Dil Dosti Dance 7th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 7th November 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 7th November 2013 Written Update

Nana calls Sharon and they have a talk about Sharon’s anger.Nana says she is too angry and asks her if dress trails can be done.Sharon says yes the dresses are ready and trail can be done.Nana says so lets move and even you can see it. The team is in locker room trying the dresses. Swayam is in atrium telling few people about the stage set up and stuff. He keeps the pencil behind his ears and moves.. Sharon smiles and then follows him.After sometime she takes the pencil and gives it back to Swayam and walks forward. The next day rehearsals for Ram-leela takes place… On Day 4 of rehearsals the team practices dance in which Nana joins them and dances at the end too.Later in evening the gang does their final rehearsals.Nana tells it with either be a hit or flop..Since the whole team is nervous Nana says they can relax.Rey suggest to go to his home and have fun..They all decide to go when Sharon thinks of the events last tie that happened in Rey’s home and denies to come saying she wants to rest.The girls ask her but she asks them to go Rey shrugs and moves away.Sharon notices this.Swayam finds Sharon upset he moves out and calls Rey. Swayam comes to Rey and asks her Sharon did not accept and you just came off. Rey says it was an open invitation to all and also Sharon does what she wants so why must I give her special invitation. Swayam cause thats because your bond is special.Rey says it was.Swayam asks Rey not do it to Sharon.She is his best friend and she has been getting special treatment since childhood. Both him and Rey how special Sharon is.She is wrong but being her best friend he needs to know why did she do it.Rey says even Swayam is his best friend. Swayam replies With the same right I’m telling you she needs you now.She has been used to special treatment and now suddenly if you don’t she feels bad.she takes everything larger than life so please don’t avoid her.He adds saying lefts face it she is special and thats why we both share a special bond with her. Save your friend cause she is very precious. Rey agrees to speak.

Sharon is walking by the cycle stand thinking I did not agree and Rey didn’t even bother,never knew when we both came out so far.Rey comes from behind and calls her.Sharon asks is there any problem.Rey replies saying yes if she does not come all will have digestion problem and the next day during event they will get their stomach upset.Even VP would not like them going out of stage again and again.Sharon laughs at this and asks is he inviting her.Rey replies saying a special invite for a special friend.Sharon cries when Rey asks her why is she crying.Sharon replies with she thought that she had lost him.Rey says he was upset but lost no that can not happen in friendship. She is his best friend and the connection of heart is forever. Sharon asks is he not angry.Rey replies he is angry too for few actions that created problems and also adds I have been seeing this from childhood and now will do for few more days.Sharon hugs him and asks then why did you get angry. Swayam comes out from hiding behind a fence and says I wish you are always happy Sharon cause you deserve it.

The team is in Rey’s home playing truth and dare.The bottle first points at Rinni and eventually each one gets a chance. When it stops at Nana and he gets to question Sharon he asks her has she ever loved someone when Sharon looks into Swayam’s eyes. When Nana forces her she says Love the meaning of the word she has realized it very late. Nana asks her to answer in a yes or no.When Sharon is about to answer Swayam gets up saying he is tired and he needs to go.Barath asks him to stay to listen to Sharon’s answer but Swayam replies saying he is not interested.The boys force him when Swayam says he is tired and a lot of work need to be done the next day.Nana says he is not the only when when Swayam replies being ACS he has a lot more tasks to do.When boys ask him to sleep in Rey;s bedroom Swayam denies and moves.Rey tries to follow him but gang stops him. Sharon says she will be back and moves.Nilesh asks whats happening when Vicky says she is different.Nana asks are these two love birds when Barath says no they both keep fighting.Rey asks them to leave it when Nana says we must not leave but get hold of it as it will help in casting.Swayam sits on his bicycle when Sharon calls him.He tries to move but she comes in front.Swayam asks what if she gets hurt ,has she gone mad when Sharon replies you have accepted me do not push me if you are angry please show it you have the rights.

Precap: Ram-leela in college..

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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