Dil Dosti Dance 9th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 9th January 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 9th January 2014 Written Update

Rey is thinking Kriya is so undisciplined and left the team on annual day.Vicky and Nil join him and tell that Kriya ditched the team again.Rey should perform solo and take the media coverage and attention.Rey gets irritated with their conversation.He says VP has so much expectation from there ,he cant do solo when people are expecting duet.He says Kriya dont even know the meaning of commitment.He recalls their rehearsal moments.He leaves the place and Nil – Vicky think why Rey is tensed when he should be happy .They say he is so confused about what he wants.

Kriya is trying to get a cab .Finally she gets a cab and leaves for college.She tries to reach soon but gets stuck in traffic.

Sharon is trying to reach Kriya in green room.Swayam peeps in and enters the room.He

asks why she is not ready yet.She says she is trying to reach Kriya.She is really tensed about her where about.She says Kriya wont ditch the team,she knows her.Swayam says Kriya is not like Sharon,so she wont ditch her team.She asks what does that mean.Swayam tells her to stop pretending and sharon is shocked to hear that.He says lets stop this discussion and tells Sharon to get ready.She says,he has to finish the conversation he started.He says ,she befriended Kriya because she wanted to win his love.Sharon recalls her conversation with Simi.He says,she cant deny it as he has heard it from her.He says she did everything to come close to him..He was always there but now he is not there for her..He didnt break up with her because she not a good person,she is good.He broke up as she is confused if she loves him.She used Kriya for her motive to get close to him and Kriya is thinking she has got a good friend.To mend one relation she used other.Sharon tries to explain but he refuses to listen.But he says,she put question mark on their relationship in one second by denying it in front of others.Sharon recalls the moments of her denying their relationship.He says ,it happened for good.He realized the truth that they were not meant to be.Sharon says she really loves him.Swayam says he is a regular college boy so she is not comfortable in accepting the fact that he was her boy friend.He says he thought if not love he can be friends with her rather than forcing love.But her fake friendship with Kriya made him think that he cant be her friend as well.Sharon says she did everything as she loves him.Swayam says if she really loved him,she would have never done the things she did.Swayam refuses to listen to her and leave the room leaving a devastated Sharon behind.She starts crying .

Swayam,Sharon are thinking about each other and their past moments of pain.Sharon recalls the incidents when she hurt Swayam and denied his love.How she insulted his love in past and caused him pain.She recalls the moment he broke up with her after being hurt by her denial..Kriya is trying to reach college in traffic and Rey is thinking Kriya ditched him again.Back ground score is Piya aaye na song from Ashiqie 2.

Kriya leaves the cab and tries to reach college on her own with a injured leg.Swayam-Sharon’s performance is announced .Announcer says its a performance about love and trust.Rini tells Sharon to come in 5 minutes.Sharon meets Swayam back stage and tries to talk to him but he avoids and tells her to focus on dance.

Swayam starts their performance.The song is Alvida from D-Day.Sharon joins him on stage.Their dance depicts love,pain,hurt,longing,trust .They portray different facets of painful love through their dance with mesmerizing moves.The song is mainly about the pain of loosing a loved one.Peformance end with two lovers separated by fate and death.Sharon has to leave the stage at the end,but due to their previous conversation she is almost reluctant to leave him.Swayam manages to send her out of the stage and ends the performance with Sharon’s picture in his hand which symbolizes the girl in picture is not alive.

Rey looks at their dance and thinks their dance was good as they were feeling the emotions they were depicting.He is worried about his dance with Kriya as she is missing.Swayam-Sharon come back stage and gang congratulate them for the dance.Swayam goes to Rey and tells him,he is not able to contact Kriya so he has to do a solo.Vikcy and Nil tell him Rey is ready for solo.Swayam wishes him luck and Rey accepts to do solo.Swayam talks to announcer and tells her about Kriya.Kriya is still trying to reach college.She manages to get help from a bike rider and leaves for college.Announcer tells audience that the special duet is cancelled and there is a solo by Rey.Rey enters the stage and Kriya joins him suddenly.Swayam-Sharon and entire gang are relieved to see Kriya.Rey and Kriya look at each other.

Precap- Khuda jane dance by KR .Kriya falls on stage due to injury and Rey takes her to hospital.Kriya tells Rey she had health drink given by Vicky and Nil.

Update Credit to: Deepika

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