Savitri Devi 21st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer suspects Gayatri

Savitri Devi 21st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anand arguing with inspector Bindiya. He bails out Veer. Veer comes there. Anand hugs him and gets emotional. He threatens Bindiya and talks of his power and money. He asks her to remove Veer’s name from this case. He gives her money. He says Sanchi should be blamed for Mishri’s death, Sanchi should be jailed. She shakes hands and says deal…. Veer comes home and cries. Savitri tries to talk to him. He calls Sanchi and stops. He says its no use to involve her in all this. Sanchi gets glad that Veer got the bail. She says I will tell everything to kabir, so that he can help us. She calls Kabir and gets his number off. She sends him a message. Veer goes to some place. He says I just made Mishri out of home, who will try to kill her.

He investigates at the accident site. He sees someone and asks who’s there. He gets Mishri’s phone there. He checks the log and says she just got call from friends and family. He reads some message and says it means someone intentionally called Mishri here by taking my name. Kabir replies that he is very busy right now. Sanchi says its strange, he always calls back, maybe he is really busy. Veer comes to meet her. He says sorry to disturb you, I got Mishri’s phone at murder site, read this last message. She reads it and says we have to find this man to prove your innocence. He says yes, I m sure its that killer’s number. They come to Bindiya and give Mishri’s phone.

Bindiya taunts Sanchi for being with ex husband. She asks them about Kabir. Sanchi says he went to US for a meeting. Bindiya gets the location and reaches there with them. Sanchi hears some sound and goes to see. She says someone was there, I m saying the truth. Bindiya says you think you will get saved doing this, you are doing wrong. Sanchi says I didn’t do anything. Bindiya alerts Veer about Sanchi. Police leaves. Veer says this was the location. They see a car speeding way. They see the car number plate. He says its Gayatri’s car. Sanchi asks how will we know if she is behind this. He says we will talk to her, come. They get Gayatri and keep her captive. He asks Gayatri where was she. Gayatri says I was busy in work, I was going home. Sanchi says you messaged Mishri to come at murder site. Gayatri asks her to stop nonsense.

Sanchi injects Gayatri and questions her about the gun. Gayatri says I don’t know anything, I went with Anand on dinner. She answers everything. Sanchi calls the restaurant to cross check. She confirms it and says Gayatri is saying the truth. Veer asks who has done this. Someone stabs a knife and goes. They see a hooded person running. Veer follows. Sanchi falls down and looks on. She says even Kabir has such shoes, did Kabir do all this.

Veer says Dr. Kabir didn’t go to US. They see the same hooded man in the hospital and get shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Wow everyone pls clap for Dr. Sanchi she again used truth syrem injection on sanchi wow another illegal thing u have done good job Dr. Sanchi. What a lady you r!!! You can do anything whether its wrong or right u always consider yourself right but if a person has done something in wrong in past and is feeling guilty himself and trying to set all the things right u will keep reminding him his doings of past and how easily u believed that it’s all done by kabir. Superb ???? u selfish lady this time I want kabir to divorce you.

    1. Yes Sachi have all rights to do illegal things FL jo hai.vo aur Tommie kuch bhi kare allowed hai par agar KaBir kuch kare to vo galat hai ???????. Sachi without permission kisi ko bhi truth serum de sakti hai. Baap ka hispital jo hai . ??Iss show ke CV and Writers ko ????.lagata daily do char bottles pike talli banake brain side pe rakhke script likhte hai .aur viewers se except karte hai they like it ??.ohh god why not this show end ??

    2. RuCh23

      ??? yep, someone should inform the medical council and get her licence cancelled. Too bad she didn’t get caught using that serum!

    3. * sanchi used truth syrem on Gayatri.

  2. Wow iss verr ke paas selfrespect hai ki nahi ??? Itna kuch ho gaya phir bhi muhh uthake Sachi ke darwaje pe help ke liye gaya ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️kyu bhai kaha tumhare chamche friend GARV RAAM mar gaye ??unki help leta ??Nahi iss to Tommie ban ke Sachi ke aaspaas hi Ghumna hai . Achha naam diya tha Aayesha ne Sachi ka Tommie. ??Aur vahi jindgi bhar vahi rahega .??aur worst Sachimata ke kya kahane jute dekhkar Dr KaBir pe shak karti hai ?kya vaise jute sirf dr KaBir hi pahanta hai ????OR Tommie ka IDcard dekh ke bhi vo begunah hai lagata hai tuze .??.worst and cheap girl .Thank God this nonsense show going end .I am happy Vikram sir free from this crap show and come any new PH new show

