks who is she?

Update Credit to: Simmy

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