Part 100 (A) Mehrya My Version

Part 100 (A) 19/10/2018

It was morning Mehak fluttered her eyelid gently she can’t move and felt her body being hold tightly, she manage to open her eyes to see and she sees Shaurya possessively hugging her resting his head on her bosom. She remembered last night after she played the song and pulled him to dance along his mood slowly gets better and both went to bed Mehak keep him on her side as she massage his head slowly fell asleep in the same manner . His chiseled jawline, dark stubble masculine body structure, and killer look or at times devilish indeed. His go get adventurous personality his quick to crack a joke or his signature retort is something she can’t help to change in him.  He could be an angry bird at times but his love is overpower the anger he had in him for her. She caressed his nape carefully planting a kiss on his head, she wished the time freeze and they remain like this. She felt that he has some enigma in him that pulls him towards him, even from their first meeting, a feeling she never felt before, he is like a prince in the fairytale she read in her younger days, she never knew what is soul mate till she is with him, his love, his obsession, his burning passion, his temperamental, his eccentric behavior she is head over heels madly in love with him even with his churlishness. When he speaks his dominance in his voice and she felt for it. His persona does attract many to him but she felt blessed to have him in her life, he is everything to her.

She stealthily took her mobile from the bedside table and switch ON the camera to take a selfie of both in that position, she took that several shots as Shaurya still in his deep sleep. She put back the mobile and caressed his cheek in order to wake him up, he moved a bit from his current position adjusting himself. She slowly said good morning Shaurya, he wished her back and continued to sleep, she smiled and asked today you are not going to office is it, he said in his raspy tone yes , but I don’t have mood to go, sleep with me little bit more longer he said as he pulled her closer to him . She pecked his nose and smiled as her finger traced over his eyebrows to his jawline, you sleep first let me shower and come she tried to move away but he held her tightly. She called him with her soft tone Shaurya hmm at her, she slowly said I need to go meet Arun to complete my pending task. His eyes was still close but he nuzzled from her temple to her ears and to her jawline resting his lips on her cheek with a loud kiss. She kissed him back on his cheek and he moved a bit so she can go.

She was in shower and change her clothes came out to see he was no longer on the bed, she saw him in the kitchen preparing breakfast for both. She smiled and went to hug him from back and asked how is he feeling, he continued with his breakfast preparation replied her I am feeling good baby now sit down he said as he made toast for both. She thanked him for the breakfast she will eat and quickly go to complete her task, he boiled her favorite masala chai pour into the cup and pass it to her, and she take a sip and started to munch on her toast , while he had his juice. She left before him and Shaurya leaves after her.

Mehak manage to learn as much as she can, during her coaching session, the mobile vibrated with message tone, it was from Shaurya, he said he will come to fetch her and both will go for lunch together. She sent a smiley face to him and concentrated, Arun suggested since she has completed most of the contents are ready they can start up in YouTube by uploading her post and gradually she can post them. He guide her for the first time and she proceed here after. They started the channel with the title suggested by Shaurya with her favorite picture in the cover and manage to upload her first post there. She was excited and thanked Arun for his help and leave from there. She walked out and saw Shaurya was waiting in the car for her with his signature smile and she fell in love with that smile again. She gets in the car and hugged him saying Shaurya I manage to upload my first post in the YouTube channel. He congratulate her and kissed her forehead, Mehak showed her mobile on her channel outlook. Both watched her video excitedly. Mehak asked how his day was, he wheeled the car from there, saying so far so good, she asked what happened about the yesterday issue. He replied, they had meeting and call all the contestants in for opinion and they all unanimously to vote that contestant should out of the show, so she is out. Now we are going to shopping for our Chikmagalur trip, Mehak asked our trip? He looked at her, then you expect me to go alone is it that too leaving you for a week, that’s not working with me, I can’t stay away from you he stressed that. Mehak asked again okay we are going but why shopping? Mehak we are going for hill station and might doing some hiking, jungle trekking, or even swimming so you need proper clothes right, I don’t want you to wear kurti or skirts there, so we are going to get you some chic looking clothing, Mehak stick her tongue out to him he chuckled as they entered to park their car there and both gets down and started to check for decent clothing for Mehak. Mehak wanted to eat some authentic South Indian food and both went to that restaurant to try that and they went to game zone located in the mall, and they played table hockey, Shaurya took off his coat and rolled up his sleeves to battle with her. They were so swift not willing to lose to each other than Mehak naughtily blows a kiss to Shaurya and he got distracted and the point went to Mehak and she win that game, she started jump in air yelling she won the game, Shaurya chided her you cheated Mehak, if you would have not distracted me I would have win the game. Mehak made a funny face at him and asked what I did, tell me what I did that you got distracted. Shaurya took his coat from there and move pass her whispered tonight you will see what else I will do to take my revenge, don’t be so happy Mrs Khanna. Mehak naughtily said that one we see at night now let’s continue to play this, she pulled him to play motorbike racing game, quickly she climbed on one of the bike and Shaurya shakes his head in dismay seeing her childishness, he followed her suit climbing on to the bike next to Mehak. Both were like crazy teenager racing, screaming together sped to beat each other. Finally Shaurya won this time, Mehak was upset asking Shaurya to continue second round again , but he dismounted from the bike and asked her to come down they had enough game already, she was adamant not to come but he asked I can carry you down from there how is it, she quickly get off from the bike. He wrapped her waist with his arms pulling her closer to him and walked out. They ended the evening with fun and laughter.