  3. RuCh23

    Here I was waiting to see a new pretty montage with Sanchi, Kabir, Veer and Mishri. But mishri died in 2 weeks. What’s the point to bring her if they wanted to kill her? Sanchi didn’t go back to Veer and stayed with Kabir. So they introduced Mishri. Veer married her doing so much drama when everyone opposed it coz he wanted to hurt Sanchi and fulfil his responsibilities by giving his family a daughter in law. Well Mishri never got any kind of love or respect in Malhotra Mansion. She was always sad. Only Gayatri was there to say even a word of comfort even though it was for her selfish motives. Sanchi and Kabir will have problems in their marriage because she still want to make Veer’s life as she says. She will blame him but eventually it could’ve been fine when she sees him trying his best to help Veer. There’s no advantage for Kabir if he killed mishri. If she’s dead then it’s a threat to him coz Sanchi can leave him and go back to Veer. Kabir’s character was portrayed as an obsessed lover but not as a killer. If he wanted to kill someone to keep Sanchi with him, he could’ve killed Veer long ago and hide it supporting Sanchi and eventually win her or marry her pretending to be sympathetic to her or something. And if they wanted to show breakup patch up again, why did they make Kanchi marry in front of Veer? Oh god!! Reading what just wrote makes me dizzy. This is such a weird story with no sense at all. One moment one thing and in a snap, it’s something utterly stupid that no one can predict a connection in the story!

  4. ???? slow claps for mahaaaaan Sanchi mata and Tommy…….Tommy se hospital ka kaam to sambhala nh jaata bara aaya detective banne saara din talli ho k pita rehta h or khud to is se kuch hota h hi nh hnn aakhir Tommy h kisi chiz ki zarurat pare gi to apne maalik k pas hi jayega na jo ye Tommy Sanchi k pas jaata h? or Sanchi mata aap k kya kehne aap to mahaan hein sab bolo jai Sanchi mata ki? bari aayi kartavya nibhane wali Kabir ki to zara si bhi parwah nh h ise Selfish and cheap saara din Tommy k jaap japti rehti h or Tommy to lagta h jee hi Sanchi mata k liye raha h chullu bhar paani m jaake marte q nh dono?? sab ko chutkara mil jayega Tommy Sanchi mata k saath suicide krna chahta tha na ab jao apni Sanchi mata k saath marne sab ki zindagi sudhar jayegi

  5. @ruch 23 same here even I was waiting for the new montage. But got baba ji kA thullu ?

  6. veer Id card was found on crime scene but didn’t believe he kill her even though he insult ,humilate her in public , mistreat her despite all of this you still defend him , but saw a man with same shoes as kabir suddenly your accuse him for murder. Wow you to much real . I hope kabir is innocent so i can see you face when you realize how horrible you were to him

  7. Wow according to the latest update by telly masala now sanchi aunty is going to leave sdch for her baby veer as a caller told her that if she wants to save her baby boy veer she has to leave sdch. So now bete ko bachane k liye sanchi mummy sdch chod dengi. And yes kabir has returned to sdch.

  8. this is ridiculous why is killer want sachi leaving SDCH how is it related to mishri murder unless is someone who benefit from it. and if kabir is killer why make sachi leave while together they have 76% of the hospital. who benefit more if sachi leave kabir or malhotra family

  9. Anu88

    Finally sanchi remember her self-respect………….. finally she go out from veer and kabir life……………now girl show the boys you can achieve your own success without their support………….wake up girl wake up

  10. Ok girl power thing is ok. But don’t u think whatever was shown was very stupid kabir was about to slap sanchi whom he loves more than himself and whatever wrong he has done just to get sanchi now he was going to slap. For sanchi’s love he put his career on stake to save veer’s life and all of a sudden change in his behavior I m not able to digest it. Ok finally tomorrow sanchi will break all her relation with kabir so why the track of kanchi and mishriveer marriage even introduced pahale hi break kara dete kabir se relation itana drama karne ki Kya jaroorat thi. Now again to glorify sanchi mata CVS degraded Kabir’s character. I m not able to understand that kanchi and mishriveer Track was giving trp to the show and suddenly they changed the whole track. How stupid mere to sar k upar se nikal gaya. Ye Kya ho raha hai? Kuch bhi dikha rahe Hain.

  11. Anu88

    Now I think he is not real kabir………..dal mae kuch toh kala hae

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