Dil Hi Toh Hai 21st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Palak confesses her love for Ritwik

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Palak loses her balance on stairs. Ritwik catches her. He turns on the lights and asks what is she doing like a thief? She says she was trying to find the lights switch. She feels someone is following her and is very tensed. He thinks it could be Kabir. She says it’s possible. They get up. Palak’s got injured and can’t walk. He lifts her and takes to the sofa. He says he will get ice pack or something. She says it’s fine, it will be fine by morning. He still goes and gets it. He massages her feet with ice pack. She watches him. He says he made her life mess, right? She asks why he stays lost, angry since he told her that he loves her. Is it that bad to love her? He asks her to tell. She didn’t answer. She recalls her parents words and says they will never agree. He asks what about her? Ananya comes there to make coffee. She feels awkward to be there and feels hurt. Palak leaves. Ritwik goes to her and offers help in making coffee. She says he can’t help her now. He leaves.

Next day, Ananya, Ritwik, Palak are at a restaurant for lunch. Ananya tells them to eat something. Ritwik says he’s trying to contact Rohit, will eat later. Palak also refuses. Some couple come there and ask Ananya, Ritwik what they are doing in Mumbai on their wedding day? Ananya says they are not getting married. That couple says sorry. Ananya says but they are still friends. Nothing can affect their friendship. Palak gets a call from her mother. She asks her whether she likes Ritwik? Palak says it’s not like that. She doesn’t want to hurt Ananya and Noons also insulted them so much. Her mother says she’s asking about her. Whether she likes Ritwik or no? Palak looks at Ritwik. She disconnects call. Her mother informs her father that Palak has fallen in love with Ritwik. Her father is shocked.

Ananya says Rohit called her and said Kabir is busy partying. He’s at his friend’s place. They should go there and check. Palak tells Ritwik and Ananya to go there. She will go to other place where Kabir has a house and he used to torture Setu there when they were married. Ananya says going alone would be risky. Palak says if Kabir finds out they are in Mumbai, then he will move Setu elsewhere. They don’t have time, so they have to divide and move fast. She won’t go inside, just keep an eye from outside and if she finds anything, she will call them. She leaves. Ananya tells Ritwik to go with her, but he says it’s fine.

Mamta informs her family that Ritwik is in Mumbai to find Setu. Reeva says that’s not his job, that’s police job. She doesn’t get why those 4 are being detectives. Aman says Palak is Setu’s friend and Rohit obviously loves her. Reeva asks why they took Ananya with them? Mamta says she went by her choice, she must have thought something. Rishabh and VP come for breakfast. Rishabh tells VP to talk to Palak’s mom like he said. VP tells Mamta they will talk to Palak’s family. Mamta is happy.

Police inform Palak that they already checked house before she came, there is no one. They advice her to leave from there. Weather is getting bad. She feels something wrong and decides to stay there. VP sees bad weather news on TV and is worried. Other hand, Palak’s mom also tells her to go back. Palak’s dad tells her mother that even if Palak loves Ritwik, his answer is still no. Mamta calls Palak’s mother. She says she knows very well what Ritwik wants. Does Palak want same? Manjeet says she doesn’t know. Mamta asks whether they can meet. They want their children to be happy. Manjeet asks despite all what they said about her and her family? Mamta says those were just misunderstandings and they will clear once they find Setu. She says they can come to her place. Manjeet says she will go to their place instead.

Rohit meets Ritwik and Ananya. He says he couldn’t find much from Kabir’s friend. He tells Ritwik to call Palak back, police didn’t find anything in Kabir’s house either. Ritwik calls Palak and tells her to come back as weather is getting worse. She says ok, but just then she sees someone’s hands from window. She tells this to Ritwik, but her phone battery dies. Ritwik tries to call her back, but fails. He tells Rohit, Ananya that she saw some movement. They decide to go there. Palak is finding a way to go in house. She manages to enter. She sees a guy walking and hides. After he leaves, she goes in a room and finds Setu. She tells her they will have to leave fast. They turn and find Kabir. He says he fooled police, but she didn’t give up. Palak asks him to let Setu go. He asks for Rohit? Palak says why does it matter to him? He never loved her. What problem he has if she’s moving on in her life? He says he has problem, it will hurt his ego. Palak says they are divorced and pushes him back. He grabs Palak. Setu asks him to leave her. He says let Palak also face some torture, so next time she decides to move on, she remembers torture on her friend. He slaps Palak and her head bumps into a wall.

Moments later, both Palak and Setu are tied up. Kabir is sitting there with chilly sauce. He reminds Setu how he threw it in her eyes. Now it’s Palak’s turn to try. Palak says whatever he’s doing is very wrong. He will have to pay for this. He asks who will come to save her? Ritwik? He figured something was going on between her and that idiot. Palak asks him to mind his language. There is no need to say rubbish about Ritwik. Kabir asks what’s her number in Ritwik’s life? If she thinks Ritwik will come and save her like a hero, then she’s wrong. Palak tells him, he doesn’t know what Ritwik is. If he can’t commit, then he says it. He is not like Kabir who keeps an affair despite being married, torture his wife. Whatever Ritwik is, he’s honest and that is why she loves him. Setu looks on. Kabir looks back and finds Ritwik standing there. He looks at Palak.

Precap: Palak and Ritwik are stuck somewhere. They are in a shelter. Palak is not feeling well. Ritwik is seen taking care of Palak.

Update Credit to: Simmy

  1. Wowww amazing….. Waiting for d nxt episode…. Lived it…. Nd thnk u simmy for ur update…

  2. Finally palak also confessed her love for ricky but indirectly phir bhi chalta Hai yaar…….Ricky palku ki starting conversation was superb bas ananya galat time pe aagayi
    precap is interesting…..
    I think Wednesday is parith special Ricky palku ki most of the best scenes Wednesday only like kiss scene rithwik love confession and this one

    1. Parth special means?

    2. Palak and rithwik yaar

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