The next few days Mehak busy with uploading in her YouTube channels, many subscribed to her channel and received many feedback as well. She well managed her time with yoga practice, monitoring White Chilies and her YouTube page. In between her spare time she tried few recipes. Shaurya was busy on his side arranging for his finale week preparation with the team. The venue, the theme for the finale week, and many more related to the finale. He was busy since came home sitting in front of his laptop talking to his investors calling from overseas. Mehak saw him busy from kitchen and started to prepare meals. He hangs up the call and huffed as he relax his head on the headrest closing his eyes. She came behind him and started to knead gently on his temple to his forehead. His lips sprouted with little smile with her touch. Your hands does wonders he complimented, she smiled silently. You must be very tired Shaurya, one side this event, one side your business investors etc. this must be hard on you, she said slowly. He opened his eyes and pulled her in front and placed her on his lap, she made herself comfortable on as she caressed his nape gently, if you be so much hardworking you must rest a bit right, or else health will be bad, she pouted at him. He smirked with her cute pout, as he held her chin to face him, don’t worry I will take care of myself and also you too. I know this is quite difficult as I need to overlook into few matters but I can manage. Mehak said pakka, he joined his forehead with hers and said pakka. If I am feeling tired and can’t handle I just need you to come sit like this and take care of me, then I will be fine in no time. She blushed hearing him, she cupped his cheeks and planted a kiss on his nose tip and said okay now go and freshen up and calm I will feed you dinner. She gets up from his lap but he held her and said hoarsely I have a better idea, let’s go and shower together and feed each other, before she could say anything he scooped her in his arms and stride to their room, closing the door with one foot putting her on the floor, He unbuttoned his shirt and Mehak climb on the bed to run away from him, he took off his trousers and with only boxers left he held like lion got his prey and carried into the shower. His hands roamed around her curves as he remove her clothes one by one. His ministrations were sweet causing sudden jolt of excitement in her, He nuzzled her earlobe and bite her gently there and touched her soft neck skin and suck the skin as he kiss her and his hands played with her hardened peaks. She moaned his name as he squeeze them. She tiptoed to reach his lips and sucked on each other’s lips till they apart to catch some air. He bend to kiss her again but Mehak turn her face right where his lips brushes of her chin, he looked at her she took some soap and started to apply on his body and he does the same for her too. He let her to wipe his hair dry and his body she put the towel on his head asking him to continue as she need to dry herself he grinned sheepishly as she avoid eye contact with him wiping and detangling her wet hair. She was mumbling to herself come to massage his head feeling bad seeing him tired but now I ended getting showered for the third time since morning. Shaurya could listen her blabbers but naughtily asked Mehak did you say something she quickly shakes her head off NO and dressed up in pyjamas for having dinner. They feed each other and pull each other’s leg sharing some nok jhoks.

