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Beintehaa 7th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aaliya and Zain and shocked to see Barkath in Meer Khan’s house. Barkath asks inspector to arrest Barkath for trying to kill her father Usman. Police arrest Meer Khan. Meer Khan says Aaliya he is not related to Zain and Barkath, but she is his niece and his blood, how can she do it to him. Aaliya says his abbu broke his relationship with him long back and she cannot tolerate anyone hurting her family and in-laws. Police take Meer Khan away.

Aaliya asks Barkath why she came here. Barkath says Zain she was about to go to dargah, but came to Meer Khan’s house to warn him for hurting his father. She asks Zain to take her from here. Aaliya sees papers on bed and checks it. She informs Zain these are Usman’s property will papers and asks Barkath why did she bring them here. Barkath gets tensed. She surprisingly looks at papers and says she was taking it to dargah to pray for her abbu as she cannot see him in trouble and hugs Zain and Aalilya. She asks Zain to take her to dargah.

Zain is driving car and sees Aaliya tensed. He asks her what is she thinking. She asks him why did he remove taweez and says she will tie it once they reach home. She says she will not let him go to cold storage again. Zain asks her if she really wanted to save him and asks what if he would have died. She says even she would have died. They both reach home.

Aaliya sits near swimming pool and remmebers the incidents happened in cold storage. Even Zain remembers the incidents. Beinteehaaa… song plays in the background. Aaliya remembers praying god to save her husband’s life and take her life instead and thinks why is her life related to his, if she really loves him. Zain also thinks if he really loves Aaliya. Serial’s title song plays in the background….. They both then run toward each other and look at each other emotionally. Zain asks Aaliya where was she running. Aaliya asks the same question. Zain says he was coming towards her and then changes his words that he is going towards Usman’s room. Aaliya says even she was going towards Usman’s room.

Zain and Aaliya reach Usman’s room and see him asleep. Zain massages Usman’s legs. Aaliya then keeps her hand over Zain’s hand and asks him to go and sleep as he is not well. Zain says he will go, but she has to answer him one question. Aaliya thinks he will ask about her telling I love you in cold storage. Zain thinks he should ask her and clear the doubt. He asks Aaliya what she told in cold storage room, if it is true? Aaliya says she said that to keep him awake and asks him not to take those words seriously. Zain gets sad hearing that. She asks if he wants to ask something else. Zain says thatz all he wanted to ask and goes from there sadly. Aaliya thinks he must be feeling bad, if she would have told the truth, she would not have controlled herself. She asks god to forgive her for telling lie to her husband. Usman says asking forgivness is good thing. Aaliya asks if he is awake. Usman says he woke up when they started talking near his head. He asks why did she say lie to her husband. Aaliya says she is worried that if she says her feeling to him and if he ignores it, she will not be able to handle it. Usman says she is right, but as a father, he is sure Zain will not ignore his words. He says about the feelings that happen in love and encourages her.

Precap: Aaliya thinks telling heart’s feeling is very difficult. Zain thinks how to make Aaliya realize that he loves her a lot.

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