Dil Hi Toh Hai 18th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Palak learns about Vikrant’s girlfriend

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Dil Hi Toh Hai 18th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Palak and Setu enter Vikrant’s study room. They see his laptop, but can’t guess password. They decide to take his laptop with them, but they hear someone coming there and put laptop down. They hide there. Vikrant comes in and gets a call, so he goes outside to talk. Setu and Palak check his computer this time. It didn’t have any password. They check his social page and Navya was online. They message her and find out she’s Vikrant’s girlfriend. Vikrant comes in again. Palak and Setu hide.

Rishabh comes in and asks Vikrant why him and his family are helping Ritwik so much. They did good drama going to their house to invite them for wedding. He says Ritwik thinks Vikrant and Palak have an affair and he joined Manjeet’s work just so he can catch two red-handed.

He asks him to wait and watch drama he does on his wedding day. He warns him to stay away from Ritwik. Palak is confused/shocked hearing that. Vikrant says he will be careful and asks him to attend the wedding.

Palak and Setu are out of Vikrant’s house. Palak feels Gita is going to use Ritwik against Noons. This marriage is definitely fake. Gita is planning this marriage, bring Noons there and create a big drama to hurt Ritwik. They decide to keep Ritwik away from Gita.

Palak is home now. She looks at wedding card and asks Ritwik who chose red color. He says Tara. Vikrant said it’s her favorite color. Palak recalls Tara telling her she hates red color. She tries to find out more from him what Vikrant told him about Tara, but he doesn’t say saying she’s been acting like a detective lately. She then asks him to go back to his dad. He asks leaving her? She says she’s not going anywhere. By staying close to his dad, he will able to solve mess faster. This distance is creating more problems. He refuses to go to his dad without her. He asks her to eat fast and sleep. They have to go for sangeet tomorrow. She thinks she can’t let Ritwik go for sangeet.

In night, Ritwik is sleeping. Palak comes in quietly and sleeps.

In morning, Ritwik asks Palak to wake up saying there is earth quake. She asks how that is possible. He shows her how whole living room is messed up. He wonders how only living is messed up and nothing happened in their room. She says a thief must have done that. He says they will fix living room after sangeet. She says this is more important. She will talk to Manjeet and get work done by someone else. He says ok and starts cleaning up. She goes inside and calls Setu. She tells her that she has made Ritwik busy and hopes to keep him away from the function. But they must do what they planned today. Setu says she is on the way to someone.

Palak pretends to have injury in her leg. She tells Ritwik that she won’t be able to help him and feels sorry. He says it’s okay.. she wasn’t doing much help anyway by being on phone. He makes her sit and massages her feet. He then asks her to rest and does all the work of cleaning up living room. She feels sorry for making him do all that. He tells her that he knows what she is thinking. She gets worried and asks what. He says that he loves her so much. She smiles.

Next week: Palak brings Navya to Vikrant’s house. Navya thanks Palak for saving her from that betrayer. Palak calls Manjeet and says wedding is off. Vikrant and his family are a big fraud. She then tells Gita that she knows she’s Ritwik’s biological mother who left him while he was so young.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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