Shaurya and Mehak departed to Chikmagalur earlier than others, he left to check on the preparations before the rest joined them on next day. Half of the crew came earlier to set up and make sure preparation done smoothly. Shaurya and Mehak reached Mangalore airport and a MPV picked them up from there to the Chikmagalur. It was located at 6400 feet high from ground. Both looked at the greenery sights which was beautiful and soothing for eyes. It was a steep road with many hairpin bends along, but their driver is good he manage to drive carefully and reached the resort. They were greeted by the crew and headed to the reception counter to collect their key. The bell boy guided them to a chalet belongs to the same resort but adjacent to the resort. Mehak cling to Shaurya’s arm as the cold wind blows, Shaurya adjust her hair as he followed to their chalet, On their way Mehak asked why Shaurya our room is not inside the resort but away from resort, Shaurya grinned and said because I want to be alone with my wife and don’t want any interruption from anyone so I requested for this private chalet. Once you see this chalet, you will love it he assured her. Besides that you make lots of noise when we are together so privacy is a must he smirked which made her turn red as tomato.

They reached their chalet which is made of woods but the roof was made off glass, literally is like the sky can be seen without any hindrance. It looked more like a honeymoon suites type set Shaurya tipped the bellboy and ask him to leave as both step inside. He locked the door as Mehak walks in mesmerized seeing the beautiful view from their room it’s surrounded by green forest. A huge bed was there with a modern bathroom not far away from there. A mini kitchen with coffee making facilities were there.  It was like Zen out and rejuvenating indeed. Their chalet indeed secluded and captivating indeed compare to others. It was basic and free from lavishness yet it looks glorious, the transparent open sheds celebrate beauty of the natural environment. The living room with a mini sofa facing the woods as well, no television as the purpose of the chalet is to make the guest to go out and enjoy the lush green surroundings, including the nearby brook and waterfall.

Mehak turned to ask something to Shaurya but he was right behind her resting his hands on her waist pulling her closer to him. He asked how is it, Mehak smiled as one of his thumb traced her lower lip and his other finger lift her chin to meet his eyes. She asked what by raising her eye brows but it was interrupted by call from his crew. He answered the call with an angry tone, asking what. They quickly conveyed the message and hang up, he looked at her again and said I need to go the resort to see some preparations later we can go to sightseeing have our meals you rest first he combed her hair with his fingers and kissing her forehead . He went to the door and Mehak planted a kiss on his cheek and smiled as he close the door, she went in looking each and every corner of the chalet. She opens the window slowly admiring their place for the next 1 week. She takes off her jacket and lie down on the bed smile as she sees the pictures taken on their way to Chikmagalur.  After sometimes Shaurya back to their chalet and he too joined her on the bed and exhaled a deep breath. Mehak rolled to him and asked him if he tired? He looked at her and said very. She pressed his temples gently in circular motions and he let her do the deed. He held her hand and plant a kiss on her knuckles and said I feel better now, come lets go have our meals and check out this places, he suggested.  She moved from him to freshen up, and Shaurya freshen up after her, both went to have their meals and moved around that resort checking out the swimming pool which is temperature control pool, the garden concept cafe, and the glass house with fresh spice garden plant and maintained by the resort. They got back to their chalet, it was dark but the walk path was filled with lightings and night bug cricket made noise. Mehak was in her pyjamas as Shaurya busy on his mobile, he was telling the other party that all preparations are done just reach here, and we can start our finale week. Later he hangs up the call and looked at Mehak who was folding putting clothes. He said seriously Mehak we are here to relax and you still doing all these, she didn’t understand his question and raised her eyebrows. He said this folding clothes and arranging things relax yaar leave them you don’t need to do all these. She put them away and went to sit next to Shaurya at the couch then what you want me to do you were busy on the mobile and I do this. Okay now let’s sit down quietly see the beautiful star studded sky with me talk to me like you always do he said as his hands enveloped her shoulder. Both were exhausted due to long travel they went to bed cuddling each other as they watch the dark sky. Mehak asked Shaurya, don’t you feel scared a bit Shaurya sleeping like this, his eyes were closed still but he asked why scared, now we are in forest , no one around us, how if some wild beast or some mad people comes and see us like this. He chuckled and replied, the beast will run away sees as there is wilder beast on the bed with its beauty. Beauty and the beast to be precisely. Oh okay, she calm herself yeah the beauty is hot, dashing, masculine yet most wanted by all girls whereas the beast is fat, round, and hopelessly unromantic too, Mehak’s eye opened wide when hearing him say her this, she started to hit his chest and yelling badtameez kahinka who are you calling beast, do you want to see what will the beast do she was sitting on top of him now and he tried to avoid it but she didn’t spare him. He managed to hold both her wrist and pull her to his face let me go I am not talking to you she grumbled. He slowly whispered you are gorgeous beast who conquered by heart with innocent look , sweet talked me, with this rasgullas eyes sometimes you are innocent or sometimes you are sweetly mad or mental I will say you made me a mad lover  who craves you all the time, her eyes fluttered as he says that , he rolled her down and now he was on her side, you always say something like this and annoy me Shaurya she pouted and now you are telling poem, very cruel Khanna she looked away from him mockingly showing her anger . Mehak he called her softly she didn’t reply, I know how to make you smile and he mischievously went under the duvet, she wonders what is he up to before she could react he started to tickle her wildly which made her laugh loudly and whimper pushing him asking to stop it she begged him to stop it as both under the duvet now filling the quiet forest with their laughter.

