Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 8th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 8th November 2013 Written Episode, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 8th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Astha talking to Shlok on phone and Sojal spoiling her Puranpoli dish. Sojal says I will make the dish oversweet so that it looks poison. Astha ends the call and till then Sojal has gone. Astha makes the Puranpoli. Shlok comes to her and she says tell me all the best, I want that everything is fine and I hope everyone likes my Puranpoli. He says I will taste it first before anyone tastes it. He tastes it and says its very sweet, no one can eat it. She says what and tastes it. She is shocked and says how can I do this, what should I do now. He says I will buy Puranpuri from the marker, no one will know it. She says no, I can’t cheat your family, I will change it. She makes the Puranpuri again and he teases her.

He says let me help you. She says no, I m doing. He helps her in making the Puranpuri. She laughs seeing the Puranpuri he made. He blows on her hair and she looks at him. Sojal comes in the hall and signs Anjali that the work is done. Anjali is happy and says Astha is taking lot of time, don’t know its fine or not, I will go and check. Taai says you did not need anything when you came in this house, but see today you are taking charge of the house, so Astha also needs some time, give her some time to understand this house’s rules.

Astha makes the Puranpuri. He says its not your fault, if you touch it again and again, it will become sweet as you are very sweet. She says thanks for your help, my work is done. He cleans he face with her dupatta and music plays….. Astha says shall I go now. He says yes and she leaves. She serves Taai her Puranpuri. Sojal signs her mum that she spoiled the dish and smiles. Everyone looks at Taai. Taai likes the food and says its a good try, you made it for the first time, its good. Anjali looks at Sojal. Taai leaves. Astha is happy. Anjali says only trying is not enough, everything should be perfect, did your mum not teach you anything.

Shlok comes and tells Anjali not to take out Astha’s mistakes without any reasons. Astha asys Shlok its fine, maybe Anjali is right. He says no, only I have the right to take decision about you. Everyone leaves. He says come on Astha, I will drop you home. She says ok, I will bring mu purse. Sojal tastes the dish and tells Astha its good you made the Puranpuri well. She talks to Astha and makes some other plan.

Its the mahendi ceremony at home. The guests come at Astha’s house and congratulates Kalindi. The guests says Anjali will you take your bahu from such a house. Kalindi greets Anjali, Sojal and jaya. Anjali asks for Astha. Astha comes dressed in a ghagra. Anjali says what are you wearing and scolds her. Kalindi asks Anjali what happened, sorry but whats the problem in this dress. Anjali says our bahu can’t wear such clothes. jaya steals some money. Astha says don’t be annoyed, I will go and change. Kalindi stops her and tells Anjali not to hurt Astha on this day, she says you are also a daughter’s mum, see her like a mum. Anjali says every relation is different and everyone knows the difference between a daughter and a daughter in law.

Kalindi says Astha is our daughter right now and she wore this clothes by our permission, so I request you to let her do what she wants. Suman aunty takes Astha with her. Astha and Kalindi smile in the mahendi function. Anjali says the groom’s family applies the mahendi first. Kalindi looks at Astha and signs its fine. jaya smiles with Sojal. Suman aunty says write Shlok’s name on Astha’s hand and they joke. Shlok calls Astha. Astha smiles seeing her call. The women joke about Shlok and Anjali is irritated sitting in midst of them.

Shlok says why is Astha not taking the call. Kaka and Bharat come to Shlok and ask him to have sweets. Shlok says I don’t want. Bharat says the women left us at home to get bored at home. Kaka and Bharat talk about Shlok and says he has only few days of freedom. They ask Shlok not to be caught in marriage. Shlok smiles looking at them. He says what will you do after marriage. Kaka says Shlok can’t go and meet Astha but its fun to meet while hiding. Shlok says I have some work and leaves. Kaka and Bharat laugh saying we showed him the way and he is lying to us.

Astha is laughing with her ashram friends. jaya says how are these women, shameless to laugh like this. She taunts Anjali to have such a fate. Shlok calls Astha again and she disconnects. Astha asks Suman aunty to read Shlok’s message. Suman aunty reads it and says Shlok is outside, waiting for you. Astha says how can we go. Suman aunty makes excuses and takes Astha with her. Shlok meets Astha outside the house. Suman aunty sees them staring and smiling. Astha asks Suman aunty to leave. Shlok says can you leave us alone for some time. She says sorry, I forgot that you want to be alone. She leaves.

Shlok looks at Astha and she smiles. He holds her hands and sees the mahendi. He says I know I should have not come here, but what to do, I can’t live without you even for a single moment. He brings a red rose for her and gives her. He says show me my name on this mahendi. She says not today. He asks then when. She says when we will have our first night together. They get closer and she smiles. Music plays….. Shlok says hmm… this is good. I can be close to you how much I want and you can’t make me stay away. She says don’t tease me. He flirts with her and she smiles.

Its night and Kalindi is packing Astha’s clothes and jewellery. Atul asks about the puja items. Astha comes and says I have decided what you will wear tomorrow in my wedding. She says then you will have to be on your own, as I won’t be here. Kalindi gets emotional and says every mum wants to change this ritual of sending their daughter to other house. Astha says I m not going far as I will be living in this city. Astha asks Kalindi not to argue with Atul on any things. She says I was your biggest tension, from now on I won’t be with you. Astha cries and hugs Kalindi. Atul looks on.

Astha cries in her room. Kalindi and Atul come to her and Kalindi takes her for the wedding.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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