Dil Dosti Dance 7th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 7th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

They tell others what Ruhi did. They were shocked. Rey says everything is sorted now. Kriya says not everything, to inform Dean is left. Simmi says if he scolds us. Rey says he has a right to know the truth. Swayam says they can’t go far by telling lie, Kriya says there self respect will be hurt. Rey says we have to face the truth now, Swayam says it is more important that we are together be it victory or loss. They hug together and get ready.

At the reception Rey says they have to face the dean now. Peon says VP called them, they were afraid had he changed his decision. Rey says he won’t change his decision. There was a guest at VP and introduces himself as Saqib, an ex-student of VP and his film Hawa Hawai is releasing which is full of passionate people just like you people. Rey says he hopes their dream gets fulfilled. He says he is talented and passionate so his dream will be fulfilled but they have to watch the film on 9th May.

They tell dean the truth about hacking
Kriya says dean is here, VP says this time the real VP will meet them today. They wait outside for them. The guests arrived. They greet them, the dean talks about going to auditorium for dance. Kriya says we need to tell you before that. VP comes and greets him. He compliments you seem different today. Kriya stops him before going for tea. VP asks if she is sure, she nods and tells him all about the hacking and affiliation. They apologizes him. He gets angry and says this is ridiculous, you all are cheaters and it is enough. They stop him saying they did it for their dreams. He was about to leave, Kriya stops him to see the performance once, he denies and says I am very disappointed Kriya, we don’t work with cheaters and leaves. They all run after him, he stops and say he told them we are not interested. Kriya asks they will perform as they are walking and asks his 5 minutes. He says he is giving them 5 minutes. They all discuss, Kriya says she doesn’t know but they have to give the performance. They make arrangements and give the performance.

Sharon falls during a traditional performance, Swayam shouts her name. The dean is also disappointed. They all look at him.

PRECAP: The performance continues. VP claps as they finish. The dean announces that you 5 minutes are over.

Update Credit to: Niki

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