P/S : Presenting my 100th Chapter update. This will be separated into 3 chapters. I will upload them one by one, please stay tuned and give me your feedback and comments. Do hit the like button much love and support for me to write till 100th chapter for My Mehrya My Version



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  1. Ashwitha Tiwari

    Simply superb…….I am a silent reader… did not comment ur ff’s anytime but I follow ur ff’s regularly……today can’t resist myself from commenting….thank u for keeping mehrya alive in us,and completing 100 parts….and congratulations for completeing century…..

    1. Haseenah2020

      Dear Ashwita Tiwari I am happy that you break your silence and comment on my post, this actually means alot to me. Writing this 100th Chapter and being active for the past one year in TU and recently many of my readers has disappeared after the show ends but seeing a new person commenting for me does enlightens my day today and I feel so blessed indeed. I am glad you like My Mehrya My Version and do drop your comments on the other parts too. Thank you so much for your wishes and have a blessed day ahead.

  2. Hi haseenah di I too am a silent reader. I have read all your updates they are very nicely written. You are literally an awesome writer. Todays update was so nice that I was not able to stop my self for commenting.First of all Congratulations for completing 100 parts💐. Coming to this 100th part it was an awesome update . Loved everything about mehrya. Thanks for keeping mehrya alive in us. Do write like this always and make your fans happy….lots of love❤❤

    1. Haseenah2020

      Dear Madhavi I am happy that you break your silence and comment on my post, this actually means alot to me. This 100th Chapter and being active for the past one year in TU and seeing a new person commenting for me does enlightens my day today and I feel so blessed indeed. I am glad you like My Mehrya My Version and do drop your comments on the other Part B as well. Thank you so much for your wishes and have a blessed day ahead.

  3. Congratulations di for ur 100th episode one of the best friends I have ever read. I just love ur writing style. I hope more of 100 episodes coming and keep us falling in love with mehrya.. Lots of love and well wishes.

    1. Haseenah2020

      Tq dear Anisha. I am glad you like my update and my writing style. Will continue soon Part C on Monday have a great weekend tq

  4. Hi haseenah, congratulations for 💯 FF, superb update, can’t thank you enough for keeping mehrya alive in us. Please don’t end this FF. Thanks for updating 2 parts, waiting for 3rd one. Also waiting for ankahee ansuni baatein…lots of love.😘😘😘😘

    1. Haseenah2020

      Tq Kavya for your wishes I am happy this update made you happy, I will update soon dear , I will update AABMDK later as right now my mind works in one track only which is on Mehrya My version so I will do this now. thank you and have agreat Dussehra celebration and enjoy the holiday with your family

  5. Wowww Haseenah2020… are amazing like always… Sorry for not camnting your previous part… I m really very bussy coz of diwali and other festivals ….so much office work….but i really really love your ff….
    and very very congrats for completing one year and 100 episode….. i love you so much…. plz also upload kabmdk part… i really love that story…..

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Sapna how are you long time didnt see you here, thnak you for commenting glad you like my update. thank you for your wishes will continue soon, AABMDK will not be updated nw as my mind is filled on Mehrya My version it will take sometime for my brain to work on that track thank you and have a great Dussehra celebration and enjoy with your family

  6. Congratulations on your 100 keep going hun our blessings are with you.

    1. Haseenah2020

      Thank you Jayashree, where are you been missing for long time, your wishes and blessing means alot to me , have a blessed day ahead dear

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