Dil Hi Toh Hai 15th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ritvik confesses his feelings to Palak

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Palak tells Ritvik that she hid there just like he did. You were going to commit the same mistake that I was about to make! You would have hurt your knees. He thanks her for saving him. Why did you come here though? She again tells him that Puri Uncle is only taking out his anger on my mom. What if she is jailed? She will be insulted and will lose her business! What will people say about us? He assures her he wont let anything happen to her mom or her. Stop crying. I cannot handle it. You look better in your angry avatar of the Palak who scolds everyone! She agrees that she has to be strong. He gives her the piece of cloth. She recognizes it to be from Setu’s dress. He tells her that he will go home and talk to Dad now. Don’t worry. They look at each other. Song plays in the background. Palak goes.

Ananya is upset about whatever is going on. I think it is my ill fate. Mrs. Puri assures her they wont let anything go wrong. Ananya shares that Ritvik too seems to be in a different mind. He was trying to say something but then went quiet and left. Her mom tells her that he must be stressed. It’s ok.

The cocktail party starts. Ritvik asks his mom about Dad and finds out that he has gone to office. He takes her aside and tells her everything. Puri Uncle is responsible for Setu’s disappearance. Vijay joins them. Ritvik says I found something. Rishabh comes with a pen drive. Seems like Setu sent another pen drive.

Noon family, Puri family and Setu and Palak’s family are watching the recent video in their respective houses.

Setu says no one, not even my parents’ care about what I want. I will mark this day as I dint get what I want. Palak checks the video again. Ritvik is sure Setu is in some problem. Mr. Puri tells Rohit to make sure Ananya’s wedding isn’t hampered because of Setu! Let’s go. Ritvik tells his family that as per the footage of Puri House, Setu went inside but she dint come out. He shows the piece of cloth. Mamta also recognizes it. Ritvik adds that he found it in Puri Uncle’s room. It was quiet clear there was some struggle. He is indeed behind all of this. You must talk to him.

Palak notices Setu’s wound. Kabir used to hit Setu like this. Both families are puzzled as to what he has to do with that land deal. Why would he have a problem if Setu is moving on? Palak is now positive she is right. Setu used to get the same kind of wound whenever Kabir used to hurt her. Gayatri also remembers it. Palak says Setu is giving us hints through these gestures. He cannot see Setu happy which is why he is doing it. Mahendra is confused but Palak is affirmative about the clues given by Setu. Setu sued to tell me about these clues and everything earlier too. This is what she has done here in the video. She suddenly recalls that Ritvik is about to talk to his father about this. He will blame Puri Uncle. Her mother tells her to talk to Ritvik asap. Palak leaves for Noon House.

Mamta says we cannot go ahead with this alliance if Mr. Puri has indeed kidnapped Setu. Reeva calls everyone downstairs. A performance is announced. Mamta asks her husband to speak to Mr. Puri.

Palak is on her way to Noon House. Ritvik isn’t picking my phone. She asks the driver to drive fast.

Dance performance is going on at Noon House. Everyone claps as it comes to an end. Ritvik and Ananya come on stage next. Emcee tells them to play a game. You have to choose a hand and do the dare written on it.

Vijay asks Puri to come with him but Reeva does not let them go anywhere.

Ritvik and Ananya choose a hand and get the dare to kiss each other. Ritvik and Ananya feel awkward but Reeva does not relent. Ritvik remembers his kiss with Palak.

Palak reaches Noon House just then. Ritvik keeps thinking of his kiss with Palak and looks uncomfortable. He kisses Ananya on the cheek. Palak sees them thus. Everyone claps for the couple.

Emcee asks Ritvik to now say something passionate and romantic for his fiancé. He goes quiet seeing Palak. She walks out from there and Ritvik also excuses himself. Emcee asks Ananya where he suddenly went leaving this romantic moment in between. Ananya tells her to let him go if he does not like it. Emcee hugs her.

Palak is crying outside. She wipes her tears as Ritvik comes. She tells him that Puri Uncle hasn’t kidnapped Setu.

Vijay asks Puri to come clear with the truth. I too have daughters. You kidnapped someone’s daughter? Puri is in disbelief. How did you believe it? Vijay shows the piece of cloth. Puri says someone is trying to trap me. I was here at that time.

Palak tells it is Kabir and not Puri Uncle. Don’t say anything to anyone. I will manage everything from here.

Puri again tells his friend that he dint stoop so low. I dint kidnap anyone’s daughter. Vijay points out that Setu went inside his house but dint come out.

Palak says sorry to Ritvik for dragging him in all this. I was wrong. Please go and enjoy your wedding. I wont bother you after today. You are about to get married. Marriage happens only once. You are going to start a new journey from here. All the best!

Palak begins to go when Ritvik says they undertook the journey of finding Setu together. That was the deal right? It’s as much your responsibility as mine. How can you ignore me? How can you let it be? She tells him to think logically. You are about to get married. It is time to make memories with your family. These moments wont come back. He blocks her way again. I wont let you go there alone. She reasons that she wont go alone. Setu’s parents and my parents will accompany me. He asks her if she thinks of herself to be some kind of Charlie’s Angel. I have already told Dad about Puri Uncle. She calls him impulsive on which he asks her what she is then. You are going there all by yourself! She says your family is under many misunderstandings because of me. He says what about what you and your family is going through because of me and my family. She tells him to clear out everything before everyone. Tell your Dad everything. Sort it out and think about Ananya. He refuses to have to do anything with anyone. She asks him if he has gone mad. He nods angrily. I have indeed gone mad! Do you know why? It is because I love you! He throws the mike hard on the floor and it gets switched on. He confesses to Palak that he loves her. All the guests hear it inside the house.

Precap: Ananya asks Ritvik why it was important. You insulted me in front of everyone. Mamta tells Ritvik think. If you really love Palak then first make up your mind. If you want everything to fall in place then you have to make this decision yourself. Palak sits on the sofa tensed.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Finally kuch acha hua after two weeks of patience…kundra nailed it today his expressions just awesome when he was proposed palak…..I always thinks palak will tell first but I was wrong….anyways waiting 2moro episode

  2. And I have one doubt ye dream sequence bhi ho saktha hai but I wish it isn’t…..

  3. Todays ep was dhamakedar
    Bus wo dream sequence na ho yr

  4. Shaziya parween

    I’m very happy to seen this episode bcz ritvik ne finally apne Dil ki suni
    So make sure k wo Palak se shadi krle
    Plz guys comments & likes kro sb
    Bcz this show is gonna very interesting & romantic

  5. Shabab Hussain

    I’m very happy to seen this episode bcz ritvik ne finally apne Dil ki suni
    So make sure k wo Palak se shadi krle
    Plz guys comments & likes kro sb
    Bcz this show is gonna very interesting & romantic

  6. Shabab Hussain

    Can’t wait for Dil hi toh hai

  7. Why Palak is shouting so loud , no one came out to see where did Ritvik go?
    Dulha gayab magar inside everyone is having fun???
    Only in Indian soaps

  8. Minna Chandran

    He tells Palak then what are these promos being shown getting married to a Anaya saying sorry and going to Palak that means promos are false and just advert to make us want to see the show.

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