Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 7th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj telling Sandhya about the mark on her nose and showing her. Sandhya sees it in mirror. She recalls the old moments, similar one. Diya aur baati……………..plays…………… He gives her kerchief. She takes it and he races the scooter seeing her. He then leaves. Ankur talks to Mohit and praises him, saying he is seeing old Ankur in him, everyone left he is useless, but people should learn from mistakes and he values such people. I can see talent and successful man in you. He says I want a new team in Pushkar and appointed many talented men like you. He gives the appointment letter and says rs 20000 salary and after getting permanent, it will be Rs 30000. Mohit thinks. Ankur says the chance is infront of you, you can accept it and go justice to your talent, else reject it thinking about your family’s mindset.

He advices him not to let his personal life come across his work, and If its his yes, then …. Take this advance cheque of Rs 20000, take it and leave. Ankur leaves. Mohit takes the cheque. Ankur stands out and looks on. Chotu comes to Sandhya’s home. Bulbul greets him and praises her. He says Sandhya has kept her name Bulbul. He says his name is Chotu. She says Motu and laughs. He says not Motu, Chotu. She teases him calling him Motu. Ankita comes and Chotu greets her. She gives him laddoos. Bulbul and Chotu fight. Ankita stops Bulbul. Sandhya comes and stops their fight. Sandhya asks Chotu to sit in the room and goes to change.

Chotu asks her to leave him early today, as he has some work to take Sooraj’s shirt to tailor to get the button stitched, as Bhabho is not well and weak now. He starts studying. He keeps the kurta there and looks at her. Sandhya thinks why should I worry, I will not interfere in this matter. Chavi asks Bhabho what is she finding. Bhabho says old things have past memories. She asks about Sooraj. Sooraj comes to them. Bhabho asks Sooraj to get some items from market. She reminds him about Sandhya by giving a hand stitched bag.

He recalls Sandhya. Bhabho asks what is he thinking. He says nothing and leaves. She says I know your heart. Sandhya asks Chotu to study. Sandhya hides the shirt and sits to stitch the kurta. She gets hurt by the needle and Chotu asks what happened. She says nothing and stitches the button.

Sooraj gets his kurta kept on the table and sees buttons. He wears it. He gets a scent from it and wears it. His head gets stuck in it and he recalls it happened when Sandhya has stitched it. He removes the kurta and thinks. Bhabho comes to him. She says you have made her leave the house and refused to bring her, I did not say anything, its big function in our house after a long time, I want everyone to come, I want to see my family together under one roof, call Sandhya once for my happiness.

Sooraj calls Sandhya and she misses the phone as it falls from her hands.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I think Sandhaya should move on in life. If Suraj could have dumped her for his mother, he does not deserve her at all nor does that family as they are a thankless family. What baby shower for that cunning fox Meena. She should have been kicked out of the house years ago, making a fuss over her is a joke. She is the biggest trouble maker in that house. And as for Chavi, she deserves what she gets. Dilip should now know that she is a trickster trying to manipulate him against his loving parents. Bring this story in to reality. It is getting to a point where everyone is fed up of Suraj and his family. Let him hang on his family for the rest of his life. Let Sandhaya move on. She deserves a better life.

  2. yes I accept with padmaja. nowadays he s luking hell tired.

  3. Handsome anas rashid looks tired and aged nowadays.

  4. Sandhya is a mechanic who can fixes Sooraj bike. Sandhya is a tailor who can fixes Sooraj’s cloths. Sandhya loves Rathi’s family and she fixes all Rathi’s family’s issues. But, Sooraj loves only his mom. If Sandhuya and Bhaboo is wounded during fight with terrorist, Sooraj would have sympathized and prayed for his mom not for his wife. But, the entire country would have prayed for the Sandhya. Why writer wants Sandhya suffers so much.

  5. Stupid programme. Suraj has gone from bad to worse. In appearance aswell.

  6. hope 2 see sandya in scotland

  7. Soorath called as Sandhaya Ji before she fixed his scooter, then he called her as ASP Sandhay. What a shame? Soorath does not deserve Sandhaya Ji. He is thankless fellow. Sandhya does not need to fall in Soorath feet.

    Bhabho is doing great.

  8. Hmmm…..dono what to say….!!!!!

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