Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Tarkasura destroys temples.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with gunesh telling the story. by the time, the gods had gone to brahma dev for help, tarkasura had taken control of earth and swarg lok and patal lok. Brahma dev then suggest the gods to go and pray to mata adishakti. Indra dev and all gods pray to mata adishakti and she appears. Indra dev says mata, it is time for your form mata shailputri to be born as tarkasura has reached his limit of destruction, he is spreading evil everywhere. Suryadev says yes mata, only your Shakti can stop tarkasura. Adishakti says yes dev gan, I know, it is now time for me to be born to mata maina and king himavat in the form of devi shailputri.
Gunesh says while mata adishakti was ready to be born in her new form on earth, tarkasura was ruling in swarg lok.
In swarg lok, tarkasura

is in the palace and says to his wife, I will change everything, whenever I come here I feel very angry as I look around and it is because this swarg consists of everything that is of gods, so I will change everything and remove the existence of gods from here.
Tarkasura goes out and he starts replacing all the palaces with his new and huge palaces! Tarkasura laughs and then replaces Chandra dev’s palace with a new grand palace. Tarkasura then goes in his court and tells his demons, from now wherever there is any existence of any temples, rishi’s and anything related to gods, it should be destroyed and my temples shall be built, the people should say only one mantra, om tarkasuray namaha! The demons follow the orders and start destroying temples, killing rishi’s and innocent people and beating everyone! They force people to pray to tarkasura. Tarkasura rides his chariot as he laughs and drinks madeera.
While all this happens, tarkasura once gets a dream where he sees a divya god warrior(kartikeya) about to kill him. tarkasura wakes up scared and says it was just a dream, no one can kill me.
Gunesh tells devodas that this dream was a warning for tarkasura that his end is near if he doesn’t stop but tarkasura still continued doing adharma, and he ignored the truth because of his ego.
As this all happened, there the gods were worried and indra dev says if mata shailputri is not born soon and adishakti doesn’t do something, then tarkasura will end this world.
There devi maina and raja himavat are in their palace. Devi maina in her human form is soon going to give birth to mata shailputri but unknown that she is a goddess as well. Brahma dev disguises as a rishi to make devi maina realize who she is and what her duty shall be next. Raja himavat and devi maina welcome brahma dev as the rishi and brahma dev says, daughter maina it feels like you have something to say, say it. devi maina says yes rishi var, I had dreams and visions where I saw a yagya with many rishi’s and 4 divya souls, and also sarad kumar’s. rishi says it is right and what did you feel? devi maina says I feel like I want to give birth to a daughter and mata adishakti is going to be born as my daughter in her next form. Brahma dev removes his disguises and raja himavat and maina do pranam and are surprised. Brahma dev says raja himavat and daughter maina, you are right, soon devi adishakti will be born in her new form to you but for that you have to do Pooja to devi adishakti, this Pooja is such that if it is done to mata in the right way, she will take birth as your daughter. Brahma dev goes.
Gunesh says thus devi maina and raja himavat sat for prayers to mata adishakti for many days, they did not move and kept praying and doing the Pooja, finally mata was impressed by their prayers.

Precap: Mata adishakti gives another chance to tarkasura and shows him another dream as a warning where his head is cut by an arrow.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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