Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 15th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sweety Challenges To Expose KK

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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 15th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sweety tells Siddhant that Srinivasan’s wife is in women ashram. Siddhant asks can we meet her? Sweety ji says she left 3 months back. Siddhant asks about the NGO and asks Sweety what was that NGO’s name where you saw Rao ji go. Sweety checks and says it is same. Siddhant thinks there is some connection and asks him to go there. He says we will get some clue there.

Anushka comes home and calls Srikant and Neeta. Srikant asks Anushka, how is he and asks about her married life. Anushka asks what happened? Srikant asks if it was Siddhant’s plan to take revenge from you. Anushka says it is not like that. She says he has married me even though he thinks Appa wrong, but Karthik’s matter is complicated. She asks where is Nupur? Srikant says she is not here. Karthik calls Purva and hopes everything is fine. Anushka comes there and knocks on the door. He says Nupur is not here. Anushka asks about him. He says sorry and says situation might be awkward with you. He asks about Purva. Anushka says your matter is interfering in my personal life. She reminds him that he is married. Karthik says my love is not time pass. Anushka asks if he is having an affair with Purva to take revenge from Siddhant. He says he loves Purva truly and asks her to understand. Anushka asks him not to break her home and thanks him for not raising his hand on Siddhant. Karthik says I haven’t done it for you, but for Purva. He says Siddhant is her brother and he had done the same thing which a brother would do. Anushka thinks if he loves her truly.

Purva comes to meet Karthik and hugs him. Karthik says you shouldn’t have come. Purva says I couldn’t stay without meeting you. Karthik says sorry and says because of my little mistake, you were in problem. Purva says I have realized your love.

Karthik tells Purva that he can’t stay without her and will do anything to unite with her. He says now nobody can stop us. It is good that everyone know. Purva says we can’t unite until Maa and Siddhant agree to our alliance. Karthik says once we marry, everything will be fine. Purva says bhai got married without Maa’s wish. If we marry then she can’t bear. She says we will marry with her wish. Sweety ji tells Siddhant that he went to the charitable organization, but couldn’t get any info. He says he talked to the father there. KK comes there and says it is good you came to your level. He says Reddy Corporation is not for small lawyer like you and says I have understood it late. Siddhant says he will make Reddy Corporation sold for small price and asks him to see. KK asks him if he is challenging him and asks him not to forget his value. Anushka comes there and says are here. KK says I heard that Karthik came to your house, met Purva and had done the drama. He tells that when two people love he has no problem to unite them. He says he is getting Karthik and Nupur divorced. Siddhant thinks how did he agree? He says Purva will never marry him. KK says when you can unite then let Karthik and Purva unite. Siddhant says if you are done with your talks then leave.

Anushka says you are insulting my dad. Siddhant asks her to tell him not to come again. He says I can take my sister’s decision. He says matter ended. He asks shall we go home? Anushka says ofcourse and asks did you bring my helmet? Siddhant shows her helmet. Anushka says bye. Siddhant asks Sweety ji to close the office and not to go until KK is here. KK is about to go. Sweety ji says what did you think that you will make Anushka and Siddhant fight and says their love will not break and will burst on your head. KK asks him to be in his limits and says else he will teach him a lesson. Sweety ji provokes him and says we came to know how to get coal mine, and says we are waiting for the proofs. He asks him to go. KK looks on.

Siddhant and Anushka romance on the bed.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Ho sweety reveals whole plan to KK
    Interesting wait to see KK next move

  2. Yvonne Codner

    Sweety, he that keepeth his mouth, keepeth his life…Why did you play your hand so quickly? Now KK will cover his tracks and you may just lose your life by way of that pitbull Rao!!

  3. Fenil

    So Anushka is not KK’s daughter ??

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