Meri Bhabhi 9th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 9th January 2014 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 9th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kittu and Anand thinking about each other and crying in their different rooms. Ranjhana…………. plays…………… Papa talks to jasmeet on phone. She says how come Kittu signed, Anand is a fool, he might have signed in anger, but why did Kittu sign. She asks Papa to keep the papers with him. Shraddha asks Papa what will we do now. Kunal calls her. Kunal says why is Shraddha not taking my call. Shraddha tells Papa we won’t let anything happen, we will think about something. Mummy says they have to understand each other’s feelings and understand their importance.

jaya tells Ashish and Ishaan that Kittu won’t leave with them after her divorce. Ishaan is annoyed and leaves in anger. jaya talks to Ashish about Anand’s second marriage. Even Ashish is annoyed and leaves. Kittu is still crying in her room. Shraddha comes to her. Shraddha says I understand what you are going through. Kittu says I m fine. Shraddha brings food for her and makes her eat. Kittu says no. Shraddha insists and says if you don’t eat, no one here will eat, everyone are in shock. Kittu says let this go.

Shraddha says I know how much you love Anand, why did you sign the papers. Kittu says Anand never felt my love, did you not see how he was behaving like I was never his. She says there is no lies, my love is not a lie, but he showed that I was not related to him, did you not see how he made me a stranger and signed the divorce papers. She says everything is over, let it break and throws her photo with Anand and cries. Shraddha says no Kittu, everything will be fine, trust me.

Kunal comes to Shraddha’s house dresses like a thief. He tries calling Shraddha. he says why is she not taking my call. Ashish asks jaya not to worry as he will take care of her. Kunal calls Shraddha again.She is not in her room and away from her phone. Kunal says I will go inside the house now and enters hiding his face with the monkey cap. Dhruv calls out Ishaan. Kunal hides seeing Ishaan. Kunal says I m doing this to meet Shraddha.

Kunal tries to look out for Shraddha. He hides hearing Ishaan call Ashish. Ashish leaves from his room. Kunal by mistake runs to jaya’s room. She is shocked to see a thief and shouts. She pushes him on the bed and runs. Shraddha and Everyone wake up hearing jaya’s screams. jaya says ghost. She says I saw a ghost in my room. No one believes her. jaya says he came from the window. Dhruv says was he a thief. Shraddha says there is no thief. Papa says all doors are closed. jaya says he pushed me, what about my jewellery Ashish. She says my mum gave me those. Kunal listens all this and escapes from jaya’s room.

They check her room and Dhruv says it looks someone came. jaya says I told you. Papa says Anand, see everywhere. They look around in the room and says there is no one. Dhruv says lets find outside. Kunal hears this and says he went on Shraddha. jaya checks her jewellery and keeps them in her sweater pockets. Kunal is hiding from everyone’s eyes. Everyone look out for him. He hides seeing Ashish and Dhruv.

Everyone are looking out for the thief in the house. Anand and Kittu bump into each other. Kittu shouts. Anand says its me Kittu. They act normal and then get upset. Ranjhana………… plays……………. He holds her and then leaves her. jaya asks what happened. Kittu says nothing and leaves. Dhruv is looking out seriously. jaya says are you not afraid. Dhruv says I m a brave boy. Shraddha is in the kitchen. Dhruv asks jaya not to worry as he is with her, he tells Ashish there is no one. Ashish asks them to come inside and close the door.

Shradhha comes in the store room. Kunal holds her and she shouts. He says its me, Kunal and shows his face. Music plays……………… Kunal smiles seeing her.

Shraddha and Kunal have a talk. She asks for his help. Soemone comes to them and they are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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