Dil Dosti Dance 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kriya asks the sponsor to get out of here, Oberoi says it is good to see she has so much anger. Her attitude is no longer meaningful, because her friends are bound in this legal agreement for five years. She can burn a thousand copies of this agreement but of no use, if she wants to save them give the 2.5 crores and save them. He is forgiving him this time, be ready for a legal action the next time. Kriya repeats, Get out.
Vicky asks Kriya why she has burnt the contract. Rey says she wants to help them but it isn’t of any use. We have tried every thing but it is of no use. Kriya says we do have a choice, we must defeat this builder in his own ways. The young man with Kriya comes in, and hugs her. She says Hi Raj, and introduces them all to him. She says he is a very close friend of hers, and a famous doctor in US. Raj says hi to everyone, and says they must be asking what he has to do with the problem and what he is doing here. He calls them all with their names. They all stare him; he asks why are they all looking at him like this. He says he knows them all, as he has heard a lot about them, and a lot about you too Mr. Rey. Rey was lost, Kriya looks at him then says Raj is her only friend in New York and he offered to help.
Raj says he can sponsor their musical. Rey says why, he doesn’t know them nor their dance. Raj says he trusts Kriya’s judgement and he doesn’t doubt on D3’s dance. She believes they will rock in the musical too. Rey says had he wanted a charity, he could have taken it from his dad. He doesn’t need his help, thank you.
Raj says he knows D3 doesn’t want a charity, they haven’t even asked them for a help but please don’t refuse this friendly offer right now. He has learned from Kriya to value the talent. Rey says they will sign a bond, if they don’t get benefit from this musical he will have the responsibility to return his whole amount.
Raj says he is exactly what he thought about. He confirms the deal, takes Kriya’s hand and heads to leave. Vicky says to Kriya, that she has returned after so long why doesn’t she sit with them. Kriya says she would love to, but she is busy right now so they will chill after musical.
The goons tell Oberoi that the boys have got the money. Oberoi says he won’t let them succeed in the show.
Bharat tells Rey that the projector is out of order; they must buy a new one. Amar says they can’t work without him. Rey asks them to find a cheap one on OLX. They leave; Kriya comes to the rehearsal hall and smiles at Rey. Raj also comes there; Kriya looks at Raj who says hi to Rey. Rey leaves. Raj asks Kriya when she is talking to him. Kriya says soon, but she needs some more time. She thanks him for everything. He says there is nothing like that between them, it is the least he can do for her. She smiles.
Swayam practices suited. Someone knocks the door, for makeup. He denies needing that. He gets a text message from Sharon. It was her photo, he smiles and writes gorgeous. He writes what about me, looks at him in the mirror and corrects his hair. He washes his face, gel his hair then takes a selfie and forwards it.
Huma was reading some letters in her bag, and is worried. She asks Karma, is he going to London leaving the musical. Karma asks her to let him explain. She says is his dance academy more important than their D3. Karma says it is about his future. Huma asks what about D3 future, and all the friends and what about them. Karma says he thought he will also apply for her, so that she can come there too. She says there is no coordination in what he says or not, he was convincing her a while ago that she can be actress later, right now she must side her team. What about his time, he forgot what he had said. Karma was quiet, Huma leaves. He stops her, and she says whether he accepts it or not, there is no coordination in his heart and mind and what is a dancer without coordination.
In the musical, Sara meets Kriya and Raj. Raj says all the best to her, she says thanks to him. Kriya says to Sara that she is performing with Rey today, and they both will make a great pair. Sara says thanks to Kriya. Sara calls Neha and asks her to take them along to sit. They take seats.
Rey watches them together from the back stage and gets a flash back of their past. He comes to stage to begin the show. He says they will all see today, some very interesting and amazing dancing performances with different styles and eras but everything based on one single thing that is Love. Some people are lucky enough to complete their love stories, but some people’s love remains incomplete. Kriya observes him. Rey says some stories become legendaries. Today, they will bring some legendaries stories, all of them have one thing in common. They loved a lot, but luck didn’t let them be one.
Sharon comes to the venue, dressed up and stands with Swayam. He looks at her, and says beautiful. She says thank you, you too and smiles. He asks beautiful, she says no she means to say handsome. He says thanks.
They observe some guys there, she says they are their juniors and have come to support her. Swayam says she must be careful, as he hasn’t seen them. They don’t know about people’s intentions. Sharon says what happened between us, we should give each other some space. He says he don’t mean to intrude her space, he wanted to say. The announcement calls them on stage. Kriya enjoys the performance, as Sharon and Swayam dances on an old song.
At the end on the song performance, the hero dies. Kriya was lost but everyone claps. Swayam says to Sharon sorry, he didn’t trust anyone after Teelu’s incident. Two of them come to them, and says to Sharon she was too good. They mention that Sharon danced with them on Ritika’s birthday party. Sharon says she told him she is going with friends, but Swayam says she didn’t tell him she danced there, he leaves.
Kriya comes to Sara asking for help. Sara had an intercom, Sara gets Simmi’s call to come to changing room. She hands the interchange to Kriya. Kriya hears Bharat say if he is alright since Kriya has come. Kriya hears Rey saying, he waited for Kriya all the year and he won’t let her go this time.

PRECAP: Raj asks Kriya till when they will hide to Rey about their engagement. Everyone hears this and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Seriously are they going to end it this way .. without a happy ending fr kriyansh .. iss show ka naam D3 nhi ” Kriyansh- an impossible love story hona chahiye tha” … i dont like the ending 🙁 🙁

  2. I want kiyra and rey together…
    Dont wnt stry this way….

  3. Kriya n Raj engaged???
    Mera dimaag ab kaam nhi kr rha h..teh sb dekh kr!!!!
    want Kriyaansh asap nw!!!

  4. guys same goes for swayam and sharon wanted to see them together in the end but i am afraid that wont happen !!!!

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